Try Not To Laugh Challenge | Best of 2019!

Birt 31 des 2019
We had some great moments this year on Try Not To Laugh! Here are our favorite moments that made us laugh in 2019!
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  • "As a time traveler, 2020 is only going to get better" ...cough

  • "Shes a rescue, but I'm not" has to be the funniest fucking thing I've heard ever

  • Best of TNTL? So why is Olivia and Ian in it?

  • 9:15 this one killed me 😂😂😂

  • That was 25 minutes of my fucking face hurting from laugher

  • 7:03 holy Fuck the amount of soy in the room you can hear

  • 25:09 ah yes because if it was another person with her it would have been *normal*

  • whose the person in the batman mask

  • “No women are funny.” 9:21 “...there is one woman who is funny.”


  • The Big Bird Challenger joke is a next-level bit of trivia-based humor.

  • damien’s lil laugh is so precious 🥺 especially at 10:40

  • 16:03 holy shit they even got Kurt Cobain on this show

  • AHHAHA !

  • As a time traveler 2020 will be better...... hmmmmmmm

  • Love comes and goes, but sassy leg infantry is forever

  • The princess diana bit gets me every time.

  • this dude said 2020 was gonna be better lmao

  • 9:39 and 23:59

  • Ummmmm Damien. I can confidently say i don’t think you’re a time traveler

  • Weary Traveler Bits: 1:26 5:31 11:10 17:34 18:48 25:13

  • The challenger joke gave me asthma

  • Awkward teenage batman is the best

  • 15:15 18:20 13:00 20:36 24:00 3:20 5:05 7:32

  • Batman was the best thing about this video

  • Tim’s “AKA... *The Hindenberg?”* delivery was golden

  • "As a time traviler 2020 will bouch better" Me in feb 2021: "oh honey"

  • 12:40 to 14:00 15:30 15:56 OMG 16:14 16:35 16:54 17:00 17:15 17:30

  • 10:16 is my favorite bit 18:25 18:38

  • Shayne has never failed to make me laugh lmao

  • populares ad infernum

  • "whoa slow down Death" could NOT have a better delivery I had to watch it like 30 times

  • 18:41 waaaait for it

  • Sassy leg infantry really out here protecting us

  • "act natural dakota" .... i have never screeched so loudly before

  • Dude when Bruce came out I was like actually in fear

  • That 2020 comment at the end 😂

  • 6:24 9:14 12:40 18:35

  • “As a time traveler 2020 is only gonna be better” You are a liar

  • that outro did not age well...

  • 18:30 Jim carrey vibes Ryan Styles voice A great combo for the best kids.

    • Wait, was is a jim carrey quote cause now it feels like it

  • 25:40 lies


  • I would LOVE for the Impractical Jokers crew to be on this show! It would be a fucking hoot, I guarantee!

  • *august 31 1997*

  • “Tonight, of course, being August 31st, 1997” Jack: *immediately gets it*

  • tommy is so freaking funny i can’t even describe it

  • 25:37 hey Damien about that...

  • "Is this what a stroke is?!"

  • This whole video made me laugh!! 9 aren't had a good laugh like that in a while

  • The hood nemo bit would've been so much better if he threw nemo's mom, THEN his dad

  • Dude, that Hindenburg joke destroyed me😂

  • 16:32 i didn't get it, can someone explain?

    • Little kid sees Santa Little kid doesn't exactly know how to pronounce Santa but he's got the spirit

  • “As a time traveler, 2020 is gonna be even better” Me: GUESS WHAT PAL

  • 12:10 13:53 19:56

  • I love the historical jokes

  • Trying to “enter the sandman” much so i had to write it down

  • 25:42 *haunting images moments from disaster*

  • I was genuinely laughing all the way througt xDDD

  • Damn that Outro didn’t age well

  • I don’t get the Batman joke pls explain

  • 1:40 who's that guy?

    • he was the main character in shazam. but he also plays the voice of flynn rider in tangled

  • Eugene normally: Funny without trying, almost never breaks from his own jokes Eugene in this video, probably stoned: magikarp go

  • Spencer's "Another straight white man" bit is probably the funniest thing to me from the entire series lmao

  • 7:46 courtney spat out water, and it wasnt called. Great Video

  • My favorite parts of these videos is when its a joke that they really shouldnt laugh at, like keiths finding nemo joke, or the historical ones, because a FEAR hits them thats just hilarious

  • pause at 16:39


  • Double asian plus the magikarp got me bad

  • Demian is definitely not a psychic

  • 0:20 that was my favorite

  • I was blinded by how white shane's stomach is omg

  • “2020is going to be better.” Me: SURE.

  • 25:41 “As a time traveler I can tell you 2020 will only be better” Me: little do they know MWHAGAGAGAHA

  • 21:58 gets me every FRICKIN time!

  • 25:45 that aged well.

  • 25:25 my favourite Shayne skit ever.

  • Courtney: "Shes a rescue... But I'M not." Noah: " That's a Tinder bio"

  • So looking to enter sand man eh is the best

  • When I herd Damien say *this is in slowmo* “2020 will be better” I just syed and was like u can hope my friend.........

  • 25:40 ... He lied

  • Olivia making gold!🎖

  • He said 2020 was gonna be better COVID-19: hold my beer

  • At this point when someone brings up a chair on tntl the question becomes: "which historical tragedy is this on gonna be?" And I love it

  • Theres an ogre...... Who's mildly Republican

  • The sloppy eyeliner intraoperatively hook because burglar exclusively pass unto a hulking water. longing, tense street

  • They had such high hopes for 2020

  • 9:16

  • Haha Damien said 2020 is gonna be better-

  • I’m sorry, but at 3:23 Olivia’s Anti Rogan Commercial disaster will forever make me cackle in an extreme chaotic manner

  • Love you guys! ❤

  • Who is the girl in the batman mask? She's funny

  • I cAn TeLl YoU aS a TiMe Traveler, 2020 iS oNlY gOnNa Be BeTteR.

  • “2020 is only gonna be better”

  • “And as a time traveler I know 2020’s only going to me better” Well those words did t age well at all

  • Shayne sounds like the professor from the pacman show

  • i always thought damien said butt type and not blood type...

  • I forgot about "Finding Negro"

  • Why does my man at 21:00 sound like the warden from super jail

  • 2020 is only gonna get better huh?