Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?

Birt 26 jan 2020
Over the last decade milk has become a bit controversial. Some people say it’s a necessary and nutritious food, vital for healthy bones, but others say it can cause cancer and lead to an early death.
So who is right? And why are we drinking it anyway?

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  • Milk :)

  • The more I think, I think milk is cow's cum that we drink

  • Idk but everytime i drink milk my stomach hurts

    • that's probably because you are lactose intolerant, diarrhoea, bloating and nausea are also common symptoms

  • I am 10 years old and I cant drink a single milk lol

  • Bones without Milk: me weak.

  • Dani fans: how dare you accuse milk is poison

  • Here after the Peta billboard about milk causing autism.


  • Reject Cows. Go to Soy

  • I don't drink milk, instead I give my body calcium from other things :p

  • 6:30 MOO - TANG for life haha

  • dairy is even more cruel industry, than meat production

  • I drink a lot of milk....

  • Those dads who said they would just buy some milk

  • Sometime i wonder it is actully milk

  • Milk is good for you, just not that white colored water we get in the US, that is NOT milk.

  • I don't care milk and cookies are fire thank god for lactaid

  • He need some milk

  • Lando Norris has probably watched this video countless times

  • Bull at 1:22 had horns. It’s male, I don’t think that was milk...

  • In one year, I apparently drink over 400 cups of milk. So in the 17 years, 7,000 cups of milk still doesn’t make me stronger? Dang it, I guess I’m going to be in the “never broken a bone” club all my life😂

  • Me: laughs in lactose intolerant.

  • go vegan!

  • He said 100 250 litters per day my brains like how much does it cost

  • me scared

  • I have cows and i have to say, cows would die if we wouldn't take milk from them And Cows are not cute, poor, animals, which gets suffer from humans Cows are beasts. They are able to kill the weakest cow in their group if you don't stop them. And cows are kinda stupid as well. So its not truth at all, that what you said in video about poor cows.

  • Will i draking milk for 23years

  • Just Drink Oat Milk

  • I’d say milk good but the places milk come from is not good


  • This is the best video about this topic.

  • This Channel Literally Deserves 100 Million Subs!

  • parents: drink milk, it'll make you tall me: :|

  • Someone says that you are lying named youtube archive

  • join milk gang

  • Buying local dairy milk is probably a lot better for the environment than buying big brand milk at the store. Plus, you’re supporting people in your community.

    • In can actually be worse. While local dairy milk isnt creating as much unnecessary torture and death it usually emits more pollution because the cows take longer to grow and put more methane into the atmosphere before being murdered.

  • bean me up scotty

  • At 7:52 he says soy can compete with cows milk, that is utterly ridiculous. Soy milk DOES help men grow breasts, and SEVERELY lowers testosterone levels, and raises estrogen. Soy is why test levels have dropped so much in the last 15 years. Anyone ever heard of a soy boy?

  • I think the cause of cancer is sugar.

  • I cant have lactose and now i have lactose free milk but has that the same effect as normal milk?

  • I want that "Moo-tang" shirt omg

  • Does soy milk or almond milk count bc I drink that

  • My daughter's doctor told me to stop giving her milk because she has iron deficiency anemia and apparently mild prevents your body from absorbing iron from food, which makes me wonder why cereals are iron fortified if you eat them with milk.

  • now i know why me and my brother are basically taller than everyone in my town, man we drank alot of milk

  • I think that if you only drink almond milk and others that dont kill the invirement you shuld be alright

  • Dairy products are the biggest scams in the world

  • THE MILK GANG HAUNTS VEGANS AT NIGHT Don't turn vegan kids

  • Its Vite-a-mins not "vit-a-mins"

  • Poor cows.... 🐮🐮🐮

    • Wtf are you talking about?

  • Kurzgesagt:then why are we drinking it? Me:ITS THE LAW

  • I am a lactose intolerance

  • Milk gives you T H I C C. Boned

  • 2:03 aww you made the bird cry D:

  • How to destroy everything you mentioned and worked hard on in the video : veganism

  • I normally like to eat cheese because I feel more comfortable eating that rather than drinking milk

  • milk is bad. maybe the milk killed my dad maybe he didn't lie about going to get milk

  • moo tang lol

  • Life is harmful. It's proven that life has a 1 correlation with death.

  • Isnt the calcium in milk good for them bones?

  • In disaster areas powder milk is one of the first things they drop in as relief. It's easy, durable, and sustains people who only need to add water to be able to consume it. Very useful stuff.

  • The only thing to note is the narrator didn’t distinguish between lactose intolerance and lactose maltolerance

  • Watching while drinking milk😁😁😁

  • I like how the video points to africa and black people when referring to undeveloped countries with low calories consumption. We don’t live in huts, put a stop to this uneducated mentality

  • The real question is, what was doing the first person that discovered the milk?


  • as part of the society i say lets CANCEL milk. We dont need it, we can get its benefits elsewhere that wont damage our planet and wont cause animal cruelty.

  • wheres my milk gang at???

  • No one: Kurzgesagt: BIRD

  • More videos in spanish please :/

  • I just drink milk because it tastes good

  • I squeezed my lemon in the milk so it's poisonous.

  • *Dani would like to know your location*

  • Poppulation is a major problem

  • “That Vegan Teacher Wants To Know Your Location”

  • Milk is hormone growth milk meant for babies whether humans or animals

  • when karen finds a new way to argue about something

  • The introduction is really good

  • If milk is poison boys would take their hands, go to the toilet, and start getting all of their milk out of their bodies

  • 0:36 is from spirited away .0.

  • Want to be a cow drink milk skim milk is an abomination invention

  • *But I Love My MIlk-* 😭 I have switched to the alternative tho. Put an 🙋 in the comments if you do. Write *"No"* If Ya Don't.

  • just drink breast milk

  • dilin türkçe olması çok yararlı bir hizmet teşekkür ederim.

  • Too much of anything is dangerous. I am honestly afraid of all this new lab grown shit our kids will be indoctrinated into eating in the future.

  • You mean mammal juice

  • Good thing i like soy milk

  • White poison that’s what she said

  • both are right but if you drink allot allot i mean allot it will be very bad but a glass a day is perfect but you have to brush your teeth after drinking it

  • How is milk healthy in the first place ? really how ? It's good for bones but that doesn't mean that it's healthy for whole body. This is because when milk gets boiled it's proteins are denatured and it simply gets toxic for our body and it is very threating to lymphatic system. There is nothing more threating to our lymphatic system than these milk products not even meat. So when your lymphatic system gets clogged how will toxins get out of body ? toxins can get out through your urine but when we consume excess amount of proteins then our kidneys get damaged and they don't filter properly. In this modern world many people consume 90 % proteins and 10 % fiber. Toxins can also get out through our skin when we sweat but many people don't sweat that much.

  • I hate cows being tortured like that

    • What? We’re talking about milk stupid.

  • I have watched video with headphones believe me best vidio u can watch.

  • Susu itu baik untuk bayi dan anak pg

  • *Vegans have left the chat*

  • Everyone talk about milk, but let's appreciate reference at 00:35 - Yubaba's son Boh, from Spirited Away

  • I always seem to feel sick, pukey and a little bloated after drinking milk. Am I lactose intolerant? I have been drinking almond milk for a long time now, and I never drink dairy milk straight up.

    • Probably intolerant Maybe consulate your doctor

  • as living in pakistan, cows here are treated greatly. Only 25% of milk produced is fed to humans and the rest goes to the calf. Also, they get long period breaks after not producing milks.

  • Just to say: If you ban milk Dani will hunt you down.

  • Good going! You included New Zealand in your maps. Its commonly left out.

  • Soy milk is bad for men, don't drink it. It kills your testosterone.