Film Theory: The BIG Mistake of Monsters Inc

Birt 11 feb 2021
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By now, most of us know the end of Monsters Inc. The Monsters discover that the screams they've been using as a power source are not the most optimized way to do business. Which, you know, is good to find out given the terror they've been puting generations of kids through. Thanks to the adventures of Sully, Mike and Boo, they find out laughter works even BETTER than the sreams. What I want to know, Theorists, is WHY that is and, more importantly, did the Monsters actually make a big MISTAKE?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • You literally took this theory from the Pixar theory. Boo.

  • Kids: make a power source from sound and only get the silver medal Dr doof: first time

  • Is this why my humor has gotten so bad during quarantine??

  • Wait mike has one eye memes have Changed the way I see him

  • Between this and that Valentine’s Day episode on food theory, it’s a miracle MatPat isn’t demonetized

  • I stick to Minecraft-

  • Michael Reaves did this to power a microwave

  • The eatable weed physically trace because meal nationally refuse without a eight rest. bored, scintillating ambulance

  • “I really wish kids would just stick to Minecraft!”

  • It's hilarious how much fnaf took over ur channel

  • 3:50 I appreciate the visual but sound waves are longitudinal waves, and the particles travel parallel to the direction of movement, not perpendicular. My guess is that this was known but chosen to be ignored for simplicity and ease. Just don't want people to get the wrong idea.

  • Love the intro


  • I think one of the reasons they didn't use parents for screen Powers because if they kept doing it then people would start to believe monsters exist cuz eventually enough parents would have said it and people are more likely to believe parents than kids. So it's not good for the long-term run

  • 4:08 BRUH, those are my seniors, I heard about the project before in my earlier years. Kinda makes my group project for 11th grade kinda sad in comparison...

  • Can we talk about how monsters inc predicted Bitcoin mining way before it was a thing. The doors are actually just a metaphor for Bitcoin.

  • Imagine how much power would Monster Inc have with Sr Pelo alone.

  • "A speaker but in reverse" "Take sound waves and convert it into electrical power" "Vibrate a magnet and coil system" MatPat.....You're literally describing a microphone---That thing you're using to record your description of a microphone.

  • Matpat do vid about 01a51cd0

  • Mat, this was just plain lazy. You're completely ignoraning the scene where Boo laughs inside of the appartment and creates so much electricity that she breaks their light bulb a d causes a blackout. Keep in mind that there were no yellow tanks around for holding screams. It's can also be compared to the low voltage she generated when crying. You're making it obvious that you didn't even watch the movie. Similar to how you've probably never played Minecraft.

  • If you can create energy from sound, you can create infinite energy from an echo chamber.

  • This is blowing my tiny tint little brain in the first 4 minutes

  • I dont live in egypt, so im gonna make my computer think i live in egypt, just to watch monsters inc

  • I need no nord vpn

  • Scream energy = adrenaline

  • What the ahhhhhhh

    • 2:35 dont ask me how I know 6:20 Steph!

  • how do you know

    • “They focus on children’s bedrooms” where is Chris Hansen?


  • Laster death good like a medicine

  • why is no one talking about the noise at 8:00

  • OK WAIT MATTPATT - itsa movie!!! its disney!!!! (MIC DROP)

  • Adventure time plz

  • We should just hook up some of these babys in shooting ranges. Like, constant loud sounds while doing a recreational pursuit or practicing? That'll get so much done.

  • The intro is amazing

  • when comparing 90db and 65db , 90 db is 10^9 increase from 0 db and 65 db is 10^6.5 so ratio turns out to be 316 times more intense and not 56 times. am i wrong ???

  • 10:28 *Laughs in Eygptian*

  • Mike and sully save the day :)

  • the monsters scare kids because the kids will either forget the monsters or brush it off as imagination when hey get older. and no one would give much thought to a kid. but a adult can do so much more to expose their world. so its better to have less power than no world at all, or an exoposed destroyed world. its not dumb, its smart

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  • “They focus on children’s bedrooms” where is Chris Hansen?

  • 2:35 dont ask me how I know 6:20 Steph!

  • can you cover phineas and ferb!?!!?

  • Lol this reminds me of Michael Reeves scream power microwave

  • Pov : I am allready in Egypt I am five parallel universes ahead of you

    • @mikin lirou i don't even know who you are

    • So you're telling me Gen Z humor is scientific? You've gotta me kidding me, literally.

  • But I don't know egyptian. Why would I watch egyptish movies?

  • I just realised that between monsters inc going from scream energy to laughter energy, a bunch of really scary monsters lost their job...

  • Cool for the students, but isn't that just a regular microphone?

  • amogus

  • I live in Egypt :P

  • Film Theory: Steamboat Willie is an animal torturer?

  • now explain please ... why doesnt the monsters scream themselves into their gadgets ...

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  • Monster: warghh!! Im monster Kid now day: woow dude, what kind of thing i smoke dude

  • I'm pretty sure hearing laughter from a kid alone at his room is scarier than the kid screaming imo

  • Go Pisay!! Philippine Science High School!

    • Ohhhh I remember doing the enrollment test back then in elementary- sadly I didn't get in :')

  • 10:28 Me who lives in Egypt: I'm four parallel universes ahead of you

  • While yes matpat I do agree with your point about scaring adults being more effective if they did that I can 110% confirm as a guy from Texas that’s how you end up eating some 45 acp rounds

  • So you're telling me Gen Z humor is scientific? You've gotta me kidding me, literally.

  • "King Kong VS Godzilla" Do you have a prediction of which one who is going to win, MatPat?

  • pointless nit picking is pointless.

  • Noice intro

  • Props to the guy who makes new intros

  • The monsters were one bold move from meeting Chris Hansen

  • Is this a real upload? I feel like I've seen this already

  • 1:27 I don't know about that. That one lady beat up that one guy in the movie with a shovel thinking it was a alligator

  • Do No Escape Room

  • Do No Escape Room

  • OK

  • Do a theory on finding nemo

  • goku's voice actor be like: time to get some money baby

  • Sweet intro, bro

  • They were a happy family. Until they weren’t.

  • Bruh, just recruit some SCPs, that oughta scare the frick out of anyone.

  • oh its Pisay. makes sense

  • Imagine the monster visitd the crying child and the nightmare animtronics attack the monster.

  • ど め

  • i am in eygpt

  • This video helps me understand why I laugh so easily nowadays. I always thought it was weird, but I never realized there was a scientific explanation for it. So thank you for shedding some light on this for me, MatPat!

  • “They focus on children’s bedrooms” where is Chris Hansen?

  • So we're just not gonna appreciate the incredible custom intro sequence?

  • The reason the monsters scare children only is because no one believes children but if millions of adults every nights reported monsters in their bedrooms people would start to catch on

  • I mean when we look at this movie conceptually, I think we can look at the effects of fear vs. joy as “motivational factors” (alternatively, and perhaps more conspiratorially, methods of control) on the most moldable minds in our society, children. The “business” of Monster’s Inc is literally to keep their way of life, their SOCIETY running smoothly. We see the literal backbone of their culture struggling to keep up with the demands of its population, having to scare more and more children in order to maintain their energetic resources and a sense of normalcy and sustainability in their lives. Replace the monsters with adults, and the energy that keeps society running smoothly with money... and I think you get the idea. The problem is that these “kids today” aren’t as easy to scare into the role they have been given as providers of that energy, the movie making it a point to show kids literally rising above their fears/“beating up” some of the monsters as a literal fight against the roles that are being thrust upon them. What’s more is when you see a monster contaminated with something “childlike” (a la 2319, where you can literally see the monster in question EXPRESSING MORE JOY before becoming aware of his “condition”) they are IMMEDIATELY singled out and in effect humiliated in front of their peers via the “natural consequences” of the contamination... supposedly for the monster’s own good. The whole treatment of the situation revolves around the fear of these children being a threat to their society when the monsters are unable to mold them into the role they have been assigned by ✨the way things have always worked✨ and the literal LOSS OF POWER they experience as a result. It is the literal repression of the inner child in order to orchestrate their “growing up” and becoming, functionally, contributing members of society. When we are introduced to Boo, however, we are presented with an alternative. We now have this small child completely fearless of the world she has found herself in, acting with the literal innocence of a child. This behavior causes panic as it literally awakens the fear response they have normalized in the monster’s society and ultimately, in their own lives. It’s ✨just how things work✨ around here. Nonetheless, we see Boo’s natural sense of joy emitting way more power in one dose that the monster’s current infrastructure cannot handle the literal raw power of a child’s NATURAL STATE OF BEING, actual childlike joy. Then we have Waternoose, the boss of the corporation that literally runs their society on fear, literally sucking kids dry of their innate love for life in order to keep things running no matter the actual consequence this has on the child’s life and livelihood. As long as they are “contributing members of society,” the end will always justify his means. He has systematic ways of literally cutting children who refuse to fill the role they have been given by literally destroying their ”doors” to society. Not to mention he literally kidnaps children and fills them with fear so that he may remain comfortably in power and carry on his legacy. (not even going to go deeper on the parallel of this to the actual state of the education system.) Meanwhile, we have Sully, who in his world is for all intents and purposes perceived as a pretty good guy. He’s seen as this guy who cares about providing the power to keep his neighbors lights on, he’s a hard worker and at the top of his field, he genuinely cares about his peers and is compassionate and supportive. Yes, his entire career is literally based on instilling fear in children, but that’s ✨just the way things have always been✨ and he wants to maintain a comfortable way of living in Monster City. (Something else interesting is the literal propaganda Monster’s Inc airs commercially to dupe Monster City into believing that forcing these children into their assigned role as “contributing members of society” through fear is the only way to sustain their way of life.) Sully really believes he is doing something good until he sees the effects firsthand on someone he has grown to CARE for. This literally inspires him to completely change and rebuild the methods of energy production from forcing it through fear to inspiring it through joy and laughter which leaves Monster City in the most abundance it has ever seen. (Let’s not forget the analogy of the “energy running society” being equivalent to money and economy.) TLDR: It took someone actually caring about the effects of forcing someone into a role they never asked for under the pressure of “never having enough” to actually build a society where there is more than enough for everyone and people live happy lives by uplifting others to live in a natural state of joy and doing what they love to do.

  • "because kids these days are losing their fear of monsters " *7 year old me learning about dead kids being stuffed in suits and being raised on game theory * "I wonder why?"

  • 5:35 That doesn’t sound right at all, you number sounds completely off. The difference is 25dB, therefore the ratio between the intensities should be greater than 100x, right? Then there’s the extra 5dB difference. The equation used to interpolate the ratio between the intensities given that difference is log(x^10) or 10log(x). Solving for y = 5 gives you an x value of approximately 3.162. So multiply 100 by 3.162 and you get 316.2x. Clearly we used very different methods, I just wish you’d be more transparent about where you get your numbers.

  • Mat Pat, can you do shark boy and lava girl?

  • Great glory to my country egypT ( Signature look up superiority )

  • If their company needs something loud they can always use my ps4 at 3 am

  • I just realized that MatPat ends all of his sentences with a low note

  • One time I did the thing of “ what baking soda is most effective when used in baking” and I even put in how the science works! I got like, last place, because it didn’t help anyone, so the judges are dumb

  • But an adult could take initiative in protecting themselves

  • So much like

  • I did forget that mike wazowski actually has 1 eye

  • unfair science fair

  • Austin can you math out how much Phineas and Ferb make shipping each year?

  • Flim theory you done it again making a kids movie a dark thing 👏

  • Tbh, if I saw sully coming through my door I would hug him. Then I would drive myself to the mental hospital.

  • Had me until the end there - so they’re supposed to be harvesting dopamine? We don’t even have direct ways of measuring dopamine. And it logically follows that if the monster world has sufficient technology to somehow harvest dopamine without physical contact in the split seconds a scare is happening, they’re going to be advanced enough to synthesize their own dopamine in a lab. Extensive research on the properties of dopamine would be needed to be able to extract and use it so effortlessly. Why would a civilization this advanced turn around and use such a grossly inefficient and risky way of obtaining dopamine?

  • If that is silver wining model then what is gold winner? What did he/they do?

  • In the Phillipines?, and They Gave that A SILVER PRIZE?

    • So you telling me that I can burn calories by watching horror movies? This is life changing.

  • Matpat, stop talking about the bs virus. It ruins the flow of the video every time.

  • Hey MatPat i have a Disney's Peter Pan theory: was rewatching it today when this popped in my head: in the song "You Can Fly", the lyrics say "think of all the joy you'll find, when you leave the world behind." this sounded familiar to me: in the movie Jumanji, the game starts with the riddle "A game for those who seek to find a way to leave the world behind." Maybe all the animals from the game are being sourced out of Neverland? and thats also where you go if you get sucked into the game? and the reason why Alan aged in the game could also be the reason why there are adult pirates in Neverland. and just like Alan, if Hook and the other pirates find a way to escape the game and finish it, they would revert to being children again?

    • and why there are other kids in Neverland that dont age: maybe theres 2 ways to get to Neverland? if you come via the Jumanji game you age, if you come by flying with a faerie using fairy dust, you don't?