Is NASA a waste of money?

Birt 14 feb 2018
5 reasons NASA is da best. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for their support on this video. Check out the 2018 annual letter here:
My five reasons:
1) Makes Earth a better place
2) Extinction prevention
3) Offshoot technology
4) Economy
5) Exploration and Imagination
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Summary: 1 in 4 Americans thinks NASA's budget should be reduced. I feel this stems from misunderstandings like how much NASA actually gets in the first place. I tried to shed some light on some of the work NASA does from my personal experience to make a case for why NASA is one of the best investments we make with our tax dollars.

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  • "Life has gotten better, less people with extreme poverty" ... If only he knew what was coming in 2020/21

  • NASA is not the issue, SLS is...

  • I had these questions in my head since childhood. Thanks for answering those questions satisfactorily.

  • Plotwist: this video is sponsered by NASA

  • Why did I watch this just now. Thank u for the inspiration Mark.

  • I really love science so I love this dude 💕💕

  • i love how even though mark is so smart he is still so humble and open minded to learn

  • 1:12 It reminds me what if we mine in Space... The asteroids has our needs of materials and then tech upgrades and we can visit neptune and take diamonds from there

  • Can you Build a Ferrari

  • I'm sure the people of NASA has great intentions. it's the people funding it

  • no

  • 2020:Haha life was worse before haha better rethink that

  • A bigger threat to humans areeee humans Shows a nuke going off in the distant with King smiling

  • He do be flexing those burnt $100 tho

  • mark: in 2022 there will be the 1st astriod. me in 2021: 😬

  • Marks videos are so inspiring

  • I’m related to Isaac Newton

    • Say what u want kid

  • I'm all for space exploration, but we should NOT be giving money to Nasa. We should be giving money to independent contractors, they can do everything Nasa does just much more efficiently. Just ask Elon Musk.

  • Reduce military. 150 atomic boms is more than enough. And reduce it to defence not invade. And attack.

    • *Only

    • Honestly on 10 are enough

  • NASA: finds homless people on mars, Elon: i dunno what your talking about

  • Wait how did you slice that penny in half???

  • we should be investing into everything other than war and military related things! Nasa is just one of many organizations that can help humanity grow in a positive and fun way!


  • the first bit is like instead of giving a person a fish you teach a man to fish which feeds them forever instead of just one day.

  • Private companies do it better

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  • I wonder if there are any other life forms in those other galaxy

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  • WAIT 2022 😶🤭😵

  • trickle-down tech. is the best.

  • Thanks for your video! I love them!

  • 3:34 but little did we know what would happen on 2020....

  • They get a hay penny

  • Mark: burning money in the photo Me: I-I COULDVE used that

  • Not to mention the reduction of load on the earth environment by colonizing and studying other planets. Over 8 billion people are crowding the earth today.Four people are born every second on average and there is not enough land or resources on the earth itself to support these many people. However, colonizing other planets, mining on asteroids etc will solve these problems to a great extent. Studying the conditions of other planets also might just show us something that can be used to make the earth's environment and conditions better than they ever were for hosting such a diverse array and large number of living beings.

  • "Of the 18 billion that NASA gets, it's not like they're just putting that money on a rocket and launching it into space". **Angry SLS noises**

  • You really worked at NASA?

    • Yes, ex NASA scientist

    • Yeah he did!

  • Nasa is a defence agency, check out what goes to the military it's more than 16. Why don't we quit letting people die because they don't have insurance.

  • I got news for you Nasa is a defence agency, what percent goes to DEFENCE, they have no over sight.

  • Meanwhile:earth is flat Me:wow primitive idk how he survived such a long period

  • you lied we use about half of our budget in the military

  • Your smarter then Elon musk

    • You’re*

  • invest 20 persent of gdp to nasa we will have stuff like aleins

  • 4:15 Me during COVID-19 Me: Well it’s a too late for that...

  • Can’t imagine how you felt once the rover died.

  • Can we just take a min to think about all the amazing experiments he did and how much he accomplished and no one is talking about it

  • nasa readucesc scd

  • 2:40 I respect Mark and all but why do you have to put a voice over the man? We can hear Him perfectly.

    • Alot of people have earing problems and have difficulty hearing thick accents like this guy. The subtitles are there to aid those who cant hear him very well. The reason the entire video doesn't have subtitles is because mark doesnt have a very thick accent and is easy to hear for most people

  • Does anyone know why Mark left NASA?

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  • Dude why you burning 300 dollars

  • Imagination😍Curiosity❤

  • The end made me cry

  • SpaceX

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  • 4:15 when surviving mars is a picture in this video

  • Mark Rober is more inspiring than those weird try hard inspirational channels

  • So true

  • Vous me savez même pas ce qu est la NASA

  • When I grow up I’m gonna be the first person to walk on the sun.

  • But we ARE NOT DOING EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER to solidify the earth against our stupidity and that's my beef.

    • Most people arent but NASA is trying

  • Dire wolf

  • I never doubted nasa. I just want to read the comments.

  • me?

  • It's human evolution Next stage is space age

  • What would you prefer, to live here and risk a rock or a life ending event. Or find somewhere else and keep the human race going? Never put all your eggs in the same planet.

  • I wrote a 14 page paper trying to capture why space missions and exploration was important about 4 years ago when I was in high school and it just made me so happy to see you sum up all of my main points so well! Keep up the great work on inspiring videos!!!!

  • Oh my gash. I just can't on 4:06 hahahhahahahahah

  • NASA is just a lost cause who agrees with me

  • Yes

  • Just let Elon do it, tesla/space X are companies and designed to make a profit, NASA is not and is designed to be funded.

  • Why space bc we need to place the satellite n get internet!!

  • watching this 8 min video on NASA.And only thing i can think of..why USA use 16 percent of its money on military...?

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  • Good thing SpaceX revived the aerospace industry for everybody! Now NASA can go back to the Moon!

    • @Not Claptrap we need it to get to mars

    • @Not Claptrap yeah but we still need it

    • @Reptile With Depression I'm not saying other wise. But I feel like at this point we know everything there is about that big rock in the sky

    • @Not Claptrap sure but we are trying our best

    • @Reptile With Depression I'm pretty sure the lack of a staple gravity would make operations hard

  • Cus im inglish

  • Wy is the title in french

    • I think u accidentally set it to french

    • Check ur settings

  • I am from country where I think the space agency here gets 1/6th of the budget of NASA annually, but still managed to do the most cost effective Mars Orbiting Mission(MOM) Guess the country...........

    • I dont know much about space travel outside of America so I'm gonna go with Norway or Denmark. Those places seem like they could do space travel

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  • Last 'Point' should have been elaborated on more.

  • As a non-american I never knew NASA’s budget, nor did I know how big it is compared to other budgets. This makes the budget sound relatively small. That being said, I’ve already red small articles of plans to terraform Mars. Can’t remember exactly what was said about, only how long it could take. And if I remember correctly, longer than any current person’s lifespan. Even so, the mere possibility of such a thing is exciting.

  • I think he just wanted to flex lol

    • Did u watch it?

  • When I grow up imma work for nasa im already saving up money and im getting good on my grades 😌

    • good luck to you

    • You need to know about math science and physics, dont let that not count to your study!

  • Love the music when you talk about NASA

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  • Man Mark Your Very Smart😳😳

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  • too bad solar electric rechargeable rockets isn't a thing ... lol you killed the financial argument dead well done.

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    • did he kill the financial argument?