I Went To The Wave House

Birt 3 nóv 2020
I spent a day at the "Wave House"..
ty spencer for showing us round:
shot by:
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  • Nice house but what a pathetic, desperate and depressing life style

  • From an outside perspective, im Canadian and I think its OK but fuck its overkill for a 15sec video WTF is going on in this planet!

  • He defo Signed the nda


  • the wave house probably bites ice cream

  • Why does will walk so weird

  • yo i actually got his jd add during the vid lollllllll

  • 1:46 how did i not see this

  • Big up Middlesbrough

  • Will mate, what trousers are they lad? Anyone know?

  • who get a advert watching willne guess who is in it willne

  • How weird just watching a will ne jd advert now a wave house with will ne

  • Imagine watching a willNE video and willNE being the advert to his own video.... YOU MADE IT SON👏🏽

  • Who else is hurt by the Middlesbrough comment

  • Imagine if will accidentally unveiled that the wave house members were just money laundering 😂

  • ive never seen any of them in my life howd they just get rich

  • I did just get a wilne ad on a wilne video Edit: I just got a second wilne ad

  • what he went to the wave house nah thats bollocks

  • Will: says he wouldn’t like to live in Middlesbrough. Me who’s from Middlesbrough: 😐😑😐

  • Is the hipe house a prison? Or did spence seem to wanna re think is whole life?

  • Were would you not want to live? Everybody in the uk:birmingham

    • birmingham gang

  • Cheeky twat I'm from the Boro

  • Wills cool and George and stuff but are they eboys Alex might be

  • As a person from Middlesbrough... You are bloody correct

    • Nah Birmingham is way more of a shithole

  • Who are thenwave lot

  • is it me or will looks very ill

  • at 1:45 it teases the YM s2 release

  • i got will on a jd advert before his video lmao

  • Why does that spencer donny look like a white Marcus rashford from the side

  • Why does that spencer donny look like a white Marcus rashford from the side

  • I am gonna laugh so much when they inevitably become irrelevant and have to move out

  • wills advert for jd Came up in this video lol

  • This is great

  • Omg who else is from Middlesbrough!!!

  • the dude who showed will around actually seemed pretty chill

  • i mean 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐝𝐨 i guess

  • Boro is beast mate

    • @Richard Gaming07 get back to the y5 disco

  • Isnt this the house where someone pretended someone was their 13yr old sister

  • 1:16 why is m huncho jus chillin at the wave house

  • I am loving wills fit tho hahaha- and also the house is bloody massive!! id be scared to live in a house that big lol

  • I’ve joined the frocking gang.

  • PuT It BaCk oN

  • Wave house has disbanded

  • Bruh let's all agree we had no idea who any of the wave house members there were

  • u look like hitler

  • i keep getting the jd add

  • Will looks like shit in the mask

  • When I clicked on the video an add came up with Willine in

  • When i sawvthe title i was like :Aw shit

  • i got a JD Ad of Will halfway throught this lmao

  • You shouldn't promote poison like these people

    • haha yea

  • Will mate, haven’t watched your videos for a while (just cause I haven’t been on ISchats and you don’t upload on this account much) but I’ve been subbed to you for a while. And that first part just made me unsubscribe u slag

  • What's wrong with Middlesbrough

  • I subscribed 😘

  • fucking masterpeice

  • When they were doing the tiktok of them putting the lines on his face it looked like he wanted to cry😂

  • o would do dance videos in tiktok if it makes you that rich

  • Lol

  • This is fucking great to meet the fucking wave house

  • Me: can we have ‘killing in the name of’? Mum: no, we have ‘killing in the name of’ at home ‘Killing in the name of’ at home: 1:33

  • willne was the advert for JD before this video!

  • What uniform is that.. that brown one with the u.s flag. Never seen it in my life. What are the girls wearing?! Oh my gawd. That face point tho. It got to be completely black but the eyes

  • Those uniform's smh

  • I have ten acres. They got a lot of green. I just have a lot of brown

  • me mum got a farm of 100 acres

  • Memeulous has got this wave house situation misunderstood

  • Will, you’re actually adorable:)

  • I’m staring back at pasta

  • Im sorry but middlesbrough is beutifal

  • Why could you leave us

  • Why are you on the ad before the video 😂

  • See will your famous now

  • Wave house got more flares than a Courteeners concert

  • Best geordie utuber Eva whey ye knaa worra meen!

  • Nice hearing their propa accents

  • I hope you aren’t joining them douches

  • How many books did they read from that gorgeous library?

  • @mxz

  • .... will is lowkey iconic

  • will is trying to keep it lowkey, but you can tell he's a huge fan

  • spencer seems cool

  • its a fucking cult

  • wtf the rooms are tiny and check the damp in the gym lol

  • they are definitely obeying the rule of 6

  • You became the very thing you swore to destroy


  • Fuck Tiktok

  • i had a jd willne advert before this video

    • @Joe Swain so hes getting ad revenue and money from making the ad whilst people watch his own videos. Hes got a money loop or someat going on here ....

    • Me too

  • @ 0:32 pov: your from Middlesbrough 😔😔

    • I live right next to Middlesbrough

  • Got the WillNE and JD ad on a WillNE video

  • Still better than luton

  • PEOPLE! We need to get WillNE to see my latest video!

  • I like how the creator doesn’t even live there

  • 0:00 general kenobi

  • Up the boro 💪


  • Willne this is the worst house and cringiest of them all how do you like it

  • I fell bad for willne in the soldier stuff he did

  • At 2:20 he said ,,im kidding I stalled and hoped she forgot by the way I did not kick a woman’s chin

  • Join the gang