GOLDBRIDGE! Crystal Palace 0-0 Manchester United Match Reaction

Birt 3 mar 2021
Crystal Palace 0-0 Manchester United Mark Goldbridge reacts to a big result for Solskjaer's United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Player Ratings Vote Here
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  • in all competitions Axel tuanzebe has played 562 minutes and donny van de beek has played 847 minutes its a joke

  • top 4. His soft spineless personality is rubbing off on all the players

  • Even with Matic and Fred if we had any decent coaching. We have no passing sequences. We don't play triangles nothing. It's just pass for passing sake from United.

    • The players have turned on Ole bcoz they know there's no future with this fraudulent coaching staff & manager. Wherever we finished this season Ole has to go imo.

  • -

  • We will be lucky if we make top 4 playing like this.. Ole have no tactics

    • Disgusting. Take Shaw and toss him into the sea. Man City are gonna thump them.

  • Marks face in the thumbnail 😂

    • Fred hates playing with matic

  • Sometimes Ole just looks like he has no clue. Zero balls to make a change. It’s like he’s got his fingers crossed in his pockets and hoping for the best. Change it up ffs!

  • why didnt bruno play, your fans told me he's better than gundogan

  • Cumin deep

  • Stop swenn

  • he better not get a contract or im gone ok ill never support anyone else but hes cluless

  • Ole out.

  • Ole out please

  • Premier League is a joke this year, Man U are losing points every match, but still 2nd.

  • Ole out please....

  • Manchester United have spent more on players than city in the last three years

  • Fernandes joins United in February 2020 and plays his heart out, 12 months later he's rolling around the floor better than any break dancer ever could acting younger than his nine year old daughter, that's what United can do to world class players in such a short time.

  • Pep would absolutely use Utd's talent better. A third of Ole's starters would never see the pitch.

  • The players have turned on Ole bcoz they know there's no future with this fraudulent coaching staff & manager. Wherever we finished this season Ole has to go imo.

  • Fred hates playing with matic

  • Disgusting. Take Shaw and toss him into the sea. Man City are gonna thump them.

  • Ole blaming the coaches... that's rich.

  • We cant blame the midfield Mark, our full backs created more than our wingers and still defended!

  • Ole doesn't coach or MANAGE the team. The team coaches and MANAGES Ole.

  • Amazing, this is clear sign of progress under Ole as Ed reported

  • Play two attacking midfielders like a real fucking team to dominate

  • ole is the not the manager what we need... he has got no tactics

  • Boring boring United

  • They could slip you know.

  • Why do people keep saying we haven't played this bad since van gaal/Jose.....we have had some of our very worst performances under Ole, worse than anything under Van Gaal/Jose.

  • Great video,keep it up!"

  • We were top of the league with Fred and Mc Tominay

  • Cry Mark , Fred is world class same as Mc Tominay , you don’t know football .

  • Ole would struggle to get a job as a PE teacher. Ole Out.

  • The Manager job is to get the best out of the players he has got, not to sit them on the bench, he never tries to change anything.

  • Please don't depress me anymore Mark ...Nothings going to change whilst the Glaziers control the club..!! Any chance of new players coming is out the window when that's the standard of football Utd play..!!!As long as we scrape into the top four each year the Glaziers will rub their greedy paws we've become the new Arsenal.!!!!

  • This whole reactions was top class, so many good comments from everyone. Love this community ❤️

  • We're stuck with this for many years unfortunately,need to get relagated again me thinks.!!!!EVERY team in premiership is better organized than Utd..!!!!

  • Ole gunner out, you biased against Donny and other special players


  • United board need to be held accountable due to the fact that they think United are a top four team, United are one of the greatest most successful clubs ever created so we need to let the board know that United are winners not even 2nd place is good enough

  • All you Ole outers think by sacking him well suddenly win the title jokers. The board has killed this club off. Ole deserves till the end of the season at the very least. If he doesn’t make top 4 he goes.

  • Plz can someone review my video they are football montages

  • This is why the United Stand is so much better than any mainstream pundit. Can you imagine Alan Shearer saying “piss poor”? Our united Stand is honest, passionate and talks sense. I really love our channel and I hope those who make the decisions are listening.

  • Usually find mark funny but he’s one of the main people that drive agendas against players and staff then complains whenever anyone does that very same thing

  • Many of our goals this season have come from moments of individual brilliance. We can't rely on that. But we're currently INCAPABLE of breaking down teams' defences, because we have no creativity in the mid-field, there's no urgency, and the tactics are negative. McFred and Matic are all mediocre. That's why Ole always needs to play two of them. It's just painful to watch, really.

  • Mark is catching Beth's bloody annoying to listen to

  • Only reason Ole is in a job is because Bruno is keeping him that job

  • De gea was player of the year when you finished 2nd with 82 fucking points. Btw that amount of points wins majority of the titles Fergie won..... talking rubbish on that point.

  • Moyes could have been a great manager and coach for Man U if we gave him time. Given time, he always delivers and builds a solid team, with progress over time. West Ham players are just loving him and they give consistent performance. Not many people see what SAF saw in Moyes. Ole is not for long term. Poor in tactics!!!

  • 🤣😂

  • If team loses, the middle field and the defence are crap, if the team wins, Ole is the right coach!

  • Man Utd need a honest God loving billionaire, to change this club a new stadium, we are so behind in everything we do we should be untouchable I will continue praying.

  • It's ok. Knowing us we draw here but beat city later

  • No matter who was in the middle, if you can't play against teams that dropp deep.the outcome will always be the same

  • Ole The Modern Day Graham Taylor.

  • won't win a single game in march.

  • You're the best football ISchatsr out there Goldbridge.

  • 999k subs!!!

  • United are 💩

  • Mark, why don't we replace the whole team and be done with it? we already know this team is dead!!

  • finished club

  • I have said before and again rashford Fred even greenwood are not clean dribblers soon as they receive the ball nothing comes out of it against crystal palace no crosses at all from rashy and greenwood from wings still removes cavani

  • Matic drops back to be a 3rd cb and lets Maguire go forward. I dont know what's happened to him at 32. Fred is a very limited player. Rashford has been poor for a couple of months now with the odd moment being all fans remember.

  • I dont want to see Mcfred or Matfred as a midfield partnership ever ever again.

  • Sorry Mark, OGS is a United legend as a player, but he hasn't cut it as manager. The Glazers went for the cut-price option and it shows- no trophies in two and a half years, several semi-finals/finals lost, haven't beaten any of the top six this year and are still miles off Manchester City. He is not the only problem (the owners being the biggest, and I would also question the character of the side in general, who have downed tools under previous managers) but I can't see how we will get to the next level with OGS in charge.

  • Bruno was crap

    • @Tunir - About ISchats stop giving Him excuses.. he was crap. He is bad almost every game.. but somehow ends up with an assist or a penalty. He deserved a 3 today.

    • He needs rest after the derby

  • United can still lose out on top four 🤩

  • Almost fell asleep Jose football was better and he actually got results

  • That game was shocking 😳

  • I've seen that performance at least 6 times this season... Hate to say it, I've kept quiet but Ole and his coaching staff just aren't good enough. He had more than enough to beat Sheff U, West Brom and Palace. So I'm afraid, once the season is done, let's get an elite manager in.

  • Fred is like Sissoko

  • Need to spend big in the summer 1a defender 2 a right winger who can cross the ball ! 3 a Striker and 4 a central midfielder who can shoot ! 200 million at least !

  • Fred was shocking couldn’t pass a parcel

  • "Learning on the job" is the most criminal thing i've heard

  • I been saying it for a long time it's not the owners they have giving you hundreds of millions of pounds I say it again keane nevell rio it's your coaching staff they haven't got a clue look at city liverpool Chelsea world class coaches theres your problem goldbreige

    • Mourinho? Van Gaal? Were they sunday league quality? The real issue at this club is the board and there desire to win. All they care about is being good enough for top 4.

  • Who are the coaches at the club?

  • Players don't seem to have the desire to win that we need Bruno is getting frustrated.

  • Lingard is better than james rashford n greenwood on the wing an hes on loan fucking joke

  • Did anyone else notice it was Harry that kept the Palace attackers almost onside, hes practically a meter behind the defensive line.

  • Our best games come when we play one touch football. Why do we keep dropping back to this slow pass back football?

  • What midfield? We play 6-0-4.

  • Ole out

  • We don’t need a man manager we need a football manager. The subbing issue is down to Ole.

  • The International break can't come quick enough. With Ole to afraid to make subs he is running the players into the ground. I've always said it that Ole needs to grow a pair of balls and try something different. Use subs, change formation. What harm would bringing on Diallo or Shortire do. They won't be any worse than the players that started.

  • Why is he not slandering Bruno as part of Uniteds midfield?

  • The amount of qualified football knowledge Mark seems to think he is graced with is laughable. He talks down actually qualified coaches while he sits in his arm chair throwing a tantrum. Its embarrassing.

  • Could I please take this opportunity to remind you kids that I was around waiting 26 years to finish any higher than 2nd. This during a time when one's team had to finish 1st to even get into the European Cup draw. This was a time when the game was a game of football watched by live fans, not a game of leagues, or Premier League Manager played on a mobile phone so that people like Mark Goldbridge and other former Pub-Loud-Mouths could feel relevant. Need I also remind you Numpties that none of you have seen a live game of football outside of your local park for a year, and have no assured prospect of EVER doing so again, vaccine or no vaccine. If I owned a PL football team I would be putting the entire team on half pay and would not be buying any new players at all, simply to ensure that I have a chance of remaining the owner. You might not appreciate the FACT but all but a few professional football clubs are in an ever more desperate fight for survival, so where they actually end up in their respective leagues has become all but irrelevant to the owners. This is one reason why we are seeing so many unexpected results and seemingly strange transfer decisions. The only thing that is really strange about them, is that any are happening at all given that there is currently no reason to believe that fans will ever be allowed back into the stadiums. These lockdown restrictions are the greatest single threat to your own personal life and liberty since the 1930s, yet all you lot can do is mince like a bunch of silly school girls. Also, a far greater threat to British football as either an amateur or professional sport since 1863, than anything other than a nuclear war could manage. You do get it, don't you? Please say that you do, or at least entertain the prospect that you might. The way things are currently going the Chinese will be buying up clubs like Manchester United for a few pence from the bank's insolvency lawyers, and moving them all as a package deal to somewhere in China or to wherever they feel like moving them.

  • Dead midfield? Nah Dead Coach.

  • Plastic fans

  • Thank you so much... a channel that finally says it how it was with Rashford. Painful again and years without getting better

  • Mark, the good it does saying “ole out” now is to try to wake people like you up to the fact that this coach isn’t good enough, and that getting top 4 is not a reason to give him another contract. You are mistaken if you think things will change with a new CDM or new CB, this guy is a joke, if you like how he coaches you are too

  • Wonder if Julian Nagelsmann will accept to be first team coach ?! While Ole remains the manager with director of football duties for few seasons. Then if the ship stabilizes, promote Julian to become the manager and push Ole to become a director of football (It suits him very well).

  • Everything mark says comes down to ole and he can’t see it

  • Bailly got a 5 because he didn’t ignores Oles tactics and played a higher line.

  • We have been a second rate club my Man Utd standards for years. We had about the worst quality of team I had seen in years until recently. Now we have a few good players but they don't seem to have that will to win of old. Just lack lustre performance at this level. Not good enough

  • If we wanted an attacking rb we should of just kept playing Dalot as a rotation.

  • What the hell were Amad and Shoretire doing on the bench, if in a game like that they don’t even get 10mins. Need to rest big players that are tired and not performing for 70mins, need impetus, and the chance for a young-gun to build confidence by getting a winner. Don’t understand it!!


  • OLE SOLSKJAER IS MAKING ME HATE OLE SOLSKJAER.. ..for which I'm truly sorry.