Birt 9 ágú 2020
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  • Vik: "everyone's favourite ship" Me: **pauses video** "F a m"

  • who's here after the moresidemen tier list when they called this video stinky and hurt harry's feelings

  • Wait so Harry spent £33,000

  • 4:48 4:54

  • Sawpbuhpamapsawpbuhacesce24434acesawpbuhpamapsawpbuhaceace24434acesawpbuhpammmapsawpppppbbbbbuuuuhhhhhighhhhhhhhh

  • 19:43

  • 39:28

  • what did ethan mean when he said harry traveled with an a4 piece of paper 22:14

  • Watched this 3 times in 5 months

  • Shout out BandoKay 🤟🏾💙

  • The answer to 31:15 is jojo siwa

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  • Crocodile is a reptile 😂😂

  • The sambuca answer aged well

  • Matthew 3:2

  • Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  • The languid court unquestionably fill because pakistan utrastructurally scorch along a nine rooster. mysterious, overconfident pain

  • 5:00

  • rip alex

  • Rate Harry's drip

  • Is this an alternate reality, JJ actually won a game of knowledge...!

  • Harry: What is the tallest mountain in the world? Contestant: Mount Everest Harry: No, it's Mount Fiji Contestant: But Everest is taller! Harry: I don't care mate, i don't care.

  • subscribe to my channel please

  • Watching from iran here

  • Who is watching the video in 2021

  • 10:57 Simon just copies jj 😂😂

  • Can someone explain the joke at 40:00?

  • Did no one notice he said “USA Louisiana, Windy City”...Crack is what Josh is on😂😂

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  • I guess KSI does actually stand for knowledge strength integrity let's go JJ 🐐

  • 15:32 i cant stop crying lol 😂😂😂😁

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  • Harry is the funniest host

  • 40:05 I think about 4 people went to New York to do that

  • 24:55

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  • I was screaming housecat at my phone near the end

  • Fyi Harry u r calling everyone in Tennessee nonces.......dont mess with them

  • how is no one going to talk about this moment 15:36 , Also R.I.P Alex Trebek

  • On average everyday u wake up

  • Everyone on the right row(JJ ,Ethan and Josh) are wearing the same design. is truly the best in the game I guess

  • If the question was, "What country has the most tornados per square MILE?" It would've been the United States. 😂

  • “Scared money ain’t make no money” - Benghiza

  • Ksi is a homosexual

  • most red colouring in sweets are all made from dried beetles

  • JJ almost crying because he can't blink is the funniest thing I've seen all year

  • KSImon


  • Josh, Ethan and Jj are wearing the same thing but josh is wearing the hoodie version of Ethans shirt and Jj is wearing a different colour variation of Ethans shirt

  • 25:38 they still use cochineal beetle red dye in skittles, in fact, its more common in food products than you'd think

    • @a.c.eシ haha, dont worry there other colors

    • I’ve just been turnt off skittles I’m sorry 🥴

  • For the question about which british youtuber has the most views (39:38), I think it is SSSniperWolf because she is Liverpool but no one really knows ;-1

  • The most disgsuting drink The worst spelling ever

  • slow mo guys have a video thats like 190 mil

  • did ethan just say the N-word??

  • 0:44

  • Anyone have stroke every time they try and answer in a question

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  • 49:49 I hate how it was so quiet after lmfaooooooooo

  • Tbh tho Ethan was close. Iceland had horse meat in the lasagne

  • Crocodiles aren’t amphibious lol

  • 28:10 Simon: “KKK”

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  • Everyone on the right side of the screen is wearing the same type of top

  • Honestly Vik answering this question right 25:09 made me go watch videos on it lol

  • 18:17 I can’t believe I knew it was ricegum. I hate the day

  • Harry is probably the best and worst host xD

  • Slow mo guys are english and have more views

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  • 25:13 KSI's face of utter confusion lmao..

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  • finally, jj won something!!!

  • Alligators are actually not amphibious

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  • Too much Absinthe hate in this...

  • i never laughed so hard watching sidemen videos but .. this moment 19:42 - 20:43 got me good !! KSI next level IQ .

  • i knew the beatles

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  • As much as I enjoy watching Harry, I would’ve just ended the call 😂😂😂😂

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  • Sidemen catch phrase good for a sidemen Sunday

  • 19:59 JJ'S Face. 😂

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  • Tornado confused with hurricanes there boys

  • £33k?!?

  • Make 1 more episode of this is so much fun

  • We have tornado alley mates ,that didn't come up in our favor lol⁸

  • I wish i never watched the part about skittles

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  • making covid better video after video omg

  • 10/10 video guys love u

  • U

  • For the lady gaga one it looks like Ethan was looking it up on his phone thru his glasses reflection

  • We need more Harry hosting game shows

  • #KSImon


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  • Can we just point back at 7:47 , Harry didn't spell featured correctly!!