Glowing Algae Water Fountain

Birt 30 júl 2013
A simple idea for continuous, organic, relaxing light using bioluminescence.



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  • I wish he'd told us how long the fountain's glowing lasted. Also, would the algae recover their superpower if exposed to a cloudy day outdoors?

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  • I have no idea that 1 cell plants can glow


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  • this outro should be his outro for every vid *2:23*

  • what a home made flame thrower

  • Old mark looks like he works at a gardening store

  • RIP Algae

  • I’m going to dub this his most underrated video. Super cool & something most could actually mess around with.

  • Omg!!! So funny. I had forgotten all about the double-rainbow guy!!

  • I’m sorry the end of this shoulda won a Grammy

  • Those algae must be so mad

  • I still have never seen any bioluminecence in my life, so sad!

  • who here is watching this in 2020 and is like: wait..Mark Rober looks so weird

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  • 2:15 Mark’s buddy is the algae

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  • He’s come so far in the few years!

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  • The link didint work 🙁🙁🙁

  • Aim am watching this in 2020 from San Diego where that is in the ocean lighting the waves up at night

  • how long will it take to stop producing light and what happens if you drink it?

  • Lol that ending

  • The link does not work

  • He looks like a rip off Tommy Oliver

  • those creatures are called dinoflagelats

  • The link for the algae does't work

  • please do tutorial on how u make it

  • Mark, the link for the algae takes me to an obsolete website. Could you give a new link?

  • ive been wanting to do this so bad! i really want to make like an aquarium to keep it alive

  • #21 of the binge and imma put this in my room

  • Do you think I can use it in a watercooled pc?

  • The link to the algae is broken

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  • Are there any in freshwater?

  • I’ve been raised calling them lightin bugs I’m from Alabama

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  • Algae enslavement

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  • You inspire me everyday!

  • Link which you gave for algae water is not working 😣😣

  • BTW i saw this in real life at a beach once it was awesome! you could walk on the beach and the area around your feet would glow

  • What if u keep it at a window so the sun gets shined on it every day?

  • Call PETA.....

  • That ending though, bahahaha

  • Your old videos are actually really amazing!

  • Can u set up an energy source for the allge to stay living like a uv lamp or heat lamp or something of that sort? Or just stick the fountain in a sunny window while at work with like a clear glass back so any allge in the pump still gets energized?

  • If there was a problem yo I’ll solve it Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • algae dies

  • I want to fill a pool

  • Press read more God loves you! 🖤

  • can you give me a new link that works? the link to buy the algae doesn't work anymore. thanks :D

  • Hi love your channel! I bought bioluminescent dinoflagellate medium from the link below.. I know it needs to be agitated to glow, but do I need to add a chemical or do something with the liquid before it becomes activated? Having trouble getting it to work..

  • The link for online algae sellar isn't working please resolve it

    • Just google how to isolate glowing bacteria from fresh herring

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  • Is it safe to drink

  • Those algae are living in pain.

  • You are seriously the best youtuber ever!!!!! 😊

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  • All in all a trip to the beach and a bunch of hot glue and plates and a 60$ bottle of this stuf will l give you this... it is so cool though so Nah what ever but that stuff

  • Is there a way to keep a colony of them living for longer if they get nutrients and sunlight?

  • What if you put it on a vibrater? Please do that for a video!

  • So how long will the light last

  • Why do you look high in your earlier videos?

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  • Vanilla ice is an unoriginal misuse of human cells.

  • Ok so I am guessing "growth medium" is just food for the algae right, so if you added this to a backyard pond with koi and turtles, would it in theory be able to glow indefinitely? Would it harm the animals?

  • Just use tonic water


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  • You can find the dinoflagellates that bioluminess at

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