Is Turboing Your Car Worth It?

Birt 6 jan 2021
The day has come to find out if all of our hard work has paid off, has it been worth it to throw a turbo kit on the Miata in our journey for more power. Today we wrap up what needs to be done in order to get the Miata back down to the Dyno at EF1 Motorsports. Will it explode? Will it even make it down? Will it make more power? So many questions!!! Let’s get to it!
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  • Really amazing

  • This is the most excited I've been for a build since I started watching. Which was a few days ago. BUT A 100 vids later xD .... I'm stoked. Love your guys' content.

  • The reason it ran super rich is not only that the injectors were bigger, the gap that they made on the sparkplugs was way too small for the car untuned thus not burning an optimal amount of fuel. Learned this the hard way.

  • The real question is: Is triple turbo-ing the twin scroll turbo worth it?

    • @nieooj gotoy You're welcome! ??????

    • Thanks for sharing! ??????

  • Next episode “is blowing piston 4 out the top worth it”

  • Wait wait wait.... I hope we're not done yet? We need mooooooreeee pooowaaaa baby!

  • I love it how he starts every episode of money pit with a question

  • Day 4 of reminding Donut that hiring Jobe was their best decision yet

  • Did you happen the rings?

  • 2:51 that was satisfying how the screws dropped into place while the music stopped, nice editing. 😎

    • Why does it flutter though? Didn’t they add a blow-off?

  • Just look at the expression on his face. Is it worth it? Of course it is.

  • world is a lot better with you here! Love you all ❤️ )

  • 12:52 *Ah yes

  • Hey I got a r18 z1 in my Honda Civic 2015 ex coupe and I have begun to mod it a little I have put better injectors like 24p, a performance fuel pump, magna flow exhaust with 2.5 opening, and also a k/n air intake and changed fuel pressure valve and Oxygen sensor. I have been looking into tunning all this once I put a supercharger or turbo charger, but I have one problem I would be running all this on a cvt transmission...any suggestions

  • 8:19 was that a trailer park boys reference?!!!

    • I think you meant 227 HRSPRS!!

  • I sure hope they money pit a classic car next! Air intake!

  • Please do a video on the scion tc please, its probably the only 2000s car you guys havent covered thats a 2door hatch. (Please shine a positive light on it lol)

  • “We met my goal for maybe the first time ever”

  • Ewww van life is where it’s at in 2020

  • I'm so dang excited right now. Have a Saturn that needs turbo,o1 sl2 80,000 miles. So Fun.

    • Where can I get one of those sweet ass green tiger hats? For real.

  • did yall ring gap it?

  • Why was Nolan wearing a mask? Is he scared?


  • I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm

  • Can I request guys next project car is Toyota tamaraw fx🙏

  • Why does it flutter though? Didn’t they add a blow-off?

  • This Miata is worth more money that he put into the car just for the sole fact that it was done so well

  • His kids are gonna find this car and he’s gonna have a story to tell

  • Im here from the future to let you know on track day your head is gonna Leak Oil!

  • I think you meant 227 HRSPRS!!

    • 6:48 yeah, wear that mask you 🐱y

  • I wish tuning in Germany was half as cheap, and also legal 😢

  • No air filter huh? Lol

  • California state reff wants to know your location😂😂 #fuckcalifornia

  • Where did u get that tiger hat? Longshot on the reply but that thing is sickkkkkk

  • The only issue was a coolant leak? You got off lucky

  • Where can I get one of those sweet ass green tiger hats? For real.

  • hell yeah mo powa bebeh

  • Landon was here

  • Get rid of those plastic barbs.

  • So, yeah the car is cool whatever but uh when you gonna get a haircut mate

  • ads

  • yep, im never going to find an untarnished manual miata now

  • Put in a thicker head gasket when this one blows so you can lower the compression and rise the boost

  • When he says “we fuckin did it” did anyone else laugh at how he said and reacted to it physically XD😆

  • Skip to 9 mins

  • 6:48 yeah, wear that mask you 🐱y

    • Car Throttle turboed his Miata...didnt end well. Hope yours does.

  • But will it do a burnout???

  • Get an FE3 - 2.0L 16V DOHC from the Euro 626. It swaps directly into the Miata and you can use the Miata transmission.

  • I wanna buy an is300 and turbo it but I’m now starting to feel so confused.

  • Am I the only one who cringed when he used an impact to loosen the plugs?

  • Nolan wearing that mask makes him that much more of a poormans reject James.

  • My car has 208k miles is it good for a tune?

  • i thought modding your car in Cali was illegal like what

  • me, who doesn't even own a car: wow that's such a nice build aLl i WaNt iS a SuPrA oR r34 bUt mAn tHat miAta mUst bE eXpEnSiVe

  • Sounds right. Looking forward to the track day videos

  • The ol' *"We have to finish x just in time so we can y"* narrative trick. Donut is learning how to reality television.


  • 5 episodes from now, when turbo effect has worn off: "Is engine Swapping a V6 worth it?"

  • is widebodying worth it???

  • Ok now we're gonna need a video of PURE SOUND. Just this thing driving around going naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-stustustustu

  • He looks so tired, to see Zach genuinely excited makes me happy.

  • Car Throttle turboed his Miata...didnt end well. Hope yours does.

  • Guys I have a question. That is can we fix nitrous oxide system in a turbocharged engine???? Please answer for the question 😭😭I'm very eager to see the answer cause I need to fit ..

  • Great job on the video! Can't wait for next week.

    • Why does Zach look like he saw a Tiger?

  • Love the tiger hat

  • Yeeeaaaahhh I'm pumped!!!

  • are we really getting that happy over 227hp :D ls swap that thing with a turbo then we are talking :d

  • idk, cheaper, less complicated, and easier to just swap the baby motor for a better option. plenty of stock power plants out there making better numbers than that.

  • I'm surprised you guys don't have a truck and trailer yet.

  • I would at least zip tie those vacuum hose fittings to hold it more securely to the nipples. Less chance of explosive diarrhea haha

  • The oil is wrong IT NEEDS TO BE MOBIL 1

  • awesome

  • What’s the cost of a tuning session like this? Throwing a turbo into my wife’s 2.5l Beetle, and there’s a company that will reprogram ECU for $700 but would feel better tuning on a dyno. Just scared of the potential cost.


  • Get a carwash maybe?

  • man....thats a cool hat tho 😭😭

  • Is that miata fully stock with a turbo?? If it's not stock so. What she has??


  • Why does Zach look like he saw a Tiger?

  • dang how expensive all that is... idk how much my urs4/600hp have been cost to me even it was factory turbo car. only camshafts is like ~1500e edit: its only 600hp just because my ecu have integrated MAP sensor that doesnt understand over 1,6bar and im lazy and havent chance that map yet

  • Throw in a K20Z3. 260wheel. NA.

  • The video I’ve been waiting for

  • Why have a blow-off valve if you're still going to get turbo flutter?

  • What kind of click bait fuvking title is this lol

  • Episode after track day: how to rebuild an engine with forged internals and crank up the boost

  • This was so worth the wait. I’m unbelievably happy for Zach.

  • Yall wanna make money with merch you should make a mechanic inclination test thats serious for 60 bucks or more and if they pass they get a donut mechanic certification i bet there's alot of uncertified mechanics that know what they're doing

  • @donutmedia or @zackjobe are you running a block off plate on the blowoff v for the turbo flutta or what

    • thought of that yet but I vote to do either of those!!!

  • IS THAT SUPRA!(9:14)

  • Donut found a perfect fit

  • next episode....How to know that u have a blown block

  • He's like Einstein

  • dude im so fkn stoked!!! lets goooo!!!!

  • “Are Head Gaskets worth it?”


  • Like to activate.

  • How do you double like a video?

  • You should have done a 4g63 engine swap with turbo.

  • Technically you're not making 227whp because you told your tuner to dial it back by 2psi of boost. So no you're not driving or racing your miata at 227whp, at 12psi you're like around 210whp or so. So stop lying bro it would've been cheaper dropping a k24a into your miata and make 227whp all motor stock!!

    • @zuygj bnsv if he actually did a k24a swap yes Definitely more powa baby lol

    • mo power babehhhh

  • one word, Downforce.