Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) KILL COUNT

Birt 15 jan 2021
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    • Can you do a kill count to What Happened To Monday?????

    • 22:41

    • Strawberry picking in spotlight

    • The Little Bus episode give me stuff in episode with Chelsea Garcia ruin the show

    • Hey James have you ever done the Anaconda 🐍🎞series yet I love those movies especially the first two. Please when you get a chance do those as well😇

  • 6:29 favorite part

  • 90% of the comments are talking about Train To Busan 10% Are about the movie.

  • I went to the same place you went when I was 4

  • Waiting for train to Busan kill count.

  • Legend says Bill Merry is still walking to survival to this day.

  • Finally, a movie where the kill on average is actually to the actual movie

  • What?!?! Blowing up the T800's won't kill them!!! It will only expose there metal skeletons!!!

  • Please do a kill count for kingsman and kingsman golden circle

  • 6:17 oh my gosh it’s beck from victorious

  • Fun fact: most of the people in zombieland names are states/cities

  • anyone else notice how he said ireland at 6:42

  • Yo theres a monster truck on tha shelf

  • 0:56 oh no youtube mightve heard you why did you say that without a sponsor?

  • Resident evil movies and 30days and 30nights ect

  • Hopefully that Garfield 3: Flabby Tabby is more successful than the first 2.

  • manscaped

  • Imagine being having to have the name of where you're born. And your name is *Lizard lick*

  • Ok. I am saying this from the heart. I extremely appreciate all the effort, time and dedication put into this. It is just crazy

  • Lumberjack Man (2015)

  • Slaughterhouse (1987

  • Ok i just love how he said "Doh!" when the Homer zombie fell

  • Everyone is talking about Train to Busan but I'm over here REELING THAT YOU HAVE DAVID BOWIE'S FUUUCKING SHOES

  • I didn't understand the last part pls tell

  • That’s not Atlanta Georgia it’s Covington, it’s our square, same place dukes of hazzard was filmed

  • 6:34 why didn’t the zombie just step to the side smh

  • I'm waiting for a movie that'll have a kill average of 1 death every second

  • This is a suggestion that might be cool but can you pls do a kill count on the resident evil movies


    • I assume you've watched the rest of the video by now. Yet kept this comment here.


  • This probably the best zombie movie ever I’ve watched:)

  • Talahasse looks so happy in the thumbnail 😂

  • Yesss new kill count record!!!!!!!!

  • Busan

  • I looked through this channel you didn't do train to busun

  • Looking forward to the day that this man gets his leading horror movie role.


  • The fist zombie land into was the best

  • You didn't count zombie madisons death

    • She didn't die. I assume you didn't watch all of the video before commenting?

  • I’ve been watching the old Kill Counts so much that James is sounding slower than S.A.M.F. Jeff in the newer ones.

  • What about the 7B in Cabin In The Woods?

    • @Nathan Yes but he didn't add them to the count as it happened off screen after the movie.

    • @Shifty Bench Podcasts he mentioned the 7 billion during the numbers, but Idk.

    • That he didn't count because it happened after the movie?

  • Zombies are real there just dumb cannibals

  • I mean if you wanna get techinal. Jason X has the most kills because he crashed the shuttle into that whole space colony killiing like 1,000,000 people I might be over exaggerating that number tho

  • You did not count Madison

  • I still remember watching james for the time in 2017, good times.

  • Final destination has been dethroned

  • Shows how dangerous Garfield 3 is

  • OMG I literally miss you guys😂😂

  • 13:36 THIS. LITERALLY THIS. EVERYONE knows you're not from Nevada if you say it like that.

  • weener

  • Love that this movie didn't have to get the record by doing some bs like final destination or brightburn by killing people in an airplane.

  • Hey james when is the next killcount

  • How many takes did it take you to do the nose hair trimmer clip without laughing?

  • Is anyone else from Albuquerque or is it just me

  • Had a good laugh at 22:40 when Tallahesse kicked the barrel down the stairs and shouted: "Donkey Kong, Motherfvckers!".

  • As a toy

  • I have that monster truck

  • I've watched both movies

  • Everyone give a like so James actually sees this and counts zombies in train to busan

  • As a fellow Nevadan, no one ever says Nevahdah. Get it right lol

  • Why isn’t madison on the kill count!?!? Edit: OH YAYYY MADISON.

  • Bro I wonder what kind of monster you would have in monster legends and if you want to know what that is it is about monsters fighting

  • Well considering that Nevada is a Spanish word meaning "covered in snow" or "snow-capped", Rosario's pronunciation is the correct one.

  • Science teacher: we will survive the zombie apocalypse with science! Math teacher: welcome to the kill count!

  • Coooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo

  • Train to Busan is literally the best zombie film of all time

  • Pontiac Transport fuck yeah

  • If he did the scariest movie of them all (For men atleast), Titanic. That would be the new champion. Theres alot of on screen deaths in that one

  • My dad's company works with manscape

  • It would be 375 deaths because you added 72 to 302 and got 373

  • This is stupid

  • Yeah James is going to have a heart attack trying to count the kills in World War Z

  • I still can't believe that the first one was filmed at my home town amusement park 😂

  • Nice video

  • Success championship james 👏👏👏

  • Hey James - How do you get these clips for your movies? or if any of his fans know ? I've always been curious

  • I love the work he puts in respect

  • Zombieland duoble tap is the winner

  • i personally like the old golden chainsaw and dull machete designs more

  • Kill Count of The Channel

  • 19:35 the fact she says “what” to “we have no guns” made me laugh 😆 I want a 3rd part 💷💷

  • Why does he have the call of duty warzone clown in the background

  • I watched it and it was awesome

  • I love how James knew the real Nevadan’s say Nah-Vah-Dah and not Nuh-Vuh-Duh

  • Me early in the video: wait why didn’t he put the kill on screen when pinky gal got shot Me later in the video: oh wait, she’s still alive NVM

  • i usually skip people talking about the sponsor, but you make it fun


  • I got a kick out of the Blackfoot part because I from the Blackfoot nation haha



  • Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a zombie world and calling yourself Nevada.

  • If dead meat does Greenland then Greenland will hold the record for a long time

  • "my buddy matpat" Oh no

  • This movie was absolute piss, such a shame. The original was pretty fun.

  • You make really good videos and there funny to

  • Hi

  • Did anyone notice the little mistake that James made. Which is when Novada crushes all those zombies he said there were 139 kills but at the numbers it said 140 so hope someone other than me saw that

  • banger vid

  • i one the first one

  • I've been waiting for this for awhile