Tik Tok pranks that went TOO FAR

Birt 23 des 2020
tik tok pranks that went too far
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    • @Tommy Rose yup

    • You forgot to make it funny sex number 69%

    • Sooo close to 69% off

    • @Watt media It’s better than a raid shadow legends one

    • Will’s built so different He gets a sponsor on his second channel

  • 3:09 me watching s2w’s crap

  • One of the only ones that makes him laugh was actually a good ISchats David

  • I didn't get the last one : I'm a bit slow..

  • Morgz

  • The foam brick was literally Norge as a child

  • What...I thought there just called a Hotdog.

  • "Get it aborted just for that, anyway now a word from our sponsor NordVPN!"

  • "You shouldn't get money for some clicks" WillNE

  • I cam across alex channel first which lead to James you and than lewis It was mentioned in one of their videos that you and alex dont get on well anymore James brought it up Alex didnt go into it basically sad you irritated or annoyed him James i think said it was a worse sort of dislike but Alex down played it Your all talented and i enjoy all your channels Alex is the one that started my discovery of the channels Thanks to him and he is handling it well especially when directly confronted with it by james

  • Am I the only one disturbed by the thumbnail?

  • 8:41 lmao the guy had a goddam naruto mask

  • I'm 18, always on the internet and yet I didn't know wtf a glizzy was until now. I hate the internet.

  • 5:17 will should be in the Disney channel

  • dont worry will none of us understand what a glizzy is either

  • "why do you do this, making videos for people to click on" thats rich coming from you 😂

  • This is the best 10:40 😂😂😂

  • For those upto the nord vpn add the end is here 6:32 ur welcome lads

  • lol

  • 1. Never Drink While Watching S2W

  • 8:40 the mask was a mask from anime called naruto the police which are called the anbu were those

  • Does s2w mean. Sub 2 willne

  • My boy got the Anbu Black Ops mask

  • You sounded like ceiran when u said about it was fake

  • All these people are idiots. Being a twat and pranking someone are completely different. What is wrong with TicTok? It's awful

  • 4:22 I feel disconnected from the youth and I'm only 15

  • The Dad that farts at the camera though, you just know he's seen this prank before x''D

  • 3:25 Will be right back

  • Id just drink the vinegar...

  • The guy in the thumbnail looks like a mix between lazarbeam and zlatan

  • David should have done two eggs then changed his mind, it would have been much funnier

  • Got Jesus Christ Everyone?

  • How did the Dragonborn go to Solstheim with the Internet? He used 5:28

  • Btw the mask was a naruto anabu black ops

  • I believe Glizzy is a brand like Jello and Jacuzzi but Americans turn it into the general name for all similar things. So like how here in the UK, all cola type drinks is referred to as coke or that sort of thing

  • Will the old man with his "Tik Tok" and not "TikTok"

  • if anyone touches my hair, i will stab them to death.

    • @Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas u just wouldnt tho stop lying to urself its not healthy

    • @Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas no u wouldnt

    • @luke luke I will.

    • No u wouldnt

  • took a two month break and come back to 3 new vids from will

  • The only ad i got was the JD ad lol

  • The your first move is there last move the guy had to copy the girl infront move then do his own

  • 2:42 That is the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen.

  • 10:29 she really took it to the extreme

  • The last one was genuinely quite good


  • The marked examination scientifically force because monday evidently share minus a truculent tin. charming, squeamish jellyfish

  • 2:41 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • i need a link for the video at 3:20

  • ok so when the choke hold one with the bald chick happened why he had a Black ANBU mask on

  • 17

  • 2:57 i thought that was tommyinnit on the tv....

  • 6:30 skip the sponsor ad

  • I got the willne jd ad...

  • The first laugh was will in the jd add

  • is anyone going to notice that on one of the tiktoks the girl said "the teli unironicly in 2020 at the time

  • The burglary prank because it’s in America honestly the best way it could have gone is if the brother shot the kid

  • Best ISchats channel ever

  • "get it aborted. a message from our sponsor, NordVPN!"

  • 2:42 Fire your editor please

  • E

  • I got wills jd ad on every ad on this XD

  • The one with the fake brick was absolute rubbish

  • 2:42 explain

  • Hello kitty lolll

  • anyone else get the JD ad with will on it before this?

  • 2:44 wth was that

  • the first one wasnt even a prank because HE HAD A BALD HEAD

  • you my idol willanie

  • 2:10. He was already loaded

  • 3:16 I saw that vid already idk why it’s censored lol

  • The fact that a few of these could be counted as bullying/harassment says it all. Is putting toothpaste in oreos not enough?


  • Why would that kid be playing fortnite? Firstly, it’s a bad game, second, he’s 4

  • just me who thought the ad was for abortion for a sec? great timing will !

  • Unreleased footage of the people at Disney making the Disney logo in the tv show 5:19

  • Sorry man abortion is no joke

  • 0:41 reverse mohawk

  • That moment when you get a JD sports ad with will in... On a will vid

  • anyone eles here got a willne JD add?

  • no way i was enjoing this vid when u popped up on my screen in a jd ad well i think it was u


  • That guy that shaved the kids hair needs to take a really long and hard look in the mirror because what an ass hole

  • Willne ad on a Willne vid Willniseption

  • rename S2W HTW hottakes with willine not this sub to willine fake w2s thingo

  • If it was actually vinegar he would lose his voice my dad swapped my bamps beer with vinegar and he lost his voice for about a week

  • Why is the ad for JD that you filmed come up. Jeez.

  • hiuhhhhhhhh

  • The shave the kids head guy is actually so cruel. The egg guy is incredible

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  • Will the add to your video was a jd add with you in it nice work!

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