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  • The expresso thing that the girl said pissed me off

  • Sick flow baud

  • wtf is veto

  • Born and raised in Miami here - the kid reading the scripted shit is LITERALLY how kids I grew up with sound at that age. He may have sincerely said all that off the dome.

  • Cody is so fucking funny


  • The unused find univariably fax because voice predominantly remove aside a horrible activity. quarrelsome, unwieldy heat

  • as a person we don’t claim them 😁✨💕❤️🥰😍

  • God damn they are so behind on education I’m in 7th grade and I’m smarter then them.

  • Cody, its time for the man bun

  • The blonde girl is white and you can’t tell me otherwise

  • commenting... That's absolutely WILD isn't it?

  • They got that “veto” challenge from big brother 😅

  • The show should cancel lol

  • I dunno who Alex Corner is but what the shit man... This is beyond ruination for humanity

  • Tat looks dope

  • I thought she she said what’s a vtol

  • Haha what the fuck, I did t even know this was an actual thing😂 where do I find this tik tok shit to binge on?!

  • They stole the game from big brother and didn’t even bother to change the name lol

  • has Cody never seen big brother

  • Influencers are the worst kind of ppl.

  • I went to high school with Gaby. She was a senior when I was a freshman, and everyone thought she was the biggest bitch of all time. :)

  • 7:13 whats cody's beef with go pros

  • Who the fuck is Alex warren?

  • came here from ludwig stay away from geowizard

  • Ruh Roh Raggy

  • They really stole a bunch from Netflix’s “The Circle”

  • I’m 4 minutes in and I’m ready to end it “what does veto mean? Is that, like, an expresso?”

  • Might as well make a tick tocks got talent

  • I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the video

  • 5:57 Honey. He broke the sound barrier, he can't hear you yet

  • Yo is colie even latinx????

  • I will never know why the lives of 13-year-olds will ever be something worth watching.

  • why are hot people always this stupid?

  • Most childish shit ive seen

  • Soo gen Z... Fckin does anyone understand what's happening there?

  • We've looked over your resume and you lack the education and skills for the job, but we saw down in your accomplishments that you won a game of Hide and seek... Can you start Monday?

  • 5:53 I CANT

    • Cut your hair, please Cody please, just cut your hair


    • hide and go veto is literally from big brother

  • perfect show to start during covid

  • nothing makes me more eshamed of my race than that segment where they just argue about being fucking blond

  • yo those kids are all free 50 pots

  • More this is so funny 😂 I can’t it serious

  • You look like shaggy from the scooby-doo movies.

  • Imagine if they had actual latinos? Like people who know their culture, that'd be great reality tv

  • Hide and go veto is litterally just a game ripped straight from big brother

  • are these kids even famous? for what? I smell perfectionist parents and childhood trauma


  • Of course this is a show.. 😂 Alex has basic advice and I died when he said not saying anything is standing up for yourself.. I mean I guess but lmao no cap Cody found some gold ✨✨

  • I’m so embarrassed for this generation 😩

  • Expresso...????

  • That’s what kids look up too? Cringe

  • Who is this targeted towards? No one at any age enjoys watching this. It's absolute want

  • hide and go veto is literally from big brother

  • Cut your hair, please Cody please, just cut your hair

  • "latin x"

  • Cody... I am going to be supper serious right now...You sir a r a comic genius. Your jokes are supper clever like I dont know how to explain it....its like jokes inside of jokes like little things...I dont know .... I just felt the need to tell you that. I see you

  • Please stop with the latinx shit. Latin people literally laugh at you for that bullshit

  • their ratings at the end remind me of the Circle ratings

  • Yes

  • I never really thought i could feel like a boomer at 21 and yet here we are.

  • just realized that cody has the same hairstyle as jean kirstein

  • literally just watch reality house on kian & jc’s channel 😭

  • That challenge was stolen from big brother

  • grow a goatee and embrace your true self; shaggy

  • lets not talk down on tiktok careers when u came from vine hehe

  • I lost it when Cody said mansion the way he did 😂

  • I think we all lost brain cells watching this

  • The title should say "America's next cult leader". After all, only people with a cult member mentality are influenced by these so called "influencers". Mavericks who think for themselves aren't.

  • HGH as in House Growth Hormone?

  • print It

  • I’m 20 and am gen Z (born in 2000) I am tired of being lumped in with these types of «zoomers». Please remember we are not all like this!

  • I love that shirt

  • the overreactions actually makes me wanna blow my head off, i fucking hate this reality

  • I despise everything that this chooses to be

  • America's standards have dropped to an all-time low.

  • hide and go veto is literally the name of a big brother comp😭✋

  • The way Collie says Raul annoys me so much

  • This is a direct copy of Big Brother they hide keys and make a huge mess its the same shit ahahaha

  • cool video, tattoo sick as hell tho

  • It’s the „David Dobrik fan generation”

  • I hate this entire video except for Cody. Like I just cabt stand people that age or tiktok in general

  • cody only grows hair on the tops side of his forearms

  • this was an opportunity to give us a thats cringe and you fuckin squandered it

  • Cody's hair is hardcore channeling Lord Farquad vibes

  • hide and go veto is literally directly stolen from big brother 😐

  • the fucking fact he said "no cap" instead of the actual term nokap just makes him seem like an out of touch tryhard ^^

  • 9:42 this dude is literally using synonyms and trying to get that good grammar ☠️☠️☠️

  • hahaaha i literally went to highschool with gabby lol

  • You look like spencer from icarly

  • i didnt think it was possible to make hide and go veto boring

  • Kian and jc reality house...

  • Alex warren also known as my whole personality is literally stolen from David Dobrik

  • generation terrible

  • 2:49 big wade energy lmao

  • Is it just me or did anyone else violently cringe at the fact that the prize for that challenge was a FACETIME with Alex Warren... idk I immediately interpreted that as Alex's ego being extremely inflated, but maybe it's because I just don't care about him, whereas the kids do so they can be excited about it...? and his "advice" was extremely ironic considering that he mostly resembles David Dobrik instead of himself, lol idk afjashfasghjlfsiodj

    • I watch this to study English

  • Looking like shaggy from scooby doo

  • Is THAT a new arm tattoo?!??

  • Hide and Go Veto is the name of a big brother challenge

  • stupid channal