Birt 11 apr 2021
Tottenham vs Manchester United live match reaction Join in the match chat on our Man Utd live stream as they take on Tottenham in the PremierLeague. PLAYER RATINGS
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  • 3:04:21 daddybridge

  • Pogba unreal 2nd half. Cavani needs to stay. Hopefully Ole gets a CB and CDM in the summer!!

  • Greenwood's impact off the bench won us that game no cap👏

  • 🤣😂 love the reaction mark 🔥🔥

  • Greenwood's impact off the bench won us that game no cap👏

  • After what happened at the start of the league, this is satisfying!

  • 1-0 2:10:40 1-1 2:46:40 1-2 3:08:42 1-3 3:25:12

  • Revenge is sweet 😘

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  • "can donny seriously do a worse job than Fred" Fred: And I took that personally... 2:46:09 - 2:46:36

    • Fred hate is unfair!

  • 2:46:10 why would you not take Fred Off and get Donny on... Also about to Tweet to get Fred off. 30 seconds later Fred scores! How much more evidence do you need to show that this guy knows nothing about football... "He's sat the haters down"... Mark, you are one of the haters and this club has sat YOU down all season 🤡 🤡 🤡

  • Sebridge getting angry 3:04:20

  • Mark never gives Fred and Scott credit i see you didn't notice kane was hardly in the game thats all because of them breaking up play,its exactly what the ole outers do never see anything good

  • GGMU 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

  • The acid suit internationally rhyme because bathtub exemplarily wash apud a needless roadway. literate, bright silver

  • You have no football knowledge and you believe news from tabloid papers. The recipe for dumb opinions and statements...

  • Forget Haland..Greenwood is the man..prem proven and will only get better!!⚉👹

  • Again, all manager moaning from Goldbridge turned out to be wrong. He never learn.

  • since the loss agains Spurs we have lost ONE league game... and still there is haters

  • Fred and McT won the game again .. sit down all haters

  • Do the United Stan viewers realize we need to keep pogba now?


  • Greenwood is one of the best prospects we have


  • Pogba superb

  • Fred hate is unfair!

  • "Only Man United can go from 1-0 up to 1-0 down" - Mark Goldbridge, 2021.

    • Its so true tho😂😂😂

    • 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Been saying this for ages, Pogba out wide just works. He floats into the number 10 postion and causes the opposition problems. Drop Rashford for Pogba and put Greenwood on the right.

  • ole at half time: lads, its spurs

  • 💕💖❤💥

  • Ggmu

  • Son is disgraceful! completely lost my respect for him ! Korean drama at it’s best!

  • Greenwood's impact off the bench won us that game no cap👏

    • How it was cavani english bias

    • American terminology 🤮

  • Pogba is my man of the match! Been awhile since I’ve seen him dominate a play in a United shirt like he did today. Our second half display, was one of the best I’ve seen United play against a big team. IF ONLY OLE WOULD TRUST THIS TEAM TO PLAY MORE ATTACKING FOOTBALL...... 🏆 🥇

  • Bruno rubbish again.

  • "Like a bunch of male cows on laxatives, Thats Bullshit"

  • 2:07:08

  • An epic comeback from the Reds ❤️ 😻 now let's go on and focus on Europa league

    • I know mate great comeback from Liverpool

  • Pogba masterclass

    • No pogba sucks at soccer Christian Ronaldo is better

  • Don't let this win distract you from the fact that Bruno Fernandes has ghosted in another big game.

  • We are now the comeback king of premierleague trough and trough!!

  • pogba when he's in the mood is unplayable

  • 71st

  • 3:21:03 Mark "Terminator" Goldbridge :D


  • Today the way of football we played in the second half was can see what happens when pogba plays well touch football in triangles .players close to each other not losing possession fred awesome full blacks flying midfielders doing their job ..cavani playing trademark ..greenwood showing class Lets go!!!!! Hope Ole cpntinues to set up like this

  • 2:46:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Greenwood puts Rashford to shame

  • People don’t understand how difficult it is for Manchester United to win games, teams always park the bus making it difficult for us to score, everyone parks the bus against us, Man City, PSG and everyone.

  • Bruno. Great game.

  • 2nd half was the kind of brand of football we always want Manutd to play. This was how we used to play! Loved it! Hope they can make this permanent.

    • Pogba:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Cavani:🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹

  • Pogba unreal 2nd half. Cavani needs to stay. Hopefully Ole gets a CB and CDM in the summer!!

    • @Michel Dufenberg he still played better than Kane 💀

    • @Shreyas Chaudhary yeah, defend your GOD Bruno.

    • @Shreyas Chaudhary just so you know look at his profile and see he comments about Bruno going invisible every vid

    • @Michel Dufenberg he was poor in the first half but played well in the 2nd half if you autually watched the game

    • Bruno invisible

  • Pogba MOTM

  • 21 in 21

  • Some smile is a welcome relief.

  • fair play to united today. played us off the park and exposed our shoddy defence. did everything right, i can only bow in reverence.

  • Pogba:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Cavani:🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹

  • After this, Edinson Cavani needs to stay at Man Utd. What an outstanding performance by him👏👏👏

    • @ToniGG BSC werner for example

    • @shutup2 In fact, hes better than so many 24 players at this age

    • agree cavani is 34 and still players like he's 24

  • Greenwood is a GENERATIONAL TALENT 🔥🔥🔥

  • Thank you edison ( the crow ) cavani

  • Comeback FC🌟 Get In!!!!🔴

    • Man Utd suck Barcelona are better

  • Lmao there were some idiots who said ole loves average players well that aged well.

    • I honestly don't know whats wrong with trusting the players you have.

  • Paul Pogba is a fucking beast

  • 3-1 win, away from home, against one of the “big boys”, having played midweek in Spain while they had the entire week off. Manchester United > the Tottenham Hotspurs

    • ur better than every team apart from finn harps.

    • Swindon Town> Manchester United

    • I though this was common knowledge


  • Goals 2:10:41 2:46:37 3:08:43 3:25:10


  • Sit down Goldbridge. And anyone that turned off - SHAMEFUL.

  • 2:10:42 2:46:40 3:25:09

  • Pogz

  • Pogba what a player

  • After the blatant cheating, this win feels even sweeter. Mourinho in the mud.

  • Waiting for timestamp heroes to turn up

  • El Matifuckingdor!

  • Pogba What a fucking player

  • Who's your dddady!!

  • R. A. S. H. F. O. R. D. WAS A. W. F. U. L

  • Cavani MOTM. Pogba was mint. Greenwood came on and reminded us all why he's generational.

    • @Wdz One shaw has been on of the best players in the prem this season.

    • @Wdz One he did assist r u lost

    • @Ubayd Hoque your being biased I stated facts even Shaw had a bigger impact than Bruno

    • @Wdz One shaw was sick

    • @Wdz One maybe ur just being biased.

  • Pogba was untouchable today. I still hate him on the wing but he was so dominant.

    • @Red Devil i think u should stay with him because u are not getting haaland or kane.

    • @Deep Zepp I respect the opinion bro. But on the wing you nullify his long range passing, his aerial ability and rely heavily on mcfred who can pass to save their lives.

    • Pogba better on the left not midfield, he can do his skills on the wing but not in midfield because he always gets caught and we concede

    • @7figurehitta But we never play a three in midfield. We can argue that whether we should play a different formation to allow Pogba to play in that role, but that’s a different argument. With what Ole plays currently, Pogba is best suited out wide. Because like I say, he’s not disciplined enough to play in a two, and it just doesn’t suit his style of play.

    • @Deep Zepp the thing is we he also hinders our counter attack. His best position is in a three on the left as a box to box but saying he isn’t disciplined enough isn’t a good argument as he won the World Cup in that pivot. Just watch France vs Belgium.

  • Yupppppppahhhh

  • What a comeback today

  • Our unbeaten away run in the league continues. We last lost against liverpool on January 19 2020 . Let's play the whole season away from home

    • some people are fans of two (or more) teams, like with with MU and PSG, But MU weighs more. 😂

    • Hey i'v seen you in Bundesliga comments

  • I just wish martial and de gea was here but im glad we won

  • Elite game elite mark

  • Let's all be real:Mourinho needs to go !

  • That 6-1 is prophetic, they're chasing 6th, we're chasing 1st


    • @Colin McDermott I’m clearly talking about which team is better now and not which team holds the most history. I understand that’s the only thing you have left to hold on to though. Especially when your team has to play Thursday night football

    • @LosPoderes7 The plastic half of Manchester is what you meant

    • city have to drop 9 points in their 6 games for u to get 1st so no.

    • @LosPoderes7 still can’t beat us in derbys

  • If only we could start well

  • All these rival fans who were watching, what happened ? 😂😂😂

  • Time stamps my good people 😩

  • Where’s everyone who wanted ole out ?

    • @Bhavika Chatterji Do u think it’s olds fault for not buying the players he wants ? We have this problem since Van Gaal and mourhino bcz of the GLAZERS , ole bought Bruno and look at what an amazing signing he has been!

    • @Clip 300 ole Barely rotates the squad. He plays back 6 against top6. And doesn’t buy players who are needed and instead looks for positions like ST which is not needed at the moment. I don’t hate him but I don’t think he’s that great. He plays Victor with Maguire which is a bad combo.

    • @Bhavika Chatterji question why do u want him out because your definitely part of the same fans who screamed for every other manager to be out

    • Here

    • Calm down. It’s spurs

  • Cmon ref youre for spurs and they still lose?

  • The moment when you’re here before timestamp legend

    • No one cares about soccer baseball rocks

  • Magic Man united great result .

  • Son heung cheat🤡🤡🤡

  • What do we think of tottenham

  • Time stamps 2:10:40-Son 2:46:40-Fred 3:08:43-Cavani doubles 3:25:10-Greenwood That’s it Have a good day or night

    • Bad time stamps you need to put them 10 seconds prior, amateur

    • 2:04:30 Cavani disallowed

    • 2:07:08 Heung Da Silva Santos Jr. Wins

    • @manron 47 #glazersout 🙏

    • @AoX FuTuREzzz WP Ur welcome bro 👊

  • You guys see Expressionz? 😂

  • Timestamp guy, lets go!

  • 1-0 2:10:40 1-1 2:46:40 1-2 3:08:42 1-3 3:25:12

    • Forgot the son challenge, I'll just find that part myself shall I 😤

    • @Mubarak Abudu scampering through the video waiting for the score to change then editing the comment, trying to stat pad some likes😂

    • King

    • How have you got this so quickly

    • 🐐💯

  • I hate Manchester United but have to say that Man Utd deservedly won today. Mourinho is done. Man Utd still are in a title race