Marvel Studios' Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

Birt 5 apr 2021
Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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  • No matter what.. wanna watch this movie in 4k

  • Please! Is it pronounced ~marVEL with emphasis on the second syllable or just plain marvel~as in "I marvel in marVel movies"? Many thanks for answers.

  • Loki,ghiya,chana,rajma..these are usless and over the universe type movies which is been cheered by so called saviour of universe type audience.every shitman,ironman,superman,manman,ladies man are saving the unvierse.everybody else(normal humans)in this world are just alive to sit and wait..

  • there’s no way that’s not Nat and loki on vormir

  • I have been falling for thirty minutes

  • Glad to see Owen Wilson back in something big like this, looking forward to it

  • Maximum quality is 1080p, this is absurd

  • Why this is in playlist of physics wallah?!

  • 2:06 loki meet natasha romanoff 😆🥺

  • Is this a movie or series

  • Luko - means crazy in Philippines Luko luko- means crazy crazy


  • They'll ruin it like wanda vision and falcon and the winter soldier.

  • 牛逼

  • This Trailer is super sick. Not what I expected but still an interesting Show. Hopefully we get to see Lokis Powers.

  • I have a stack of lawsuits ready to start throwing them at Disney if they dont release this fast enough

  • Loki❤️

  • Everytime loki dies suspect that hes not dead

  • Owen Wilson is gonna be SO GOOD in this

  • Did you see black widow ? 2:07

    • It wasn't Black Widow, it was Lady Loki

  • Oh and we all saw black widow or is that just me

  • Was that a flurken or a cat

    • cat, the flerken in Captain Marvel was orange

  • *WoOoW*

  • It's always good to see Loki and very much alive. Tom Hiddleston thank you for coming back we missed u like hell in avengers endgame

  • Loki: I'm smart Smart: 🤔what am i

  • I'll watch this when hell freezes over

  • Everybody: How many Marvel series can Disney crank out in a year? Disney: Here hold my beer.

  • I knew he'd be back.

  • Is it available in hindi?

  • I love it . I don't know why now i kinda starting liking loki. 😍

  • Loki's magic blast looked like one of wandas blasts, but green

  • Kachow

  • Love how diverese the series are. First Wanda vision with magic and sci-fi (Vision), then classic action with Falcon and the winter soldier and now some crazy mulitverse and time travel shenanigans (also with magic i guess since it's loki)

  • make a movie with THANOS story like the joker movie

  • Has anyone brought up how Tom could easily play Bond?

  • NATASHA ROMANOFF at 02:05 - Rebirth?!?!?! reversing Marvels mistake? Oh My God!😭😭😭😳👻🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🕷

    • IT'S NOT


  • Will galactus come in Any of your movies ?

  • Wait so marvel wants us to wait a whole month after falcon and winter soldier for loki🐌

  • yeah we want this now something differ from typical avengers storoyline this is gonna be supergood


  • Yes let's have Loki being carried off and subdued by strong black women. More woke nonsense from Disney. Hard pass.

    • @Mr Critical I'm honest. Plus I'm not a mindless consumer of Disney+ which is nothing more than a liberal propaganda machine that will fire even its strongest female protagonist played by Gina Carano just for committing wrongthink

    • You’re pathetic

  • Best movie based on loki was mask

  • Anyone else get some Umbrella Academy vibes?? Five anyone??

  • Already know this is going to be a banger!!!

  • Woah man this ones gonna be CRAZYYY AHHH

  • 90% of the 50 times are stabing my boh thor

  • What’s in sane about this is that this isn’t even “our” Loki who went through so much character development, I hope in some way this Loki gains that much development

  • Fan from India 🔥🔥

  • marvel, written by spike jonze

  • i just need a scene where loki is signing everything hes said and then sees "the sun will shine on us again" and just looses all emotion and goes still for a while and you can see on his mafe the he misses Thor and just slowly signs it edit: i just realized this is 2012 loki so he hasn't said that yet but he looks at and is confused like"what situation was i in to say that to Thor?" then in that scen with Mobius where he turns his head from the screen, what if its his death scen that wouldve happen and he realizes and-well you know....

  • *YES*

  • Everyone is villain until real badass villain arrives -LOKI 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Love love

  • Loki loki loki,

  • If loki is back than Tony Stark can also come back

  • Hm.... Is Loki still alive??? hm..?

  • Comingsoon ❤✨

  • 1:56 50 STAB WOUNDS! - conner from Detroit.

  • 0:35 cat

  • (This is is daughter btw) I knew loki was not dead, *he wouldn't get off that easily.*

  • One of the smartest character man!

  • Cheer up guys,Loki is back in the game!

  • Ehehehhe

  • Fallow me Live at 21:00 Realtalk :)

  • Check out 2:06. Is it who I think it is 👀

    • Lady loki

  • 2:07 who's that??!!

    • Lady loki

  • 2:07 is that BW??

    • Lady loki

  • 2:07 IS THAT NAT?

    • Lady loki

  • Bring hela ❤️

  • I LOVE U SO MUCH MARVEL😍😍😍 loki i love u

  • Am I the only one that thinks that pile of papers is WAY to small to contain everything Loki has ever said? :D

  • It's impossible to kill him.

  • Thor love thunder pls

  • Really hope this does the actual lore justice. Knowing Disney though, I doubt it.

  • Is it concerning I now can remember every sentence from this trailer??

  • Don’t mind me, I’m just coming here to watch this again for like the millionth time😔 can’t wait for this to come out!! My favorite character from mcu 💕

  • What the Freak!!!!!

  • Low key 🔥🔥

  • He's literally marvel's heath ledger

  • the Background sound is similar to KGF sound started at 1:18

  • Will Chris Hemsworth guest star in this because I would love to see the son shine on Loki and Thor again

  • I'm gonna pay Disney+ just for Loki😂

  • 1:30

  • I think i saw black widow 🤭🤭

    • You saw lady loki

  • Is natasha back 2:07

    • Nope that's lady loki

  • I dont get it. If TVA is there to keep time and reality in check. It should be the avengers they after, for travelling back in time and mess everything up?.


  • *Excited Loki fan noises*

  • Good 👍

  • Lightening McQueen and the God of Mischief. I'm down!!

    • Lightning McQueen already been in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe/Earth-199999. Daniel Bruhl (Helmut Zemo) is LMcQ in the German version of Cars.

  • 2:06 Black widow . same one Black widow but alone in her Final Trailer

    • It's lady loki

  • Oke

  • i can watch this all day

  • can't stop watching this trailer, can't wait for loki

  • After Loki was killed in Infinity War, I hopped he'd get brought back to life in Endgame and side with Avengers to take revenge on Thanos.

  • Timekeepers probably had a theater, popcorn machines, and drinks set up during Endgame all the while prepping to abduct the Avengers for breaking reality and the timeline

  • The marvel shows are turning out to be really good and I think this is gonna top both Wandavison and Falcon & Winter Soldier.

  • Where is Ironman series?

    • Iron Man is dead in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999). Iron Man already have three solo films in the MCU. That said, the closest thing Iron Man related in the MCU are the upcoming series from Ironheart & War Machine, MARVEL Studios' Ironheart & MS' Armor Wars, respectively.

  • 2:06 Is TaHt GiRL LoKI?

    • ItS lAdY lOkI