Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?

Birt 31 mar 2021
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  • Pepsi


  • 14:44. isn’t that saying it’s slower with the VPN?

  • Bepis

  • Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems is such an inspiration.

  • Wait is that how you say QR code? I’ve been pronouncing it wrong and it now makes sense the looks people have given me.

  • The human audience in this multi-million dollar network television show feels more fake than the audiences in bargain bin gameshow games for the wii

  • 14:44 uhhh the expressVPN side is worse in all categories? 😂

  • im getting kakyion vibes after they said cherry cherry ChErRy

  • Pepsi and Coke and Crush and Sprite and Dr pepper 😱

  • There's less ads but the whole show is an ad. We see you Entertainment News Channel.

  • Drew you should take a look at the Hunger Games facebook page. It's a gold mine of weird posts. I'm pretty convinced it's run by some forgotten remote social media person whose job it is to hype the characters. Mostly Peeta. You don't have to do a whole video on it, because I'm sure they're just doing their best, but I think you'd love to look at it.

  • 14:45 anyone gonna tell him?

  • Pespi taste like flat coke like it taste like old dry licorice

  • This is gold

  • Imagine entering a game show and in advance being told you’re going to lose

  • Fun fact: Pepsi and Coca-Cola are owned by the same parent company. So... yup

  • pebi

  • yall ever seen candy crush 🤨

  • bruh respond

  • 2:21 the guy in the middle has a see through head

  • I feel like Drew bought a Pepsi shirt just for this video and it only costed like five dollars

  • Drew make the host comment Right now

  • I would have been thrilled if the host commented

  • "Their whole instagram account is such a wild (cherry) ride"

  • Well... it’s official. we’re living in the movie Idiocracy now.

  • omg did we finally cycle back to the 90's when products started doing crazy shit for their brand? cause fuck yes

  • pespi

  • There are some things that exist like this and The Dobre Brothers that make me feel were in some sort of Dystopian half-assed simulation.

  • The hey guy sign looks like hey gay and i want to say hey back to it

  • American TV literally looks like something from a dystopian movie to me, I thought this was parody

  • I was actually took a survey that helped them pick the name for this show. They told us the concept for it but not that it was blatantly sponsored by Pepsi. I don't remember the other names they were considering (they might've been like, Lucky Cherries and stuff like that) but I remember Cherry was in all of them. And I told them Cherries Wild sounded like a bad porno.

  • Q

  • mm chepsi

  • I love the Hey Guy, HILARIOUS :))

  • Man, this is so sad. Jason Biggs is actually a really good actor but people only remember him for fucking American Pie. He was fantastic on Orange is the New Black and he also voiced Leonardo on the CGI Nick TMNT show. He really must have fallen on hard times to do this crap.

  • okay cheers to your Last dinasours vinyl in the background!! I would love if you would list which three you’re strategically placing in the background of your videos drew! you’re a genius

  • bruh

  • drew out here making me look up the word "stridulating"

  • What is the name of the bagpipe song at 12:50?

  • Bebsi

  • Pebsi

  • Bepsi

  • They have a dating show, oh no.

  • Please play Pepsiman

  • The irony of getting an ad for a game with a slot machine while watching this vid...

  • for some reason, this has become my new comfort video. perhaps I'm already in cherry nirvana

  • The crowd feels like the ensemble of a college musical. Everyone is just attractive 20 somethings. Like not one person looks normal in that crowd. They are all wearing tv make up.

  • I mean like we’re talking about Pepsi right now, even bad publicity is good publicity

  • Pepsi V.S. Coke

  • Coke

  • Yes

  • pepis

  • I hate that I actually want to try a Pepsi cherry now

  • Coke

  • I love pisspee

  • What on EARTH was that outro about? 🤣

  • When drew just explains the plot of matilda the movie

  • Hi. Is the U.S. Real?

  • big pepsi is gonna take out drew. for lovely evening:)

  • I just realized something. By getting 5 cherries the contestants get 250k. 250k:5=50k. This means that one cherry is worth 50k, but then I noticed that in one slot each there is a cherry and 50k. So if you rolled 5 50ks, you would get the jackpot. This means that you don't have to roll a jackpot to win the grand prize. Actually, not rolling the jackpot would benefit you in the long run, cause cherries aren't worth money unless you roll 5 and are much rarer.

  • I missed when they gave away fighter jets

  • Bruh taco bell is owned by pepsi all the adds are Pepsi lmao

  • Blepsi

  • I feel bad for this 1:20 guy

  • Do Dr. Pepper next

  • Nikki minaj aka NInki minjag

  • 🥤🍒 Pespi

  • Coke

  • pepis

  • Freaking hell. Jim got old.

  • Hi I’m the prince of Florida

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  • Does anyone actually liked Pepsi cherry?

  • can i have cola sorry we only have pepsi wild cherry is that ok?

  • haha yeah

  • Anyone else super bothered by Drew's uneven hoodie?

  • The first time I saw that deal or no deal clip I actually cried it HURTS

  • Everytime I hear jason biggs the line "oh yeah, that's the pie fucker" runs through my head. Thank you for that!

  • I want Christian Mingle the dating show now

  • Is Jason being held hostage by Pepsi?

  • 13:44 can anyone tell me where this scream is from ?

  • ispep

  • ischats.info/fun/k9OweJJ7o4CEiKo/v-deo

  • Why you have a pepsi shirt? :))

  • Because Pepsi is a world killer no one talks about

  • is it mean for me to drink coca cola during this video

  • Wyld Chairy Pepsea

  • Drew Gooden is very handsome.

  • There's a Pepsi kpop boyband named K-Pepsi here in Chile where I live, and they even pick chilean guys that look "korean". They recently put an animated character to join the band. Everything has the same energy of this game show, just weird.

  • In mexico they're marketing pepsi by saying "genders are for music, not for people" it doesn't make sense in english but in spanish the word for genders can be applied to music genres.

  • As someone who uses cherry/cherryself as my pronouns, I felt so goddamn special when they started shouting cherry pls

  • Water

  • do not watch this video if you are thirsty its for your own good trust me I'm gonna go get a pepsi

  • This show is the embodiment of late stage capitalist America. All hail Pepsi

  • Is that Drew at 1:28?

  • did u guys notice he said “see you GUYS” instead of “guy” in the intro 😔 #ad

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  • Drew Gooden? More like True Goofen

  • The game show is probably pre-screened with unknown actors and models being paid to play as contestants. It's not fake exactly, they're still contestants, but they just so happen to not question anything and go with the flow after the producers happened to say something. I was cast in one-off comedy "reality" ISchats show that did this, it's not uncommon for these types of shows at all.