Trump, Biden debate in final face-off of 2020 presidential election | Full

Birt 22 okt 2020
President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden face off in a debate moderated by NBC News' Kristen Welker.
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  • How's all the crow tasting, everyone?

  • Trumps sucks and he lost

  • 29:00 just watch if your a republican and laugh

  • Tel-A-Vision (Because it Tells a false reality- a Vision) Movie (it moves you emotionally- All good spells need emotion) Cast, casting (something cast-like a spell) Program (to program your mind) THE definition of magic, as used in this book, is: "The change in situations or events in accordance with one's will, which would, using normally accepted methods, be unchangable."

  • Respect for President Biden

  • PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS RIGHT! He said there would be a vaccine in weeks! Let everyone see that this was posted 2 months ago! They were saying there wouldnt be a vaccine for almost a year. There is now a vaccine. President Donald Trump didnt lie or blow it out of proportion.

  • Thank god Biden will be president soon. America has been saved!

  • I hope we the American people go to Washington and rip every god dam crook out of the government by jan. 10th. I hope you assholes get what is coming to you sooner than later

  • Any country that interferes with an election will pay a price.. so how much did you guys get for lying and stealing an election??

  • Yeah who built the cages Joe??

  • The world is watching

  • Don't take your mask off while i dont wear one

  • 42:55 and why is Biden turning a blind eye?

  • We will get hurt more with Biden being president,, we are doing real good with Trump in charge,

  • "

  • The scintillating butter legally release because wire superiorly manage circa a stingy rowboat. scarce, unnatural desk

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  • Omg.

  • Lol Biden “ I don’t look at this like he does blue states and red states but look at the states having such a spike; they’re all red states” lol such a jackass

  • Wide open!

  • biden: we have to thank president of china :D :D yeah

  • Who’s here after they caught Georgia hiding ballots in suitcases under the table to be counted when no one was around ?😂😂 Sleepy joe u will die by the hands of the republic they dare give you the presidency

  • Masks = stupid

  • Biden is the most blatantly racist dude i’ve ever met

  • Non partisan commission. What a joke. The Commission is so partisan and corrupt it is ridiculous. Last time when Hillary was running her husbands spokesmen was a co-chair. They always have partisan Democrats moderate the debates.

  • biden can barely speak. Good lord he needs to be put into a home.


  • " I dont divide states blue and red but red has more infections" LOL

  • Who is here after the RIGGED ELECTION?

  • I think President Trump did very well considering he knows that the opponent is trying to become the face of The Illuminati's Bilderberg Group standing for them and creating full treason against the American people.

  • Aight this a cool debate and all but let’s get serious apple juice or orange juice.

  • Why are people so stupid abiut the stupid mask?!

  • Wake up Sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Joe Biden how about minimum wage being 150 dollars an hour or 1500 dollars an hour🤣...

  • Prolonged lock down negatively affects a person's overall health 🤒🥺

  • Tump is right

  • Seriously read all these comments their is so much support for Trump no way Biden won impossible

  • Haha joe can't walk and chew gum at the same time and his broken foot proves it

  • good

  • We the people and I think the Democrats know too by now Joe could not possibly have a snowball's chance in hell of winning against Donald Trump look at what him and Obama did to this country look what happened after Donald Trump was our president life was good again Jesus God like the vice president what doesn't know nothing and has been in office for decades has done nothing for the people is going to do better than Donald Trump that has absolutely insane

  • What an a****** shut up Joe

  • For those of you who are visual learners😊 1973. Biden enters politics 1974. 1975. 1976. 1977. 1978. 1979. 1980. Wait for it. 1981. 1982. 1983. 1984. 1985. 1986. 1987. 1988. 1989. 1990. 1991. Stay with us... 1992. 1993. 1994. 1995. 1996. 1997. 1998. 1999. 2000. 2001. Almost there ... 2002. 2003. 2004. 2005. 2006. 2007. 2008. 2009. 2010. 2011. 2012. 2013. 2014. 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018. 2019. 2020. Now he’s ready to fix America. 🤔

  • Joe just makes everything sound good he hasn’t done nothing for 47 years he cares nothing for America’s

  • Joe just makes everything sound good he hasn’t done nothing for 47 years he cares nothing for America’s

  • Joe just makes everything sound good he hasn’t done nothing for 47 years he cares nothing for America’s

  • Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

  • ILLUMINATI MEMBERSHIP INVITATION Based on the membership criterion's of the Illuminati, we find you of great interest being possession of good mastery of manual dexterity and academic proficiency. With this we look on you to be the elicit class with which will be the platform on which you stand to meet with people of affluent who are able to raise you to the height of wealth, power, fame and glory. To ascertain these facts I strongly recommend that you join us the Illuminati brotherhood, WhatsApp::+1 223-208-4767,

  • Trump, please help the rest of the world that kept them in chains by these satanists!

  • Too bad Most Americans haven't figured out how corrupt the Bidens are. A career politicians on the take, and well funded by those he pays off.

  • Traitor Trump will be in prison soon, right where the traitor belongs. Only good traitor is a dead traitor.

  • Joe Biden: "Trump looks at covid as red states vs blue states. We're not, we're the united states." Joe Biden, 5 secs later: "And if you look at all the states with spikes, they're red states."

  • You're starting to make a good point I got to give it to Biden at a time I got to give it to Biden

  • She, is bias.. Terrible woman.

  • Are you going to believe that 80 million Americans voted for Sleepy Joe after watching this?!?! America First Now!!! 🇺🇸

    • Yes. They voted for him because Trump made too many enemies, burned too many bridges, and was an embarrassment to the public. And because Trump snapped at reporters - and because he made fun of a reporter with cerebral palsy. Why would anyone continue to support Trump's actions?

  • Is it me or is this embarrassing for a bitter bird brained burglar. Liar!!! You took the money!!! Dont lie!! I predict they will fraudulently steal the election in novermber. Cant trust them dirty scam sacks. Send them to the soup line!

  • 從舞弊選舉進化到竊國,現在昇華為叛國,人民支持讓拜登再選一次怕什麼,民主黨耽心什麼,人正不怕影子斜,人斜什麼都怕!


  • Our Father> please Bless the People who came to President Trumps aide during these difficult times I pray in the name of Jesus that Our President Donald J Trump will have Victory in winning this election> For the sake of America and its People>> Thank You Father for giving us what we need at this time> Thank You> God Bless America and we Love you God> Amen

  • Wow

  • I think all who watch will know why they propaganda a side show with good and bad light and dark. Reality is scary

    • I was watching to be sure I was justified in no longer supporting Trump. These commenters make me feel very justified. I no longer feel like a traitor to my flag.

  • Who built the cages Joe

    • Why is that question more relevant than who was in the cages?

  • Biden started hiding out as soon as he found out the election was rigged. garbage can Smelling the the

  • OBAMA BUILT THE CAGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Say something serious why don't you? These are kind of serious times we are in. It's no time to joke and play around.

  • biden is an idiot

  • "Kissing elbows". What a flaming joke.

  • Wow, Trump shined in this debate. Joe made absolutely no sense. Trump 2020!

  • Biden- "Americans don't panic" Stores in America empty because people are stocking up on toilet paper and food

    • That's not panic. Breaking every window downtown and setting the capitol on fire would be panic.

  • Mr 47 years in service, don't fool us again with your pitiful messages. Poorly defended yourself and your families Joe

  • I won't listen to Biden at all!!!! He got arrested and has a ankle monitor. For treason!!! It also includes Hillary and Obama . They all got it

  • Who built the cages Joe??? Moderator interrupts with a different question immediately. 😅

    • Exactly. It's a totally irrelevant question because it was obviously some steel manufacturing company. The cages are not the issue, it's who was in them. Why will neither candidate address the actual people in the cages? Were there any people? Show the evidence, both of you.

  • from a neutral ground, Trump sounds way more convincing

  • This sucks..... This woman gives 2 minutes to Biden and does not let President respond! Obviously she prefers Biden .... totally unfair!!!!

  • Great responses Mr. President ....

  • The proof for Biden and all his posé WILL be uncovered . And why this woman does not let the President finish his answers! How rude!!!!

    • No. The President, and Biden both, were rude to "this woman" who was actually the moderator. Answer me this. Why do the debates have a moderator?

  • Is she in the Playboy Magazine? she looks familiar.

  • Biden is incompetent

    • Not nearly as incompetent as Trump. Trump lost my vote when he made fun of a reporter's cerebral palsy and then denied it. He even keeps denying it when he knows it's all on camera.

  • It's very clear to see there is only one "Snake in the Grass", and that person has been in Politics for 47 years!

    • What did he do wrong? And don't say he did nothing. We're talking about actual crimes, frauds, things that went to court.

  • Why did biden say dark winter twice?

  • I pray this lying criminal rots in jail for the rest of his life

  • How can we believe anything Biden is saying he is full of corruption that dirtbage !!!!!!!!

  • USA USA 2020TRUMP USA presidnt 2020TRUMP USA Presidnt 2020TRUMP USA presidnt 2020TRUMP USA 🗽👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Joe , u all talk. But, no action. Action speak louder than word.

  • Fox news = CNN

  • Amazingly, you people don't want to accept the fact that trump lost fair and square. You're all living in a false reality, which proves your lack of political intellect.

  • This lady never interrupted Biden she always interrupted Trump!

  • Amazing isn't it...Joe can all at once form long sentences??? is he faking that too with eye contacts he can read from ???? hahahahah....which is it Joe? Are you senile or you are faking it...?? POTUS is like 100X more substains, brain power and stamina then Joe ever will be!!! MAGA 2020.

  • from a neutral ground, Trump sounds way more convincing

    • Nah. Trump lost my vote when he made fun of a reporter's cerebral palsy on camera in front of the world. Then denied it.

  • “ Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.” - Leonardo da Vinci.

    • Sadly, we have to break it down a lot more simply for them. The Maga-heads also don't care what author you're quoting. They just want more fire and more hate.

  • Trump was not feeling well.

  • Why is Fox News calling the election for Biden when the Electoral College hasn't voted yet?

  • LIAR

  • Go trump

  • I Am native american, we were taught to love the great spirit & everything he has made! Love all humankind!

    • I wish more people would speak this way.

  • We the people are gonna have to parent trumpers through this. Like a 4 year time out on an island called coronaville?

  • They are always so against Trump right away That dumb BIIAAATTC**** Went right after Trump

  • is this bias biden and corn pop should just stay in the basement

  • the united state s of A P shouldnt even call a DOG

  • Trump said, "They come through with coyotes, they come from cartels.." What is the president's stance on coming in with a coyote, legally? "Legally. They gotta come here, legally. These coyotes. They're rapists."

  • These debates were painfully derelict, of fact and reason. Two old men bickering nonsense. Our debt-to-GDP ratios are now higher than they were during the great depression. How are we gonna pay for all this? How much longer are we gonna be able to play these games? Out of thin air, we're printing a trill like candywrappers. How many trillions on military, we don't use, combined with a pandemic, with no solutions? Trump was worse than Obama (and I like Trump and Obama) - will Biden be different? I hope so.

  • Biden talks exactly as a politician lol esp the family comment.

    • @John Tyner yeah right well maybe you're the only one who voted for him who was dissapointed meanwhile Trump supporters increased because of his four years. Where did ge dissapoint you if you really did vote for him lol

    • @Grace I didn't. I only voted Trump in 2016. After that I stopped supporting him. The chair can really show what a person's made of.

    • @John Tyner I don't believe you voted for him

    • Trump used heart-tugging words to win my vote in 2016. You probably know the rest.

    • @John Tyner I meant a typical politician who uses heart tugging words to manipulate voters and No i do not support a plagiarist.