The First 10 Minutes: Rudy Giuliani Takes On The New York Mob | CNBC Prime

Birt 28 nóv 2020
In the ‘80s, New York had transformed into a playground built on cash, but it wasn’t just Wall Streeters bringing in major dollars - the mob was sucking in money from almost every corner of the city. Enter Rudy Giuliani, the ambitious leader who made it his mission to save the country from the mafia. Catch the first 10 minutes of the episode, and don’t miss the series premiere of “Empires of New York” Sunday, November 29 at 8P ET on CNBC.
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The First 10 Minutes: Rudy Giuliani Takes On The New York Mob | CNBC Prime


  • Only if he could do this with Trump! I respect this man but once with Trump I lost it

  • I love Trump and Guiliani no apologies

  • This New York doesn't exist anymore. Born in NYC in 1991. RIP NYC

  • The intro seemed like something straight outta Gotham City.

  • Bias much? So transparent

  • Starts @2:24

  • Love Rudy Giuliani.

  • Great man. Trying to save our country from the lefty pond scum.

  • Giuliani is a legend

  • I been watching this video on Rudy Giuliani and I get a notification that he has COVID-19

  • 5 minutes of just sensationalising this video clip which could've taken 2 minutes to get the point across.... yup that's mainstream media

  • The man who chased out the mob turned into the President’s consigliere.

    • Trump isn't a crime boss.

  • Everybody take note of reality. Rudy Guiliani is one of the greatest litigators in American history and thats exactly what he will be remembered as... Great. Don't let these smear campaigns in main stream media convince you otherwise. Anyone who says this man is not a great man, as well as a great lawyer is simply a liar. Keep in mind one principle of human psychology that I believe holds true even within our media. Typically when people make wild baseless claims or allegations about someone to discredit them, typically the one pointing the finger has the most to hide. God bless Rudy and our President, Donald Trump. Let's hope they can bring home a big "W" for every American citizens, even for the ones who don't appreciate or realize what these great people are doing for our country.

    • hallelujah Mr. Powers

  • Rudy and Trump will save America again from the real mafia today.

  • Biden is the controlled by the mafia, only he’s just a figure head for the real mafia ( the CIA )

  • Good to see mainstream media is giving Giuliani the credit he deserves. Great men are being attacked or canceled nowadays, in favor of weak, cowardly wussies who use technology to squelch dissent.

    • Giuliani is a legend

  • The only thing rudy did wrong in his career was getting involved with Trump

    • It will be his piece de la resistance, his crowning achievement that he saved the Republic from the clutches of Biden snd the CCP.

    • The cia has brainwashed many people including you. Trump has done a lot of good for the USA Biden controlled by a international criminal cobal and you’re buying right into them.

  • How much were the 5 families worth during the height of their reign? I really would like to find this out!!!

  • Like CNBC for being honest and not trying to slander him as a bad person like CNN and MSNBC.

  • You can't begin to appreciate what Rudy Giuliani did to clean up NYC unless you lived in NYC during the late 90's. In addition to the big stuff mentioned in this video, there were smaller things that just made living in NYC more pleasant, such as getting rid of the bums who live in the "A" train subway line during winter ("A" line is the longest in NYC), and the three-card monte scammers hustling tourists on 5th Avenue. I still remember coming off the Holland Tunnel from NJ and slowing down to time the first traffic light on Canal Street so I don't have to stop at that intersection. If you have to stop, bums rush out to smear your car's windshield with dirty squeegees and ask for money. If you don't give them money, they leave your windshield smeared. I saw people roll down their windows to complain a few times. One guy got a dirty squeegee to his face. All those unpleasantness and more were eliminated through Rudy's quality of life program. I lived in NYC from 1986 to 2008. When I first moved there, I felt unsaved walking in parts of the city after dark. I didn't have that problem starting the late 90's. Unfortunately, NYC is taking a turn for the worse. De Blasio is transforming NYC back to the bad old days.

    • ”Got rid of the bums” Youre disgusting. I bet you voted for Trump lol

    • pt glvan - Good to hear Rudy did his job well! Sad to hear (and see) what NYC’s become in the clutches of COVID.

  • I can't believe they split with Sidney Powell after this HUGE REVOLATION >>

  • Rudy I love you

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  • According to Rudy not one trump follower have a phone. No fotos, no videos. Just talk. Nothing.

  • Hilarious to see how they portray Trump as a villian. Being older it is hilarious to see how Trump overnight became a villian. If he was such a r a c i s t why were all the ones in the media friends with him? Al Sharpton gave him awards. Oprah Winfrey begged him to run on her show. He was on all the talk shows. Everybody loved Trump until he said he was running as a republican. Ive never seen anything like it. I dont like either party but it is funny. I remember him best from him hosting Mike Tysons and Ray Leonard's fights. He's a funny guy. I will miss the drama I love how he can make ppl so mad over nothing. He can just say "I did a good job" and everyone starts screaming "NARCISSIST! OMGOMG"

    • coz the people controlling the media dont like him

  • Smart man 5:03

  • MAGA @ 2:57

  • Business As Usual!!!

  • A great man Rudy Fantastic career and leader

  • His credibility is completely shot

    • @24-7Dawnpatrol Donald Trump still lost.

    • @Peter Mount no drugs just reality you just don’t see it because you don’t love our country. You love a political party with slave supporting roots.

    • @24-7Dawnpatrol those drugs you’re taking must be good.

    • @Peter Mount trump did not lost anything. Biden has the CIA help him fix the election

    • bellezanegra0206 - At least he’s not repping Biden?

  • How the mighty has fallen

  • How the mighty has fallen

  • Rudy2024

    • @F. Lares Yes, you're right. I forgot; he did have those issues. I thought it was a mistake for him to withdraw. He would have still won regardless because of 911 and his reputation for being a good mayor. I for one would have voted for him. I didn't care about his extra marital affairs one way or another.

    • @F. Lares He didn't loose the Senate seat. He withdrew because he was diagnose with cancer around that time. Rudy was riding high after 911 and would have been a shoo-in for the NYS Senate seat if he stayed in. His withdrawal opened the door for Hilary Clinton, who wasn't even a NYS resident shortly before her run. But I agree with you that Rudy's political days are over. He missed his golden opportunity and he's too old.

  • Rudy Giuliani was a Republican who defeated the mafia. New York needs someone like him now.

    • More importantly AMERICA needs someone like him right now! Oh wait... we have him fighting for us tooth and nail every single day to prove the election was stolen!

    • @pt glvan I agree. Sometimes people are to blame for their own collective misery.

    • Rudy did a lot more than just defeat the mafia. One can't begin to appreciate what Rudy did for NYC unless that person was a New Yorker during Rudy's tenure. Unfortunately, the city Rudy cleaned up is being run to the ground by De Basio.