among us NEW GODZILLA role (mods)

Birt 30 mar 2021
today in among us we add a new Godzilla role for the impostor using mods
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Mod boss man
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→​ (Epidemic)
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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+


  • first video on the short channel !

    • @ĶèvîñBB Pŕòďùctìònš dude just give up already the answer is NO

    • Hi socks so uh I told meme he’s the creator of scamazon cause he be scammingggggg jk but am I correct😂🤣

    • watch this man just make a henry stickman mod for the airship

    • @Gamer Goji I have it is useless against godzilla and I'm just saying it isnt a flame breath its atomic breath.


  • Hey socks make it so that godzilla is good and basically make him an overpowered sheriff and kong imposter

  • When meme god said dinos are allergic to cool people it made mad

  • Godzilla has plasma breath not fire breath

  • I wnat that mod

  • 6:13 but Godzilla’s not a dinosaur

  • Attack on titan go brrrrr

  • How dare you! Flame breath?! You IDIOT!

  • Socks: We gonna nuke Godzilla Me: He has never seen the movies

  • Nukes Charge godzillas and juice him up, the appropriate way to kill godzilla is an oxygen destroyer

  • when someone call the atomic breath a laser beam I get mad

  • "what did you put last time?" "ᴀᴍᴏɢᴜs“

  • *visits a website for the first time* The website: 2:57

  • 6:04

  • Where is plaza?? He hasn't been in eney vids

  • Nobody: Laff: I am the wall walker 5:47

  • Why do you call it flame breath it's atomic breath

  • Nuking godzilla wont work, it will just strengthen him more because nukes are make from radiation which means he will absorb the radiation, thus leading to death

  • 0:07 I hear the end event music from fortnite chapter 1 season x

  • Should’ve added King Kong as well

  • He 100% knows nothing about the films or novels

  • The radiation should be like poison

  • It's called atomic breath

  • It's Ooga Booga From Spooky month!! 5:04

  • If your gonna nuke Godzilla, to destroy him. Godzilla feeds on radiation...

  • This video made 2 weeks ago Me: still watching this video thousands of time sense the day the video was posted

  • buuuum

  • But... but nukes Power Godzilla

  • Nukes only make godzilla stronger >:(

  • that last game WAS VERY VERY smart and funny

  • give us your mods

  • Just pretend the nukes are oxygen destroyers

  • Ffz for go

  • if anything the nukes would make him stronger due to radiation, so in reality ur just making godzilla buff

  • We are listening to the wrong thing listen to the fortnite music

  • How bo you bo this

  • Nukes heal godzilla doe and it was a nuclear power plant blew up and it created him

  • Niga

  • Soooooo shit

  • only ogs will remember this skin gives aimbot

  • 69 likes pepole great job!

  • 5:04 spooky month reference= OOGGGAAAA BOOOOOOGGGAAAAAAA

  • Nukes just make Godzilla stronger he is powerd by radiation so nukes would have no effect.

  • * fortnite music in the backround*

  • 1:42 AMONG US

  • umm socks in the 2019 movie of godzilla a man kills himself with a nuke to HEAL GODZILLA

  • E


  • Godzilla can survive nukes because it makes him powerful

  • Saocksc i play clash of clans

  • Isn't it called the atmoic blast

  • my fav scene is when meme died and called socks a saur loser

  • It’s not called a beam it’s a atomic breath I’m a fan of the godzilla seius and the uther attack is called a themo puls

  • this mod is cool and all but... doesnt godzilla EAT nuclear war heads?? hes basically RADIATION ITSELF

  • ew trash

  • What's next a King Kong mod

  • I hope you recovered from your nose surgery well!


  • 📮

  • You're actually not killing godzill of the nuke the legendary version of Godzilla version 2019 is the moon the nukes and nuke makes it more powerful so you're basically turning Godzilla more powerful

  • The weak odometer precisely wonder because prepared universally overflow worth a talented oil. wonderful, second-hand gazelle

  • Ho

  • he*


  • ssundee's godzilla among us mod is better

  • Ooh they play coc


  • Socksfor1 is wearing a space suit wearing a space helmet wearing a space suit

  • How

  • godzilla looks stupid u should see ssundees godzilla its way better than urs

  • Man wen i was sockfor1 i was die already hahahah


  • Do the king kong mod in amoung us

  • Socks I’m just saying Godzilla never landed also known as ‘the crashing’ that never happened. Godzilla was a newt that lived in the ocean in the middle of evolution and got a radiation nuke dumped on him and then he evolved to become godzilla

  • Pin meeeee

  • You mean a perfect god run

  • When you forget that nukes make him stronger

  • This guy doesnt know anything about Godzilla. Nukes make him stronger.

  • You are the only reason this game is alive

  • I told you about this on the hulk video but idk if you found this because me

  • Every one got GAME from smash at the end

  • 0:49 call of duty

  • Who the hell got the idea of nuking godzilla... it makes it more powerful...

  • Socks: TACTICAL RESTRICTIONS Godzilla: heats up and uses breath* aaaaaaaaaaa

  • among us drip be like:

  • 69k likes lol

  • Oof

  • "flame breath" - socks 2021

  • Socks: guys I have bad news... Laff: you weren’t recording 😬 Me: hahahahaha

  • you did godzila mod know do kong pls

  • 10:01

  • 10:43

  • This was *STONKS* cuss the new Godzilla vs Kong movie

  • Bro Kong gounga win

  • *nukes kill Godzilla Me wait that’s illegal

  • Godzilla or King Kong?

  • Can you please make King Kong video

  • Pls give me the linkkk i wanna play it boi

  • idk how to say this without being a little rude, but please dial down the among us content. i'm sure you know this already, but we want your modded minecraft 2000 days series to come back. the modded among us content is getting quite repetitive, and starting to become just a little bit annoying. best wishes

  • You should either do Among us IRL or you should do Avatar the last air bender Fire: shoot fire balls Air: imposter can run faster (because wind speed) Water: wash people away or slow people down Earth: make a rock wall to block people off Ice: freeze people or the ground to make it slippy Lightning: shoot lightning at people Bloodbending: control people