Unboxing 6 Brand New Snowmobiles!!

Birt 28 des 2020
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
Unboxing 6 Brand New Snowmobiles!!
In today's video, we pick up our new 2021 Polaris Snowmobiles and assemble them together at our shop. As well as add some custom modifications to a few. Later we ride them in the little bit of snow that we have and go Drifting in our Cars!!


  • Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping + 2 Free Gifts @Manscaped at → manscaped.com/CBOYS Your balls will thank you 😉

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    • @Blazify I live in Kaltag AK

    • @Blazify I live in kaltag

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  • I wish I were mika

  • RIP Big Ken

  • cj- it’s loud as fudge dude ben-WHABABABABABABA

  • Who wants to see them get a Yamaha SideWinder? Those things look so fun

  • I was hoping after the voice crack saying manscaped he would do it again and say boyscaped lol

  • Can I have one?😂

  • 850

  • Get a ski doo

  • Can’t make a Polaris better

  • This is what I do every day at work

  • “And Ryan’s sled ran all year wrong” - Ben Roth!

  • Fun vid, but cam was so frigg'n jumpy/jerky it gave me a headache I watched the rest, waste of time except maybe 5 mins that actually had anything to do with snowmobiles Kinda childish smashing the oem pipes

  • 😂🇺🇸🤣🥩🍺😎

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  • You guys are the best I wish I could have some of the toys you have

  • Top tier drifting from Ben at the end tho

  • "Ryan as always, reckless with his spending." My spirit animal

  • Ugh, seriously, why destroy the stock pipe/muffler? 30-40 years from now, some guy that's restoring that sled and needs a factory pipe will curse you. Just chuck it in storage. And, what if that aftermarket pipe isn't as cool as you thought? What if the aftermarket pipe breaks a weld right before taking a sled trip out West? Oh well! F'in rich spoiled man-children.

    • Then we’ll put it back on with a couple dents on it and not cry about it 🤣

  • sorry but im a brp fan🤭

  • Ryans old khaos I’m the thumbnail

  • I wish I could win the snowmobile I love your guys vids and I live in Minnesota too I would love to meet you guys some day keep up the banger vids guys and i don’t know how you guys don’t have like 2mill subs

  • It now sounds like a jet ski with the new muffler

  • With those twin pipes its a snow banshee

  • Love the vidoes cboys. So entertaining and funny. Keep grinding and achieving goals

  • I wish!

  • god what i wouldnt do to spend a day of riding and just over all chilling with yall your videos make me so jealous no cap

  • Hey boys I loved the video keep it up

  • Oh boy how much I would do to get one of those

  • i love how they put the give awy sled in the thum nale


  • Send me a free sled pls, why not to make my day?

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  • 11:02 I'm 15 now but man I cant wait till Im older to have parties like this

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  • Where’s a new vid ????????????????????????????

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  • RIP Ben Wroth 1999-2021


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  • my dad buy this twin pipes world first about 2month. He drive watercross with 850 sks

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  • Bois, it’s really hard to say this, but, bois. U done fucked up. I was a Polaris man, until. That day, that one day I decided to try out my buds sled, and if u still don’t know what I’m talkin bout, it was a skidoo, bois, once u get a skidoo u don’t go back. It’s been three fucking years now, and I gotta say goin from a 2014 Polaris switchback assault 800 144” to a 2005 Mach Z1000, I’m sold, forever.

  • My dad has a RZR and he said get good grades but I do 😁

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