The First 10 Minutes: Image Is Everything | CNBC Prime

Birt 4 des 2020
In the ‘80s, there was a lot of attention in the media surrounding CEO’s. They were becoming like celebrities - and one of the biggest people who benefited from this was Donald Trump. Catch the first 10 minutes of the episode and don’t miss “Empires of New York” Sunday at 8P ET on CNBC.
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The First 10 Minutes: Image Is Everything | CNBC Prime


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  • They keep beating a dead horse. We aren’t listening anymore. Trump clearly knows what he’s talking about when he’s says fake news! He used you as you used him !! Funny when ya think about it. Y’all loved him for it. Biden is not good for any of you in the media and you know it 🤣

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  • Hey CNBC PRIME why have you made unavailable other full length videos of "EMPIRES OF NEW YORK" to India location? I wanna watch em again and also the upcoming if there any...

  • The 80's. That's the FIRST time Joe Biden got caught for fraudulent behavior in a Presidential race. In 1987 when he was forced to drop out due to being caught. He needs to do the same today. He's the real crook who's been creating his family wealth by deceiving the American people. Trump was in the private sector where you have a choice to do business with him. If you got taken by him somehow that's on you, you lose. Bidens business is in the public sector and if you got taken by him, with your vote, we all lose. Biden and his party's business model, his level of greed and evil, make Trumps model look like a charity and he a saint.