Volcanic eruption in Iceland! - Video from the new Fissure (Flo)

Birt 5 apr 2021
We got our drone in the air earlier today when the new Fissure started and this is how it looks.
What a beautiful scenery!
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You can watch us live here:
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ischats.info/fun/qKalnqtippVqoJ4/v-deo​ - Timelapse - Volcanic eruption in Iceland - 9PM to 9AM Friday 26th to saturday 27th
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  • For some reason, I'm finding the current eruptions in Iceland far more interesting than those of Kilauea, Etna, et al. Why is that?!

  • Snow falling on lava. That's just incredible to see.

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  • Saw something shoot by at :56 mark

  • Mother nature has had enough of us parasites. She is fighting back

  • Again, it's beautiful. Your videos are amazing. Please tell me who created the music and where I can hear more.

  • Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎂

  • Best view of Flo I’ve seen so far. Thank you.

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  • Vá flott myndband, hjartans þakkir 👍

  • TQ sister

  • Wow, many chnnels are showing different views. I can´t say it enough, everyone please stay safe where ever you are.

  • Fantastic ! Different type of lava here... Flows like water Thanks a lot 🌺

  • Cool video! Thanks!

  • I suspect, at least it's possible, I watched the helicopter shoot this. Or at least I was certainly hoping to get to see what they were looking at. In any case, mahalo! 🍍

  • Nature is so beautiful. Thank you to everyone who put effort to make opportunity for us to observing those spectacular events.

  • ........ESPETACULAR....

  • Thanks for the slow edit...and no heavy metal music..!🤪

  • Amazing

  • Ahhh frustrating! It ended before showing where this new fissure is in relation to the original eruption. Fantastic view though. So much lava already.

  • Thumb down for telling me to subscribe.

  • Land of fire and ice for sure. Enjoyed my visit jan 2020

  • nice video, but dislike for showing just part of volcano activity. you would show where the lava is ending. Than I would change it to like. Sorry.

  • Unreal footage and the music is amazing giving me goosebumps

  • So awe inspiring to see

  • TBC Bob left, Flo right yeah? The back of Bob left yeah?

  • Thankyou

  • Amazing

  • Thank you so much Ragnar for sharing this. Great job, as always!👍 And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🥂

  • Excellent video, shows what we want to see. (best watched without the 'volcano music')

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • One of the things about volcanic eruptions...when its finally over... Beautiful things come from it.. Prayers over all..

  • Thank you so much for this footage....greatly appreciated !

  • Im so surprised because it is at a higher altitude than Bob, by a lot! Which means that even the tops of surrounding hills/mountains are not necessarily safe for viewers right now.....

  • Bob became a dwarf near this new fissure...

  • Fascinating.

  • Beautiful footage!

  • Looks like the caldera is beginning to get a bit more active, be safe everyone, thanks for sharing the live footage.

  • Awesome

  • TY , nice to see a bit of BoB there for orientation

  • this cerne at full power,increasing not lessening

  • This was awesome. I'd love to see a lot more of this and see it's relation to BoB. Thanks for sharing ☺☺☺

  • Love your home land Bjork

  • We have to share this so people are aware and should be careful. Volcanic eruptions, floods, fire are everywhere in this planet nowadays. My prayers.

  • Why aren't you showing where the lava path ends?

  • So Bob is on the right, and Flo is on the left? I've been away several days 🤷‍♀️

    • This is all "Flo", the new one. "Bob" is somewhere off picture top left corner direction.

  • Some kind of magmatism at work here, it's flowing uphill.

  • Me impresiona, me enloquece...la sangre de la tierra!!!!

  • What's the music? I'd like to buy the song.

  • Amazing footage and with a wonderful piece of music. Simply beautiful!

  • I like all of these volcano videos, but I really wish we could see a lot more of 'where the lava is flowing' than just 'where the lava is coming from' - All of the live feeds have this same problem.

  • I’m just hopeful there’s no nearby population

  • that lava look even more fluid than the one from the first fissure

  • Long live Iceland

  • Fire and ice magnificent

  • Ragnar-once again your time is so appreciated! Drone footage of new Flo! So beautiful, many thanks and keep the view coming! Much love from Connecticut, United States! 🇺🇸🕊🥰

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  • thank u for taking the time

  • Luca Brasi sleeps with the fissures

  • Is amazing saw the beauty of our mother earth from the Caribbean through the aye of the technology and this channel. I never imagine see a Volcano live with so much details... Thanks.

  • WOW.. what a dramatic change from just yesterday

  • Foi curtinho o vídeo mas me deixou atento às imagens valeu 🙏🙏

  • Free energy hmm...

  • This is an exciting development.

  • Great drown shot!!! I wish I was there to see it in person.

  • you didnt show where the lava was going

  • Now that fissure reminds me of the Atlantic Ridge. Which it is a part of.

  • Get back people .. smh..One Pompeii was to many..

    • Wrong kind of volcano! The lava is from a source that produces young easy-flowing mafic magma that comes from 15-17 miles down, which means there's virtually no chance of the explosive behavior of the dangerous ones.

  • Fantastic video.

  • Flo? Shoulda named it Bobby Fissure.

  • Truly phenomenal footage - thank you for sharing

  • Yikes the elves are not happy !! If these fissures continue it could be Laki the sequel !!

  • Same stuff you are showing online

  • thank you so much

  • Nicely captured! Looks like the entire area is going to turn into a big lava land...

  • Just seeing that 1 minute+ clip makes me wonder at the power beneath our own feet. Great air footage! Are you using a drone? What kind are you using and even though your art least a couple hundred feet up, does the heat or ash interfere with your control.

  • Imagine We are among the last humans to have seen that valley, and others, as they were before the eruption and the first to see what will result from it. Amazing thoughts.

    • @Johan Gustavsson ahahaahahaha

    • And you can throw a handful of sand into the ocean, and be reassured no person will ever again see most of those grains of sand again.

  • Can you get some footage with BOTH Bob And Flo in the frame?

  • Wow incredible.

  • $SPCB buy now or oden 🍢 will be displeased

  • *Amazing, fascinating..!!* Thank you SO much for keeping us updated with these wonderful videos..!! 😃

  • It would be nice to see the first two vents in the video also

  • lindo!

  • Thank Goodness ! GREAT footage ! We are hoping that when all is said and done a lot of beautiful pictures are taken and Iceland is a much bigger country !

  • Amazing! Keep up the great work :)

  • thank you for sharing.

  • Nice job! thanks for posting this. -Fritz from DC

  • Thank you so much. Very nice!

  • Bob and Flo. Love it, but i wonder how the elves will take to the western names

  • A very serious schism in the earth. Be careful.

  • A great perspective, thanks

  • Great to see the volcano from above ! It gives a much better vantage point and you can actually see how fast the lava is flowing. Cheers to you for hiking in w/ your drone!!

  • Reminds me of Hawaii.

  • That’s a BIG fissure!

    • @fumfering Thanks!!!

    • @Kicapu If you look at the Flo cam, there's a pan from a distance that shows where the new fissure is in relation to BoB. From watching that it looks like a view showing both eruptions would have to be way zoomed out.

    • I wonder where it is in relation to the first fissure?

  • Awesome footage and incredible lava scenes!!Well done!!we are so jealous!!have fun and take care!!👍👌😀✔️

  • Pan left, where's the lava going?

  • thx ragnar take care :)

  • Love this Ragnarh! Thank you! ❤

  • Awesome! I for 1 vote for more like these. Growing a nice set of pictures and videos over in the fb group too.

  • Beautiful footage.