I Don't Like That You Like Me

Birt 14 jún 2019
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  • Follow the funny Justin Ginsen! ischats.info

  • After he says "it's not actually a laughing matter" and immediately stops laughing and turns straight face.. fucking hilarious

  • This is adorable as heck

  • Cherdleys kinda ressembles Patter Knetter

  • This video was way too long

  • Looks like Naruto: Live Action is going good so far.

  • reality check: dvd at discount shop are like 0.50 cents and ofc its funny to throw them

  • Hatfield and Mccoy look different here

  • Broke back mountain be like:

  • Republicans and Democrats, the Left and the Right

  • go gus has powers he can just spawn gifts from out of nowhere with his mind and hands

  • one of the best ones

  • I like the way you don’t like me :)

  • This is actually so much better than when cherds makes videos with Instagram models... I mean those have their charm but this is next level.

  • That song at the end......Now I've heard a lot of music in my days. I've loved a lot. I've hated a lot.... But that song... that song you two just did....... I'm a changed man. It was so touching. Oh yes indeed.

  • brokeback mountain 2

  • Whatch this when you're high

    • @2015 dead meme shit not anymore

    • Yo, people watch this shit when they're sober?

    • I always see the craziest tripped out videos from these people only when I'm high and I always catch the normal ones when I'm sober

  • This would be a truly magnificent sight to behold if discovered halfway without context.

  • “Oh look, I’m gettin a free floss out of it!” *Wtf*

  • That tree is gonna make me act up!

  • I fucking love this videooooooo

  • I don't like that I liked this video.

  • Its the weight of the Lord on your sinning shoulders. Man's that's heavy.

  • 1:39 sounds like it was recorded later

  • Wow

  • #lambchopsong arrest some solutions already

  • Collaboration on the clit and labia United for zoom clips Q says #quarantinewilly #blacklivesmatter #MYCAMPAIGNSLOGAN

  • You live near his Johnson? Hook it up with #jdpower chewy chasing. #ubi420 #firefly music fixes most problems add internet government

  • He's just a *tsundere*

  • I didn't know making a friends was this hard..

  • Can we get a part two?

  • I think this is supposed to be a play on the whole right/left divide in America and has some deep points/messages hidden throughout.

  • Cherdlys YeeYee voice kills me

  • Hi.

  • He looks like tiger king Gus does

  • I prefer that 2 minute comedy

  • Gus and cherdleys are the funniest duo ever omfg

  • "Maybe you should stop stalkin'!" "Ohhh nooo, I don't think that's the take-away from today."

  • It's me....I'm one of the schiozs....hello!

  • this is soo good the random sounds of being not sure like ehhh

  • i ship it

  • "that was actually ornery" haven't heard that one in a while 😂

  • _Top Ten Tsunderes in anime_

  • I have literally made a good freind this way...we didn’t like each other till one day we confronted each other and realized we did like each other

  • Gus is straight up Tiger King vibes in this video

  • Lmao

  • Was this filmed in Australia?

  • I fw the 4th wall breaks they trippy asf

  • Bes collaberation

  • Oh my god this is my new favourite Gus Johnson

  • Skip to the funny 4:50


  • Sheeyoot that wuz fuurn.

  • Wisconsin, explain yourself.

  • when the top of your spin cast reel comes off and its pure metal and makes sound 0:50

  • This is a very good asmr

  • and his mom told him to quit theatre when he was a freshman saying he will go nowhere with his life if he keeps going

  • Cheb meets Imbiami Jones

  • Love you

  • bad video to watch while eating

  • What is this video

  • God you don't know how accurate the sunflower seeds make this

  • im gettin a free floss outta it

  • I am struggling to breathe due to laughter

  • PLEASEEEEEE MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO WITH THESE CHARACTERS! Besides Gus's "God's Country" type video and Cherdley's "Chravis" videos, this one was the funniest I've ever seen. The lines are the best! Pleaseeee for love of everything holy, make more with these characters. I want to see Gus AWNRY again lol

  • This is an accurate representation of how brokeback mountain starts.

  • At the time that I'm writing this, there are 419 dislikes, it's a toss up. If somebody dislikes it, they make it 420, but that also means they'd have to dislike a gus johnson/cherdleys video.

  • Fun fact: as a southerner myself I can confirm we all talk like this Including gen z Everybody talks like this down here No exceptions

  • "im getting a free floss out of it" LMFAO

  • "what in tarnation" lmfao

  • I like the use of voice over in this one

  • Well that was suprisingly touching

  • This is so very uncomfortable

  • It's impossible to cast

  • I like that they break the 4th wall looks away

  • I thought this was a metaphor for racism at first (the whole "I don't actually know you but I don't like you. So please get far away from me") but then the "I don't like confrontation" part didn't sound like racism anymore. Still a good sketch though, still a good sketch!

  • At the start of the video i thought that facial hair was a ball sack he glued to his chin

  • Funniest skit ive seen yet but i dont like it

  • It’s weird how the people in these vids have more subscribers individually than they do combined for this channel.

  • I comment to help statistics

  • Even not having a fucking clue what is going on, I can say this is some of the best acting I've ever seen.

  • That’s a eucalyptus

  • why is one dude talking into a tunnel?

  • This wild high

  • The hole in that tree lookin mighty sexy

  • This is fucking wholesome

  • This is my husband's relationship with our cat

  • You gross freak

  • The sexual tension is palpable 😂

  • Whatever your nomenclature may be. LMBAO!

  • here for the chinese girl.


  • Passion of the Christ came out in 2004. I CAN'T WATCH THESE LIES!

  • "That wasn't part of the exercise, I was actually awnry"... best line ever I've heard in years! This video is hilarious overall...good Lord!

  • I didn’t know The Tiger King could get any weirder

  • Imagine how many bug bites Gus got after this

  • This was a journey of friendship

  • He totes has a crush on him

  • The Asian girl at the end is very cringey

  • I haven't laughed that hard in awhile!!