1v1ing Every YouTuber At Connect 4

Birt 21 sep 2020
i told MrBeast he could have $10,000 if he could beat me at connect 4
KSI: ischats.info
Lazarbeam: (I nabbed this idea off him - ty lannan x):
Ali A:
Mr Beast:
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  • I don’t like videos but these videos make me want to

  • this was made on my BDay

  • Whenever I watch a WillNE I always get JD x WillNE ads

  • Brasília

  • 24:29 mrbeast bullocks Willne bullocks

  • lol the cardboard cutouts are from that chris md vid arent they

  • WillNE VS Jacksfilms is the real contest

  • Willne must feel good wining 7-1

  • he 1v1’d the man he memes on for breakfast, what a alpha move

  • Me: *watching a WillNE video* Also me: *sees the willNE add*


  • The redemption ark

  • morgan

  • 1:05 wroeshawto posts more on this channel than his main channel

  • will in this particular episode u remind me of jack whitehall

  • He braziled the streets


  • Pause at 40 seconds

  • 13:10 look at chris’ name 😭😂

  • 1:06 WS2????

  • i sorta wanna challenge you to this


  • Memeulous would be proud of you beating jill hudson

  • Lazarrrrrrrrrr

  • why is Mr beast so innocent and adorable. he is literally the kindest person I've ever watched on this platform. obviously he's going to be slightly different outside of ISchats but you can tell he's still genuinely a kind man.

  • If he knows what he is doing, whoever goes first wins. That's all really.

  • gassssssssssssssssss

  • Morgan seem cool in ur video Well normally

  • When you realize the second guy could have won by placing it all the way to the left 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • He let mr beast win the second round

  • I love a bit of connect 4 🤣 classic game 👌🏼

  • I just got the fucking JD WillNE advert thinking the video has started

  • I keep on seeing Will’s ad about JD

  • Why the b-tech bourne music

  • "Is that the website you we're on before ya rekon?" Morgz: SHHHHHHHHHHH!! WillNE: Oh you been practising?

  • 1:06 WS2

  • I got your JD add before the video started.... there is a glitch in the matrix

  • will: wanna donate it to charity Harry: screw the ill

  • 23:37 I see, jimmy lost :(

  • I like chris but he was really annoying in this video. Like dude its a competition you’re not supposed to be helping him. Especially when Jimmy asked him to stop so many times.

  • I got an add from willne

  • Profit- $9000

  • I don't like lazarbeam

  • That thumbnail, I love it

  • Willne I bet I win

  • “Best youtubers” - morgz 🤮

  • 6:05 the fear in wills voice when talking to his hero

  • MorgZ?

  • 21:50 there was a diagonal bottom right for 2 minutes and will didn’t see it?

  • My friend actually went to Langley first school

  • 3:20 an willne jd ad played and when it finished harry said FUCK THAT

  • I just got a Willne ad

  • wait you collaborated with morgz..... ummmm

    • He has like 4 times

  • its kinda hard to loose that head

  • The fact he went against morgz is just... I- I cant

  • I like how jimmy tell him his plans

  • Not even gonna lie off camera morgz isn’t that cancer tbh

  • “Connect mulch”

  • i can't believe morgzmum almost beat you at connect 4

  • Look, this is really fun lookin, but have you tried doing this with tetris?

  • What about me?

    • @Capri true and I post garbage videos on my phone and ipad

    • Mate u have 59 subs and record vids portrait on your Samsung s7

  • HI

  • Why morgz he sucks

  • Ive never heard morgz laugh like that.. 6:21

  • When has me beast ever won money😂

  • no belle delphine? you failed us will

  • The presence of Morgz Mum made Will loose a round

  • You haven’t 1v1 me

  • Wow Morgz wasn’t telling

  • Me: Hey mum! can we have the queens's gambit? Mum: we have the queen's gambit at home queens gambit at home:

  • The video would’ve beeen sooooo much better if u actually showed the games instead of 9283838 edits a second

  • **** Morgz

  • 1v1ing *EVERY* youtuber where’s my 1v1 :(

    • @froggienotf0und same lol

    • @Capri I have uploaded videos in the past but I privated them

    • ISchats disguishes youtubers from google accounts. Once you upload your first video Google lists you as a creator/youtuber rather than an account. You haven't uploaded a video yet so you are an account. Idk why you typed this I'm bored

  • Petition for him to do this again with the dream smp

  • Did you just.. Did you just use the Happy Wheels Victory sound?

  • Did anyone else notice the ws2 instead of w2s?

  • I wana see it happen Will and jill in the ring 5 rounds

  • WillNE ad in his own video

  • let’s all take a lesson from this nobody and i mean nobody beats ali a at a game

  • I feel like this is the closest we’re getting to another episode of twoti

  • you know the song that says "I'm proud to be an American" well I'm not... I'm just embarrassed

  • 21:35 will can literally win

  • Next video: WillNE 1v1's ISchatsrs at chess

  • Boy I got your JD add

  • I realised everyone who won against willne was everyone who doesn't swear; Ali A

  • morgz

  • everyone prob skipped morgz he sucks

  • This was such a good way to finish the beef with mprgz mum like it was just so good

  • “WS2”

  • the editing on this is so cool

  • When big jill entered I was like: OHHHH ITS ABOUT. TO GO .DOWN

  • it's actually pretty nice seein will talking with morgan, jill and ali a so casually

  • Did he just Brazil the streets?

  • Can I just say, for a video about grown men playing connect four, it’s great and I’m obsessed and could watch it all day it’s so intense yet funny and I love it🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Morgz lol

  • the morgz family actually seem quite nice.

  • Hiiiiiiii

  • Yasss, my favorite ISchatsr’s fiancé won. Congrats Ali

  • I think I can beat u will I challenge u