THE $75M GEM OF LAKE TAHOE | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

Birt 10 feb 2020
Get the full tour of the most expensive estate to ever hit the market of Lake Tahoe! With its breathtaking views, it feels like a giant treehouse floating over water.
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THE $75M GEM OF LAKE TAHOE | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich


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  • Baby do what I do. Go in

  • Nick needs some personality.......

  • 70 million too expensive

  • Magnificent.

  • That crystal air plane company I really want to fly there in that luxury. It’s so much better the delta airlines!!!!!

  • The Hawaii penthouse. Please. For 36million you could rent the penthouse at the Hilton actually on the beach rather than blocks from it for 37 years. Every night. Being 50 I’d do that. Room service daily. All the mod cons. Fark buying that penthouse

  • 7:12 "even going in the toilet is a wonderfull experience on cristal sky" LULZ

  • Who else watches these for inspiration? lloll

  • Do they take Apple pay?

  • the first mansion is tacky and has outdated decor. and nothing art deco about that movie theater, your viewers are not ultra rich but not dumb.

  • with all that money spent on Tahoe crystal point why would the builder make a private sand beach and a mooring dock for a boat?

  • Rich people robbing other rich folks😂😂😂

  • I swear i saw this like 2years ago🤔

  • This place has been on the market for years.

  • Does the bathroom have carpet for 75 million? Gross

  • 😎

  • Not worth 75mil

  • Like it

  • Do the guys at CNBC always go to a house after Architectural Digest goes?

  • Even going to the toilet is an wonderful experience at Crystal Sky, That a top notch first class sale statement. (danget I want to fly with them).

  • 75million house plus monthly expenses for 3 people what a waste of money. It's all to show off. No ty. You can kept it.

  • Right off the bat this reporting is incorrect. They said this is the most expensive House to ever hit the market in Lake Tahoe with a $75 Million price tag. That is not true. There was a home in Lake Tahoe called "Tranquility" that was listed at $100 Million at one point.

  • A billionaire wouldn’t pay 55,000 a hour

    • Billionaire owns a G6

  • 🌅Lake Tahoe is Great all year in the Winter Snowboarding 🏂 and in the Summer the Lake 🛥🌊🇺🇸

  • Crazy !!

  • over priced

  • this house will never sale for that foolish price... not even worth 20 mil with that hideous interior!

    • I actually like the house it is difrent it has beutiful architecture modt houses they just make 5 different designs you pick one and then your house looks the same as any other 100 houses this I 1 of a kind

  • $36,000,000 and you have to use the "common area" theatre. hahahah what a joke

    • Thats why it hasnt sold. Its not big enough to be worth it. In Hawaii a 20 year old 1 bedroom condo can fetch a million which is ridiculous .i know of studio condos that sell for $800k 20 years old

  • Bro ya already did a house tour on this one ...we want new homes

  • Me gustaría que muestre con más detalles el primer video..gracias

  • Just because you have your own billiards table for example, does that make it worth 75 million?

  • Haunted by Jason. I'm sold

  • 👍👌

  • I was gonna buy a 150k house but this 75mil got me rethinking

    • Poor

    • To me I think this 75 million house is with it.

    • I was going to buy a sandwich for lunch, but now I'm going to save up to buy a slice of pizza in a week or two.

    • Made me laugh ur funny👍

  • I'll buy it and turn it into a luxury hotel/resort.

  • Now that is a wow awesome place. Thank you for sharing with the CNBC.

  • 🇺🇸 I wanna buy it 👀