My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

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Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!


  • Я русский

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  • How did u draw katsuki like that... 8:10

  • I had time so I wrote this for u lmao Who is this Odd1sout? It is jamess! What is his job uh uh? He works for sooubway!(old ik) How many people does james hate? None of them! How many people hate James? We dont give a damn!

  • bro ur back !

  • James said in his, "I Got A Girlfriend" video he wanted people to stop accusing him of liking boys. But yet in this video he is saying that he likes malfoy and Bakugo?

  • I feel like it's been ages since you posted

  • This is some don’t escape 4 stuff

  • Hi James I bought both ur books :)

  • My desired reality is, that I am good friends with the Simpsons.

  • 4:00 Um no we aren't taking over someone's body...cause it IS our body...we have been living that life and we r just choosing when we want to go...and also 21, 19, 22 aren't kids....and Also shifting is not astral projecting✌✌

    • And also dis video kinda really offending...and also kinda cringe🙂🙂

  • The boy is back

  • Shir

  • Heard you took some flack for this. How ironic that the crowd demanding their free speech rights want to rid the internet of individuals that practice it. You didn't do anything wrong so you need not apologize. It won't appease them anyway. Dude, I'm the original "snowflake", I invented it back in the 70s, and I have more spine than these twerps.

  • Just wondering What do you use for drawing? I know that you do it online (or at least I think) but I was wondering if it was anything specific. Btw I mean setup not program.

  • Racism doesn't exist and vaccines don't work but the earth is round also reality shifting is fake

  • Hey James, would you reality shift to the world of youtuber animators and meet your cartoon self while he was making this video?

  • Voldemort died

  • it took u 4 months to make this, where u been

  • Love the ending

  • I like this and have you seen my hero academa

  • anyone remember let's bounce?

  • "Also back off, Backugo is mine" is now my favourite line ever 👌

  • First

  • I'm following you on tiktok

  • I’m no real

  • ok ok- the girl with the bakugou stuff- I understand stand that... BUT WHY DO U HAVE GRAPE HEAD!

  • AWOOO James Senpai =P Daijabu uuuwwwuuuu U R my Aisuru one for alllll U Baka?? u Baka Baka into a tsundere

  • bullsh*t


  • CIA documents luv.

  • James, you are the best. The videos you make let me know about all the weird trends! I would have never known about asmr otherwise, which was a huge cringe for me lol. Please keep up your videos!!!

  • Personally, I do believe in the many worlds theory (infinite realities) however mankind has not yet reached the ability to transfer themselves from one universe to another

  • Ahh... a fellow my hero academia fan

  • UUUUUUUUH I hate it how you are always right :-:

  • I can already shift But I can only walk, not use any attack ítem or punch Edit:Just use my own character not posses any other boi Edit2:#Jamesisgay Edit3:Also I dont believe on you can bring People of other AU's

  • 5:54 James... dont expose me like that ever again please. Btw ur right that kind of obsession is not healty but I belive its possible to shift and bestie Bakugou is not your he is our

  • Bakugo is mineeeee

  • James : And back off Bakugou he's MINE Me: Oh it's on JAMES

  • Harry Potter fans are getting out of hand

  • This video is completely false... because I look amazing in a bucket hat

  • 5:56 wtf is up with james and malfoy

  • Adore seu video

  • I wish I could be in a Pokemon world

  • Hi! good video. I just came to say that I got to know your channel thanks to several Spanish fandubs, since I don't know English, I'm actually using the translator. New subscriber 🖤

  • James I just realized my birthday is 8 days after yours mine is may 22nd

  • Hey I don’t mean to be picky or anything but I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I ordered the card game James made with the extra cards and a few others things added to it, I think it was about 120$. I did that over about 5 months ago and I still haven’t gotten anything or any notifications. Just wondering what might’ve happened?

  • Was that a snack pack? If so GIVE IT TO ME OR DIW

  • It’s trends like this that make me glad I quit TikTok

  • Uis

  • Cats have 1 live

  • James why didn’t you mean like a lot of videos like acrylic a past month for you stop making videos

  • Ok time to summon the great old one Cthulhu.

  • Trust me james ask ur gf to adk if ur um gey 😅😅

  • I miss youuuu please post moree

  • I’m a spiritual atheist and I believe science in itself is really magical and that the earth came from within itself. I don’t believe in a god but rather the power of science and nature which for me is spiritual. I don’t believe in astrology but I still check horoscopes because it’s fun just to see what it says. I still count how many magpies there are to see if I will have good luck that day and yes I’ve even tried shifting (it’s just vivid dreaming and you can’t tell me otherwise) - I think experimenting with spirituality is fun but it becomes dangerous when it’s sold as an escape. This is why I hate organised religion and in turn shifting which targets young girls and feeds them a pack of lies. You say ‘check the CIA documents’ and they just assume it’s true. As a teenage girl when I was younger I would’ve lapped this shit up and it’s disturbing to me.

  • I bet all the people who dislike this video are people who believe reality shifting

    • @leafyinnit is that post to be mean

    • you username makes it so much better 💀💀

  • No

  • i love how you put bill sipher in the thumbnail from gravity falls

  • This video is good.

  • Did you get cancelled because of this video?

  • A y g

  • Sup I have the iPad Air 4th generation 2020

    • So what if we too are one of the reality’s what if the real us are somewhere out there

  • Hey the other ones that I’m watching Penguins of Madagascar I actually like it as much as you do I’m using my dad’s account so I’m only nine but I have been watching this movie since I was five I saw this movie in the theaters like when it came out I mean I didn’t see it in the theater so sorry Netflix but it’s amazing I love it I’m nine now and I’ve been watching this movie since I was five it’s the best movie ever I’m not lying.Hey the other ones that I’m watching Penguins of Madagascar I actually like it as much as you do I’m using my dad’s account so I’m only nine but I have been watching this movie since I was five I saw this movie in the theaters like when it came out I mean I didn’t see it in the theater so sorry Netflix but it’s amazing I love it I’m nine now and I’ve been watching this movie since I was five it’s the best movie ever I’m not lying lying

  • I love how Miss frizzle was just like even I don’t get this

  • 3 weeks? WHAT THE FU**?!

  • I didn't know this trend existed until today, lovely

  • I am your big Fan TheOdd1sOut

  • Whats ya favorite candy bar

  • Seria bem mais legal se eu soubesse inglês :c

    • Tem um cara que fez uma fandub em português desse vídeo

  • Why do take so long to post a video

    • you clearly don’t know how sophisticated animating is

    • You don't know how much time it takes to animate.


  • 😂 man that really is a 👅🌪

  • James is a logical man. Also, 8:09 yes to bakugo

  • 1:18 his are ded-

  • James, would it be ok if we did a Minecraft speedrun? (If you say yes add just wiggs on Minecraft!)


  • 1:32 That right there is Astral projection (totally not flexing about a thing I found out 3 days ago?

  • this really works like when you shift it's not just a dream in that dream everything happens that was on the script and u are conscious of everything happening

  • Reality shifting is just a fancy name for lucid dreaming but the "reality shifters" just think that it isn't all in they're brain.

  • Yeah your back

  • I dinon't like Harry poter and tik tok

  • Deku better

  • Tock tick People try to cancel The 0dd1s0ut’s channle and are SOOO mad fore Some rezon

  • I’m still laughing at the Schrödinger’s cat reference, I also just feel down the rabbit hole and find some of this stuff kinda crazy but I have to admit I wanna try it lmao, that said this video is absolutely hilarious (especially after not having seen ur videos recently haha)

  • where the hell have u been?

  • This is why odd1sout is not on tic tok. :)

  • Я тут один русский?

  • I’ve had people talk to me about reality shifting, and I’ve asked if it isn’t just ‘advanced lucid dreaming’ and....haven’t gotten a clear response...

  • Can you play trap adventures

  • Are you scot?

  • can i just say that IVE reality shifted before- TO MY OWN reality that I made up in MY head. it was literally so real- it was lucid nor vivid because lucid dreams are still dreams IT FELT LIKE REAL LIFE so i believe in it- but ummm why dont people talk about god this way... ANYWAYS

    • i lost respect for you when you said "why dont people talk about god this way"

  • James:BACK OFF BAKUGO'S MINE Me:Yea no

  • Oh wow 4 months later why

  • Obtain realism: haha jotaro I can’t time skin

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  • hello the odd why are you making video so long

    • You don't know how much time it takes to animate.

  • I also love your vid

  • Bakugo is the best hero

  • He remembered his ISchats Password YEEEEE

  • Um ya sorry Bakugou is mine