Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

Birt 17 jún 2019
WE STRUCK GOLD... literally.
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  • UPDATE: Garrett eventually found the ring after the trophy presentation... It was in the pool. Marriage = SAVED. haha

  • There were actually lights in the closet the judge comes out of

  • I what a number 3

  • I'm still trying to understand how Cory didn't win when he literally brought in gold like actual gold

  • I saw the ring land in the pool after watching it a few times

  • Like for 3

  • Legends say that Garret is still finding the ring

  • So any update on the ring?

  • Did Gary find his wedding ring?????

  • " it is no longer treasure hunting !! It is about survival " 😂😂😂🙏

  • You’re a fish kisser any ways

  • I am subscribing to everyone whoever subscribes me reply a thumbs up on this comment if u have done it if I don’t unsubscribe me

  • I am subscribing to everyone whoever subscribes me reply a thumbs up on this comment if u have done it if I don’t unsubscribe me

  • Is the gold real?

  • I thought that was a carrot

  • Get it? Nailed it cause he found a nail

  • Do metal detector 3

  • Did Garrett even check if the ring was able to be detected

  • Hahahhs

  • Garrett: “I’m gonna hide my wife’s wedding ring.” “One eternity later.” Garrett:” I’m done for.”

  • Me millager was in a pantry

  • Garrett says shouldn't take me too long to find this wedding ring. Everyone watching the video thinking yeah right

  • You are the best I subscribe to you I always want to watch you when I go to school

  • Ed

  • X

  • You are PRO

  • Garett watering plants Tyler and cameraman in Jurrasic park

  • whatever was in that well tyler would've win

  • I watch your videos Dude Perfect


  • New channel in 2047:NOW THATS EPIC:subs 20M.

  • Imagine if ty missed actual treasure in the well


  • We need a part 3

  • Can i join your team deal or not

  • 2 u sigeuf

  • Rock in the mine:Falls Cory or coby idk:next second has hat on

  • top

  • We want forest stereostropes

  • So uhhhhh how long did you sleep on the couch

  • Cory got ripped off on that. Gotta feel bad for the guy he's been through a lot now. The most unfortunate guy I've ever seen.

  • Coby found a phone and necklace. He is the winner.

  • you know this was a metal detector battle and Cory decides to play minecraft in real life

  • Legend Has It That Garrett Is Still Looking For His Ring!

  • Cory fond a phone

  • Why garret

  • Ew i don,t like u

  • I feel bad Gerrett

  • Bro so 😎

  • Garret won

  • Did garret ever find his ring?

  • Use a kid who's a kid and who likes

  • Hi dude perfect 😺


  • Cory will win if I was the judge

  • Gari hope you find the ring

  • Maybe he threw the ring in the pool

  • I just love how Garret isn’t even trying lol. And also did I spell his name wrong?

  • IChad/Ty :I survived the storm Garrt watering plants wow this is easy

  • Don't the twins kinda look like Tom Cruise?

  • Garrett found something, alright! The couch, that night.

  • u guys too rich

  • Anybody else laughing about the fact that the metal detector guy was just waiting in the closet?

  • GARRETT !?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Lol 😂

  • why it's ok for him

  • out of all the places, Garrett chose the worst

  • iron shark tooth

  • It is actually gold

  • I think I should be the judge. Cory actually won , he found gold. Oh common.

  • 4:50 The Adventures of Tyler and Chad 5:13 Meanwhile with Garrett... 5:16 Now back to our regularly scheduled program

  • If U guys look closely at 3:15 in the well there is a snake

  • Cory should have won just sayin

  • i kinda wanna do this

    • i dont wanna do it

  • Scared for the storm

  • Tyler: **intense storm** Cory: **mine that can cave in at any moment** (Meanwhile) Garrett: **chillin in backyard having 1 person party**

  • Did garret actually find the ring?

  • Cress

  • Subscribe to let's

  • what if garret threw the ring in his neighbours backyard lol

  • If you think dude perfect should come out with metal detecting battle 3 subscribe to my channel

  • This video was the best I watched the intire video and its funny

  • Do metal detector 3

  • Corey be cursing or Cody the one who found gold

  • The wedding ring was in the pool

  • Wow

  • I think the wedding ring is in the pool 🤪

  • You should do a metal detector battle three

  • Gar do you know the word work hard

  • Who noticed the fish at 7:07 behind Cody?

  • What graphics do you recommended for a bad Pc? To run with no lag?

  • Imagine he dropped his gold in his stream

  • 👍🏽😃😀

  • What how did he lose with Gold?

  • Part 3 please!

  • 3:21 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I heard you were friends with mark rober

  • Je endkdjdbdbwbdbnwkfnxkdnrnxkrnrnnd

  • Did anyone laugh when to and the camera man were screaming for there life, then Garrett was playing golf with the metal detector, then the scene switches back to try and the camera man then a huge wave splashes at them😆😆😂

  • The ring went into his nabours lawn