Defog your windows TWICE as fast using SCIENCE- 4 easy steps

Birt 5 jan 2016
Here are 4 steps to defog your windshield twice as fast in the morning and the science behind why it works. Thanks for watching from the bottom of my nerdy heart.
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A more detailed explanation of why warm air 'holds' more water-

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  • 5:09 do people not know about aeroplanes??

  • How about use your windshield wipers

  • I use the shaving foam trick on the mirror after a hot shower to stop the condensation

  • To save you the 5 minutes: 1. Heater on full blast 2. Turn A/C ON 3. Turn OFF inside air circulation 4. Crack the windows, even a small amount

  • More than half in and you still not to the point

  • just remove the wind sheild

  • Con-den-sation sation sation

  • Before getting out of your car, open the windows for a few seconds. You're welcome.

  • Literally use a dry towel to wipe the window off. Fastest way.

    • And leave streaks on your windows?!? You crazy

  • I learn more off of Mark’s videos than I ever have in any science lesson

  • If the sky has Checkered sky then it is a chemtrial

  • Let me help you out, people don't want to sit through an explanation of why something works, they want the solution. Put your solution up front and the explanation behind it and you'll get fewer down votes. Some folks will let the video run and hear the reasons why but most of us don't give a rip.

  • I wish you wouldn't tell me how some cars defrost the windows and WHY i want to do it fast and all the other crap. it takes 10 seconds to tell us what your "trick" is. If after that you want to explain why it works go ahead, and anything else you want to talk about, but because you drug this out for 5 min to get more youtube $$$ I'm not going any further.

  • WoW? All I wanted was to defrost my icy windshield? This qualifies as TMI

  • Take cold tap water and pour it over your windows

  • Did what you said about cracking the windows and it's cost me a fortune.

  • every car I know of runs the AC whenever you run the defrost setting. if you listen you can hear the compressor kick on

  • Hey mark go ahead and check out your outro video on youtube and read the comments

  • Naa.. the gov would never poison us!? or would they?

  • total thumbs down, turning the blowers on full for hot air..? hmm surely if your going to the car first thing n the morning all this will do is blow cold air till the engine warms up, oh and do try a "cloth" cleared in seconds, just my 2 cents worth, as for those products to keep it clear, save your cash and use simple kitchen soap, any biker knows this visor trick

  • Cool. But the towel analogy was pants

  • Use the dame window wipers

  • why would shaving cream work? Since there are many different kinds of shaving cream, what is the component in it that would work?

  • I think you should be warming up the car engine any ways before setting off so id just let it defog as i warmed the car up.

  • Newer cars when you turn your defroster on it turns the AC on

  • Dear Mark, Please do the same for defrosting. It's not nearly as interesting, but I'd enjoy it anyway.

  • Let’s say it’s -30F, is it the same result?

  • But my a/c doesn't work

  • Cheap car - no AC. 😡

  • Also, don't sit in your vehicle while you are waiting for the windows to clear. Go back in the house. Our exhaled breath contains very humid air.

  • Just use old bed sheets! Cover the windows at night then just shove the sheets on a radiator before you go next day, won't be fogged up then

  • What about deFROSTing!? Y'know...frozen water on the OUTSIDE of the window.

  • Your detailed explanation link is broken now.

  • Modern cars use the AC compressor when in defrost mode

    • Thanks! I was just about to ask about defrost mode. I don't think my car will allow me to have the AC and defrosters on at the same time, because they do the same thing

  • Just buy a car can start it from inside the warmth of your house...quite a novelty eh !?

  • would have liked to get an explanation of the shaving cream

  • Or buy a convertible and a Hoxton bonnet

  • And, based on this.. get fresh cold air in the car before you park to get rid of the warm air that is carrying lots of water.

  • Big thanks

  • shaving cream isnt actually that good a solution. It takes a lot longer to apply and you have to reapply it very regularly. RainX antifog will last well over a month with no deterioration in performance without reapplying.

  • so smart

  • Not turning my A/C on in -30 weather, no way jose.

  • Joke on you, I took out my windshield. Problem solved.

  • Can you talk a bit faster please

  • So, at last... How about DEFROST???))) twice as fast?)))

  • Most....not manufacturers have the AC compressor kick on when you put it to the defrost setting on your controls....two reasons, one - to de-humidify the air....two - to keep the ac system lubricated and circulating even in winter, so when you need it, it's ready for warm weather.

  • Appreciation post for the thundercat shirt

  • He says "Save a couple bucks and use shaving cream." Then he says 4:59 LOL!

  • If ceramic coatings are good for water run off maybe just maybe it will prevent condensation build up on the inside windscreen.

  • To make a 5min short, blast high heat and click ac. Just tested and worked like 5 minutes

  • In case you were wondering, shaving cream has detergents, which reduce water's surface tension - so water is still condensing on your windshield, but it's forming a sheet instead of discrete droplets, so it appears transparent. The detergent molecules have hydrophobic ends, which interfere with water's hydrogen bonds, resulting in lower surface tension. Thus, any detergent or substance with similar chemistry will work; shaving cream is just easy to apply, highly available, and cheap.

  • Heat, high fan speed and outside input aircon. Just sayin’... waiting for the end but that’s my way from experience.

  • Cute how you say that having fog in your windshield when you're late for work! Now I'll go shovel the 2 feet around my car before removing the snow on it, then scrap the ice sheet on all 6 glasses... THEN, I'll take care of the defrosting! XD No hate btw, loved the video, just that it sounds funny for a Canadian living up north!

    • Use your Michigan friend advice - get heated garage 🥰

  • Con trails or chem trails doesn't matter as they effect the weather and climate (global dimming) and do also contain chemicals from the jet exhaust (used to improve noise and efficiency), that affect plants and people. So a cheap shot at a Kardashian only went to demonstrate your own lack of science. Btw, during lockdown and the lack of economic activity (and massive reductions in CO2 etc) the earth's temperature has actually gone UP, because of not having this dimming effect...

  • I really just wanted the short version

  • Since the late 70's, most cars already turn on the AC when the HVAC system is in the defrost mode. They also go to outside air, no recirc.

  • Use your sun visors too make the flow of air hang around the window

  • To deFROST the windshield the fastest way by far is to spray winter washerfluid on it and use the wipers to wipe the ice off. Doesn't work when it's -20C out but works just fine on mildly bellow freezing temps.

  • my cars heater is rubbish and my engine has to be warm for it to do anything so i just have a tea towel in my car and wipe the screen and get going

  • So 4 years ago I was on my deck and I saw several planes flying from my local airport to Chicago, with their contrails dissipating within a few minutes, Then later on in the afternoon I started seeing a couple different aircraft flying in a different direction , I wasn't quite sure why they were flying in that direction because for the 10 years I liveed there I've never seen planes flying in those directions. Then all of a sudden I noticed the planes contrails forming a grid pattern, it was almost like there were several tic-tac-toe boards in the sky, which slowly formed into a large hazy cloud that never dissipated and was still there at nightfall. I wonder if anyone can explain why some planes contrails disappear within minutes yet others on the same day never dissipate, is it the fuel or different engine I guess I'm just not sure.

  • My car is in an attached garage that is insulated. Even in the coldest days my garage never gets below 50. No frost, no snow to remove

  • My "max defrost" setting does most of this for me. ;)

  • Que alguien le diga a este pedazo de ingeniero que en pleno invierno con los cristales empañados y el coche frio, arranque y ponga la calefaccion, y se espere 10 minutos o mas a que el aire empiece a salir caliente.......

  • Just microwave a bottle of water and then pour it on your windshield.

  • If you have condensation on the inside of your window chances are you have a water leak in your car or you're storing something wet in there like gym clothes, wet towel.

  • Way too much time spent babbling about what the fogging on the windshield is. Keep it simpler. You explain the same thing about four different ways from Sunday. And it was unnecessary because the vast majority of people do not understand almost anything that you said. Save yourself even more dollars, instead of using shaving cream, take some lifebuoy soap or some regular bar soap and wipe it back and forth on the inside of the windshield. And then polish it down with a Howell. You do have to reapply this on occasion just like you would any other product. But it is the cheapest.

  • For those who were hoping for a faster "defrost" method. That's what you use the credit card you took away from your spouse for.

  • You can’t run AC with exterior circulation...

  • Dude, you have way too much time on your hands.

  • Could just get a Ford with the heated window option

  • Fastest way for me is use the windshield wipers.

  • In Montana we just buy new windows, or walk.

  • A/C on does nothing if it's below about 40 degrees because you can't cool cold air. Some cars turn on the A/C in the defrost setting automatically but leave it off if it's cold outside.

  • You and your friends need new things to talk about

  • Put heater on full blast? Bruh. On a cold day my car doesnt blow hot for the first 10 mins 😭😭

  • On your way home two minutes out, turn off the heater and roll down the windows and finish the drive home. The lower temp stops the condensation = no fog

  • Denying geoengineering, and here I thought you had critical thinking ability. Unsubscribed.

  • And now? The best defrost method. Those of us in the north will judge.

  • One detail that you didn't mention that helps to understand why your settings work is an understanding of the airflow of the car's climate control system. First the air goes through the AC (I. E. the cooling) unit, then through the heater core, and then into the cabin. That's why with the AC on and the temperature dial set to hot, the air is still hot coming out of the vents. To use your analogy, you aren't "wringing" the towel/air model. Rather you are first shrinking the towel/air model so excess water is shed, and then expanding the towel/air model. Subtle difference, but fits your analogy better.

  • Turn your heater on then the AC then have to repair your AC

  • This man got my props... thank u

  • I find the premise of you sciencing up the question of whether or not there are particulate additions to jet fuel more interesting than fog on the inside of a vehicle’s windscreen. I’ll save you the trouble, nasa and the air force already admit to doing this with metallic oxides in an effort to reflect the sun in weather manipulation exercises. But, you, the Utah Mormon, have all the answers with your glitter bombs.

  • So thankful for you Mr. Rober! Can I use this reversed to prevent ice in the winter on my windshield by precooling the glass before I park? Please let me know what you think! 🤔

  • Clean windows defog fast. Water doesn't stick well to the window itself, mostly to whatever is on it.

  • I just build a fire on my hood when I get up.

  • 3.30 if you are in a hurry and watching this

  • Will this work of there is a ton layer of ice?

  • What about defrosting? Would that be the same as defogging but frozen? Also often on really cold days my windows frost up on the inside. Why is that? I assume I'm sealing moisture in somehow (like from my breath) and then when I leave my car and come back it all freezes. But... how do I prevent that?

  • Solved decades ago on a motorcycle.

  • Ignore if you live in a place where temperatures dip below 30.

  • Please, lose the music, which spoils an otherwise brilliant video.

  • In most modern cars, the ac compressor automatically engages to be used as a dehumidifier when the settings are set to defrost. You do not have to turn it on separately.

  • So I drive an early 2011 Nissan leaf, the extra factor I have here to throw into the mix is range. Using the PTC heater in the morning I use up alot of range. Also to my cost I ran into an extra issue that is very particular to the first generation leaf which is that if you use the remote/timer heating feature and it was a really cold night and your 12 volt battery is running low you can actually break your car. Basically there is an issue in the firmware for this generation of leaf which will cause the relay that controls the pre-charge of the inverter for the (condenser/capacitor) in the inverter to stay latched open because the 12v has gone too low to disconnect it. The pre-charge resistor acts like a fuse at this point and burns out. The next time you try to start your car you cant and the car will throw a metric tonne of DTC errors. The part is a $10 part (non-OEM) if you can find it but the real issue is actually repairing it is dropping the main traction battery and opening it (which has 400v HV) and replacing said part. There are a few preventative things to do here. 1. use OVMS to monitor your 12v to check if its voltage is reducing overtime. (or some other monitored 12v system) 2. avoid turning the car on till you know the health of the 12v battery, especially on cold days/mornings. 3. use a 12v battery charger to keep you battery in better condition. 4. buy a less ridiculous car. I am seeing whether I can externalise this resistor safely and make some hot swappable enclosure which can be replaced by the driver without complicated tools and some big HV resistant gloves. The aim being that if this happens then the car doesn't require to have its whole traction battery removed from the car requiring a tow and a garage with a lift and a mechanic who is HV trained. Anyway Mark, Love your inspiring channel, hate condensation. Just bought an Ebac 300 de-humidifier (love it) might just stick that in my car every so often to wring out the hypothetical towel.

  • I use boiling water every time. Window cracks, but it clears the ice a treat

  • Pour warm water on the windscreen / windshield. It can (in theory) crack if it's freezing cold and you're using very hot water but I've been doing it for (lots of) years and no trouble so far. Just need to do it slowly and carefully. If you bust your own of course, don't come after me...

  • Thank you. That's right: Condensation Trail. Also known as a contrail, it is only water vapor. No chemicals unless you call water a chemical, so not a "chemtrail."

    • But water is a chemical. So is the CO2 and other byproducts of burning fuel, and possibly some amount of unburned fuel as 100% combustion is a tricky to obtain in the messy world outside a physics class. ;-)

  • I can tell you're from somewhere in the south because the steps did not include leaving your car on for an unhealthy amount of time; standing outside shivering for ten minutes while you knock the ice off the windshield from the outside - to then going inside to scrape all the frozen condensation off with a credit card.. Before the fog THEN sets - and immediately freezes again - forcing you to find the combination between the right hot air settings (as described in your video) - and strategically using your anti-ice washer fluid to melt ice on the outside - peering through the first clear hole at the bottom of the windshield that the hot air has FINALLY cleared - and just hoping you're not going to smash into your neighbours car.

  • I saw the Jurassic Park shaving cream for the first time when I went to visit my friend in SF and I pointed at my friend, yelling "Donson! Donson!!! Donson here!" and everyone was staring at us.

  • Californians: **laugh in 50 degrees**

  • Step 4 has me wondering how much fresh cold air you need in the car if you have to open windows after having the door wide open a few seconds ago to get in the car? Yes this is almost 5 years later, but just recently was introduced to this channel lol