One of us Shaves our Eyebrows 😬

Birt 11 feb 2019
One of the dudes SHAVES THEIR EYEBROWS in our wildest Overtime yet!
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  • does nobody think he looks like Gollum after he gets his eyebrows shaved?

  • Shave cobys Eyebrows next time

  • I know why Colby always gets unfortunate wheel its because he doesn't have a hat

  • I

  • First check the names

  • we love you cory

  • Or maybe Cory is very unlucky because he have been bottle busted a lot

  • All Burgur's prays to tiyler

  • I like the stuff keep it up

  • Why are they so mean to Cory😂😂

  • 18:56 it breaks look next to cory on .25 speed a peice falls off

  • 17:58

  • Who else is watching this again after they actually got a robot dog!?!🤣🤣

  • Is he Married to the wheel of unfortion

  • Any one else notice how he did not give Ty a 3D flute but a recorder?

  • That’s a recorder not a flute

  • I like the sweatshirt

  • I was hoping ty would have to shave his eyebrows because he would look even weirder then Cory

  • f for cory

  • Sad for cory

  • Now I know which twin is which

  • That hot tub is on the Bucket List

  • Can you do guess the guess again

  • 16:02 That became a reality in OT 17

  • I just realized Garrett only had 2/5 lol

  • me already knows the title and intently its thats unfortunete and cory got picked

  • This was made on my birthday

  • Gar looked barely different

  • im digging the hoodie ty

  • Cory is looking line an alien

  • who is the panda

  • We love you Cory

  • Other overtimes: 4 segments This overtime: 5 segments Other overtimes: So you have chosen death

  • Ty made a mask for his nose

  • The new male mona lisa !

  • 17:57 best part

  • Garrett’s cool not cool was amazing I don’t know why Cory “not cooled” it

  • Don’t worry Ty I like the sweatshirt

  • Tyler the noise warmer looks like a mouse

  • For the love of Cory Cotton don't Pic no more pls it makes me sad😭😭😅😅

  • Cory - "This is by far the worst punishment ever" Laying in a box of snake,. Getting french toasted, and sleeping in a bed of sand - "We'll see about that"

  • 16:02 Foreshadowing

  • i used to think the overtime song said “Tall guy, weird twins, purple hoser” instead of “Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser”🙄😂

  • Thumbnail: garret looks the exact same lol

  • As long as a loon is on that sweatshirt, ty you can wear it

  • cool not cool RULES like comment if you agree

  • Anyone else finds it funny that his favourite consequence is milk a cow straight into your mouth and he ends up doing it himself 😂

  • No no no no NOT THE FANS! Lol XD

  • Cory looks like Voldemort's cousin.

  • You don’t know how painful to have blonde eyebrows and be white skinned

  • '' My favourite one is milk a ciw straight into your mouth'' Famous last words

  • we love you Cory

  • sorry cory

  • that plastic mug definitely broke

  • The dislikes are from people who think Ned and ty are the same guy

  • Cory: I really thought 2019 would be different. That hurts :(

  • 3:55 Cody: you've got your apronon! 😆

  • There like jumping monkeys after cory picks his own name.

  • Ty looks creepy😱😱😨

  • Comment your favourite segment Mine,cool not cool

  • Squad: ROBOT DOG!! Cody in 2020: introducing, Robot Dog!

  • Who else said that’s unfortunate with cory

  • Cory looks so scary without eyebrows

  • Your video makes me cheer up even in deepest pain.....medicine for depressed people

  • My favourite segment is get crafty

  • I’m re watching all these and I realized how many sets they have for all the segments 😂

  • Who brings a pool or a hot tub hahaha in that house or a apartment and Cory isn’t a nice looking Without no eyebrows

  • I love how coby had a problem with corys hot tub thats over budget but didnt have a problem with codys 3D-printer that costs way more

  • Purple hoser

  • I said who shaved their eye brows by look at the thumbnail

  • LOL Cory pricked himself again XD

  • ty: my favourite milk a cow into your mouth later milks a cow into his mouth

  • Creepiest title award ever on youtube

  • They should do guess the guest more often.

  • till now cory has uncooled cobys item and garrett

  • It should be wheel unfortu'ned'

  • Intense music 🎶 in 9:27

  • 5:00 🕔 bottom right corner 2 burgers 🍔 on the floor

  • The nose warmer looks like a small mask

  • We need another guess the guest

  • 3:20

  • the twins are my favorite

  • Cory hates the hat but those 4 don't

  • Cool not cool 15:33

  • Wweeeee. E edd drrrrdddxss xdxxxxxdrdrddrdgrd seesessnnessessr

  • title changed 😂

  • Tyler looks scary in the thumbnail

  • Cookie thing is from vat 19.

  • It's so funny cory he makes the funniest faces when he pick himself

  • How can you say that about in and out in an hour has the best burgers in the whole world

  • We love you cory

  • Why Cory why

  • Cory I’m sorry 2020 isn’t different

  • Ty looked genuinely sad to take his bird hoodie off. Ty, I love it!

  • 2018-Cory picks himself 2019-Picks himself..i thought 2019 would be different we go again

  • was anyone else wondering where chick fil a was on taste test

  • is no one going to talk about the all battle winning superpower cory got after shaving his eyebrows

  • Why is Ned not wherein his big glasses