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  • she not pretending to be a teacher she is a teacher.... ik...ik...... and she forced her poor dog to be veagn :c like the poor dog needs meet ....


  • “She has a TikTok and a ISchats” she don’t got a tiktok anymore😂😂

  • 13:16 this part has me dying 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • I mean

  • she aint vegan she drinks water and fish come from water she's abusing fish everyone and destroying their habitat

  • The only person on her side is ✨satan✨

  • Wait the devil must have unzipped her jacket for a reason CAUSE SHE TRYNA MAKE US VEGAN

  • If i could i would send a dead chicken to her doorstep with a sign on it saying vegan food tasty

  • its a choice its not up to anyone some of these facts are true some arnt

  • 12:36 haha

  • Love it when daz pulled his guitar out and sang that lmao

  • Whose watching this in 2021 when shes been banned!!

  • I couldn’t stop laughing when you were just staring at the screen like this 😦

  • Bro vegetarian is understandable cuz not eating animals but veganism is kinda dumb cuz we make stuff that animals eat Soo.....

  • The dancing avacado looks delicious


  • haha.no.i.cant.i.was.there.vibing.and.then.see.you.reacting.to.the.vegan.teacher.than.i.had.to.see.that.and.omg.my.head,eyes.and.eares

  • My friend: issue daz games appropriate Me remembering what daz said ‘I wish someone would forcibly Impregnant me' Me: umm 😟 nope 😜

  • "That chicken didn't sign a contract to be eaten." "I know...." "How, sir?" "Because...they don't have hands..." XDDD

  • 8:48 This is the begging of a new cult

  • The straw part tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lmao Jesus literally ate fish

  • 2:20, What the fuck?

  • My teacher always says 3, 2, 1 and then the first thing that comes to mind is one of thatveganteachers song

  • ok while she eats the sponge (tofu) im going to eat my dad's barbeque

  • 2020: everyone should suffer 2021:get her banned


  • Yo I love his song

  • She is ruining it for religious people, so disgusting and so fricken manipulative

  • Ok I have nothing against vegans but what is wrong with eggs because they would have been laid anyway and it’s not harming the animal so what’s the problem?

  • “Im looking into paying for murder right now” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 exactly my thought

  • 13:15 not my teacher early demos xdzd

  • Jusssssst smash smash smash sum chicken ass really fast or else your an ass hole to. All the boy chickens:😛😏👀 All the girl chickens:😒 not again

  • Theory, the vegan teacher is part of a cult. “Teacher” might be a title she’s earned from her fame, and the stupid stickers she uses that have no relation to what the video is about. Those might be symbols of codes on what the real message of the video is about

  • 7:11 animal cruelty! look how brutally they are raping that cow...

  • 12:59 Sing off

  • 8:50 Why does she move like a zelda cdi character

  • Dang she can rly fit a lot of bananas atonce when she put her guitar in her mouth. If you know what i mean

  • Watch the vegan teacher watches this

  • She is killing plants because plants are alive

  • She is killing plants because plants are alive

  • That was beautiful that was probably one of the best guitar songs I’ve ever heard not the vegan teacher know him

  • 13:15 yyeeeaaaahhhh booooiiiiii🤣🤣🤣

  • I like my juicy pork

  • If humans weren't meant to eat meat, we wouldn't have canine teeth. I don't mind people who are vegan. You do you. But I like meat, so just let me enjoy my burger.

  • I know what’s in the toilet it’s that vegan teacher 👩🏽‍🏫🚽

  • My chickens litterly eat chicken that the dogs left! 💗😂😂😂 Also turkeys do not get AI they mate them selfs. (Most times)

  • I go to wagga mama for ramen and he just said “you should try the wagga mama vegan bowl”

  • 13:18 I started dying omg

  • Gordan Ramsay vs Vegan teacher

  • she eating that wood , aint that made of meat?

  • Yea well Jesus also says to not use profanity and she won’t stop using it so she’s a hypocrite

  • In the third one his reaction is so funny

  • In the third one his reaction is so funny

  • The dislikes on this video is that vegan teacher on multiple accounts😂

  • ah yes, the woman who is now banned from tiktok.

  • Oil when she said stop wth is on Ur plate me eating chicken nuggets me :.

  • Daz needs to make a distrack

  • Her putting a ukulele in her mouth was making me oddly uncomfortable

  • If I paid for murder you’d already be dead vegan teacher but you know Im tempted though

  • "suzies gunna grow apart and have an only fans" best sentence ever

  • im eating a meal deal w duck rn

  • Her husband is the puppet

  • Not me eating a sausage sandwich and watching this

  • Is she already on South park, because that episode would write itself LOL!!!

  • Hi daz


  • Who cares what you eat chicken its good

  • Who cares what you eat chicken its good

  • The veeig teacher hase been banned on tiktoc

  • Daz: Mandy you care more about cows then you do humans My mind: bitch I am a cow

  • the vegan teacher tiktok account got bannded XDDDD

  • and they just line them up in a masive wer house like alright chicens fuck FukE

  • No one: Daz: Get ready chickens... FuCk Me while having the flu : BAHAHAH-cough -hahaha

  • I’m pretty sure PETA hates her. Also I sent her a response over ISchats, she hasn’t responded yet. I think it’s because I have her cornered and she knows that if she responds, she has to back down and stop being obnoxious. Also also ukulele is easy to learn. Also also also she’s Canadian, not American. Also also also ALSO, her middle name is Karen. Yeah, what a coinkidink.

  • so glad she got banned, she was such a bad rep for the vegan community, i actually have to go vegan for my health for a while and i dont give a fuck if you eat meat or not😭

  • when he pulled out the giture and started to sing. (me vibingggggg)

  • Time for a tea party

  • You see the part that sucks the most is that she is from where I am from

  • “When I’m in the kitchen all I want is chicken so go and fuck yourseelfff” that shit hit me hard XD

  • nikkacado avocado: 🙄💅

  • 3:09 I LOST IT

  • What’s in my mouth chicken what’s is my butt well crap and what’s in my toilet water and why am I not vegan yet BECAUSE I LIKE TO EAT CATS AND DOGS

  • Me when daz said what has billie eilish done Me: EXACTLY Also billie is vegan so no need to put her in the go vegan videos.


  • Jesus also provided a ram in place of someones son for a sacrifice.

  • It’s sorshas mum 😂😂

  • I'm late

  • she's banned on tiktok

  • "Stop, what the hell is in your ass" OK BUT LIKE I DIED 💀💀

  • Also if a chicken is already dead you may aswell eat it even vegans will understand

  • I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat but I still eat dairy products, ik I'm not vegan but some people don't get the difference 🤣 That vegan teacher is SO annoying ;-;

  • idk if any crazy vegans like this woman would read this comment but uno if there is a chance they will i might as well say this: humans 👏 are 👏 not 👏 animals 👏 ok ok yes i know tecnically they are, i took biology. However we are definitely not on the same level as them. Humans are a superoir species and are at the top of the food chain. I know many vegans don’t like to hear this but it literally straight up facts. The reason why we are the most dominent species on this planet is because we have one big adaptation: our brain. This is in the same way a lion has teeth or a snake has venom. When we make tools and create more efficent ways of collecting resources like food it’s a part of evaluation as human intelligance is growing. I’d also like to say that people have a major trait that makes us human, that is compassion and morals. Animals don’t have those things. This is why you see someones do something horrible you might say it’s inhuman. I keep on seeing the vegan teacher and all these other crazy vegans compare animals to people as if they are on the same level. I personaly love animals (i’m vegetarian lol) but you simply can’t put them on the same level as people. It’s just wrong. I’m not being speciesist or veganist or whatever you people call it. I’m literally speaking straight up facts, no opinions involved. Literally scientific facts. Argue that. ps. I’m dyslexic i tried my hardest to get spelling right and word it correctly so bare with me 😂 i’m a bio student not an english student lol

  • You know watching the vegan teacher has really made me re-think think things... Anyways just off to KFC to grab a tub of chicken.

  • "I want you all to look your partner chicken in the eyes, and just bakAAAAAAHR"

  • I’d die of starvation if I was vegan I hate veggies I love my meat

  • 13:00

  • I'm not vegan but I get where she is coming from but she is just next planet annoying

  • I have BEEF with vegans. ;)