What Do Alien Civilizations Look Like? The Kardashev Scale

Birt 2 ágú 2020
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The observable universe is a big place that has been around for more than 13 billion years. Up to two trillion galaxies made up of something like 20,000 billion billion stars surround our home galaxy. In the milky way alone scientists assume there are some 40 billion earth like planets in the habitable zone of their stars. When we look at these numbers it is hard to imagine that there is nobody else out there.

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    • NASA is planning to launch humans to the moon so maybe we be a type 1 civilization in 2025 so we are going to have a bright future

    • Ok

    • Yes, they do not look at all !!! - Concepts of scientific and technological progress make it possible to assume that some extraterrestrial civilizations may be much more advanced than ours, since man appeared quite late by the standards of the age of the Universe.The solar system has existed for 4.5 billion years, of which approximately 4 billion was spent on the origin and evolution of life before humans. Considering that the Universe is "only" 13.8 billion years old, it turns out that our civilization appeared quite early.

    • im religious so does that mean my god is a type omega civilizatio?

    • Kannst du das auf dem deutschen Kanal hochladen?

  • But how did it start if a type omega did create us, who created them?

  • In the beginning who created the universe he is the one who was and is and is to come

  • You are saying that they're might be only type 2 and below

  • The only Type Omega may be in 250 myfn.

  • Imagine the type omega just accidentally presses delete and deletes the whole universe

  • Yeet

  • What about type 0.8 civilization

  • 34 why was this flips

  • 7:28 yup that's twin peaks

  • We will probably switch to a type 2 civilization by 15000 human year

  • Cant believe this stuff is free! The way this vids are delievered is so well detailed...!

  • my kerbals are already a type 69 civilization pathetic.

  • Our goal comrade

  • Weakness and ignorance are not barriers to survival, but arrogance is...

  • Fun Fact: The universe and its creations are infinite. New plants are being born every day, to the number of 1 million+ per day in our own galaxy.

  • You either colonize or be colonized.

  • That's enough internet for today

  • First we need a Universal Translator, like these little things that translate everything in the universe

  • The last part where you said maybe going up in civilization really got me thinking. Maybe the great filter is just some guy making Return To Monke pills just before the space exploration breakthrough and everybody agreed on taking them because the moment they’re intelligent enough to achieve convenient space travel they’re also smart enough to know that ignorance is a bliss, and this have happened to every intelligent life form.

  • at 6:45 that was a steller engine

  • Hilarious when atheists tell you the belief in god is stupid but they unironically believe shit like this lol.

    • Since life is possible then mathematically aliens are likely to exist. God whatsoever is impossible to prove

  • they can look like anything at all... we don;'t know shiet...

  • My point of view on this video has changed after watching steven universe 😂

  • This hurts my brain

  • It's time to find a girlfriend

  • What if there's another humanity out in the universe?

  • How you doing

  • Type omega civilization gave us the idea of religion in the beginning then left leaving us to evolve on our own with an ultimate goal to become a type omega civilization🤯

  • type omega civilization: I put a spacialy tessalated void inside a temporal field until a planet developed intelligent life...

  • I just love when the music gets ominous as the narrator talks about the Type 3+ civilizations...not only because those levels are so far beyond our comprehension but also because it emphasizes the feeling of uneasiness so much that we should fear those kind of aliens if they will ever spot us

  • What about start communicating with ants? I mean if we found a type 3 civilization they will think it's ridiculous to communicate with us as we think it's ridiculous trying communicate with ants

  • Type 0 Type 1 Planetary Harness Energy Of Planet Type 2 Stellar Harness Energy Of Solar System Type 3 Galactic Harness Energy Of Galaxy Type 4 Galactic Cluster Harness Energy Of A Galaxy Cluster Type 5 Galactic SuperCluster Harness Energy Of a Galaxy SuperCluster Type 6 Universal Harness Energy Of a Single Universe Type 7 Multiversal Harness Energy Of Multiple Universes Type 8 Omniversal Harness Energy Of Multiverses Type 9 Harness Energy Of The Omniverse(1 Only) Type Omega Harness energy of Fugk’n Karens.

  • The most important thing about becoming a type I to type II civilization we need to increase our lifespan, which only 80 years at Max we can't conquer the Galaxy, we need to be able to expand our lifespan

  • What if there are no type 3 civilizations and above yet because they might be progressing at the same rate as us, slower or a bit faster.

  • 9:15 very very good transition !

  • about that last thing you said about not expanding outwards, maybe civilizations moved inside their planets and built virtual civilizations or mega - TARDISes who knows what may be possible beyond our technology

  • I don’t think it’s even possible given the sheer numbers, personally I have high hopes

  • I saw aliens irl

  • What if aliens did a collaboration with humans n shared there tech People be like- "Hey bro where are u going this light year" Oh nothing special on the same milkyway museum observing the earth again

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  • This video makes me think that we're not alone in this vastly scaled universe.

  • I swear when I will reach 1K subs I'm creating instantly a game with these civilization type graphics

  • Type 5 civilisation: is able to use all the energy in the universe. Type X civilisation: is able to use all the energy in the multiverse.

  • dr who intensify

  • basically this video, * skill tree upgraded*

  • imagine ants trying to find out traces of human activities. "huh, this flat brick is shining (smartphone), must be some gemstones!" Perhaps humans are smart enough to deconstruct the natural phenomena around us to find something out of natural occurrence in an attempt to find proof of aliens. But what if the aliens never underestimate us and conceal everything perfectly? Or perhaps, the 'trace' is the existing nature and physics we see that is perfectly in place that it appears natural for our human eyes? P/s: I'm no scientist, but this video really stimulates the imagination. subbed!

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  • Can we just assume everything a human came up with is wrong? Oh wait..

  • 5:00 imagine trolling aliens, human meme all the win

  • did someone notice that there was a forth energy source besides power plant, dysons sphere, black hole bomb in 3:22 which I haven't seen a video about at all

    • @Joseph Smart but there is a video already on stellar engine.

    • There was also a stellar engine

  • Hate to bum you out, but we are the aliens from their history books.

  • 4:58 NASA: We trolled the aliens.

  • They were bored, so they made a universe that has tons of their toys

  • 7:28 the owls are not what they seem

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  • I used to be scared of dieting being noing for ever but the older I get the more I’d like to feel nothing for ever it’s scary af

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  • I'm getting Stellaris and Universe Sandbox vibes from this.

  • Mi teoria es que hay una civilizacion tipo Omega que creo este Universo y aun no encontramos a otras formas de vida por que ellos hacen lo que quieren ; Y todos los dioses de toddas las religiones son seres de civilizaciones tipo 4 o 5 :D ; NICE

  • the united kingdom: i don’t care ill just colonize and even make type 3 civilization speak english


  • there is star wars language inside

  • The Kardashian Scale im sorry

  • The aspiring employee synchronously guide because interviewer respectively nest unto a courageous protest. messy, drab surprise

  • 9:30 maybe galaxy voids such as Bootes Void could be signs of some super advanced alien civilizations

  • I would like a game like that with grapgics like these.

  • The type 3 's cretare(misspelled) is my fav. The

  • hey kurzgesagt look up blue dragon sea slugs

  • Humans might actually create life in some form, who will be sentient and aware of their surroundings they have born from, just like us. To them we will be their Gods. I definitely think some advanced species made us. If they were there then they must have been made by the species one tier up. And so on. It continues like falling into an endless hole forever

  • In case you didn’t notice, every intro is slightly different, like that monkey is always holding something. If you can spot anything else, share it.

  • Hey so I have a question: What would happen if we sent an extreme ophile bacteria to a corresponding planet? Like say one that lives in volcanic vents and sent it to say Venus? Or one that lives in the water in the arctic and sent it to the polar caps on Mars or europa?

  • Those aliens using organic matter as equipment, they remond me of the Botanists from the book Horizon Delta

  • Who knows.. God which knows

  • Maybe, and i know this sounds scary, we are the start of all this. The first universal, "intelligent" civilization. And we "have to" explore the vast mysteries of the universe ^^

  • Maybe in the future there will be a 3 civilization

  • What are the alien speaking, enchantment table language?

  • This video reminds me of Stellaris.

  • In what sense do we "extract" energy from our environment? It seems like whether we are "using it for things" or not, it's still part of the environment, as are we. And also, before we "extract" and use it, is it not doing things? Is a planet full of life not a thing? Is energy only "doing a thing" if a human is somehow steering it, and otherwise it's just... being energy and not doing a thing?

  • It's exciting to think that an entire galaxy or galaxy cluster could eventually belong to our civilization.

  • Yeah....WHATS A LEVEL HYPER (more than omega)

  • 2minutes in: "So humans are just bugs on a large scale."

  • what if things that we thought were naturally occuring are actually alien remmenants

  • The Kardashev scale assumes that you have to become type 1 before you become type 2. People are already thinking of ways to mine other planets and we might be able use the energy from a star before we can use all of the energy of our planet. Also, why does it have to go in this order?

  • wow you guys really like adventure time

  • (hypothetical scenario) type Ω civilization: exists humanity: why did you make the universe? type Ω civilization: *I was bored*

  • 4:59 troll face

  • If we don't find or develop the Heart of Gold I'll be disappointed.

  • F+ means fail+

  • Humans are like aliens to nature

  • By watching the first 3 mins video only needs script to be read by a woman. And also entirely animated and basically only made by women. Oh and also only allow comments from women too.

  • The changeable camera explicitly stitch because captain scully wave versus a guttural H habitual edge. miscreant, rhetorical scarf

  • After watching this video, I stopped being racist and homophobic:)

  • Really great and inspiring video, but I disagree with one aspect. The fact that we did not detect type 3 (and above) civilization impact does not mean that they are not out there. I say this because, if we barely comprehend what a type 3 civilization should be, than we can barely comprehend their abilities. We also always assume the same amount of greediness and desire for expansion, but, I find it really likely that potentially more evolved civilizations might've achieved a different, more unfamiliar framework for these basic desires.

  • we used animals before machines?

  • I don't know why I clicked on this video even though I know it not an English video

  • Guys I have roads in the universe and we have the most advanced technology we can control the universe and everything

  • Excuse me is that a Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy reference I see there (7:04 )

  • Area 51 is a Time Travel Facility. They also make Human Terminators. Aliens do not exist, just Time Traveling Americans. We are in a computer/superhuman simulation controlled by beings far older than us. God is a Female Terminator, a wormhole was created in March 2016 and contact was established. Male Terminators act as "Cell Phones" and establish the Wormhole to who knows where, possibly another dimension.

  • Lmao