Birt 17 okt 2020
Newcastle vs Manchester United Match Reaction! Join in the match chat on our Man Utd live stream as they take on Newcastle in the Premier League. 🔔Player Ratings VOTE Here
Match Reaction

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  • WalterCoinProof. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

  • Ricky is having the time of his life today yes!

  • Bruno "Magnífico" Fernandes

  • Ricky is having the time of his life today yes!

  • This is the Manchester United we want back ❤️🔥

    • This video legendary no??????

  • This is the Manchester United we want back ❤️🔥

    • Been saying it for a long time that Rashford should play striker and Martial on the left


    • I came just to see the Luke Shaw OG reaction 😂

  • I told you me and Bruno are on good terms. I ain’t getting sacked till next week😃😜

  • Mata rashford motm contenders Can’t wait to see telles infront of shaw! Maguire played well! Vdb involved in goals Daves saves is back!!!

    • Whole time u was saying don’t blink mark

  • Enjoy music and football sub for it song is out now

    • 2:59:25 the way he says “fucking idiots.” hahahah

  • Darlow's left foot was on the line, so it is a legitimate save

    • Goldbridge at the start: I won't get too angry: 1:14:25 1:32:10 2:29:29

  • Love all the comments on live chat saying Ole Out. Now can we actually respect Ole's decisions? He picks what he feels will be best, if it doesnt work then so be it

    • karl darlow was playing well before got hurt

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    • does anybody else think think that united go after kalvin phillips?

  • WalterCoinProof. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

    • Who watches just to see his reactions to goals

  • G

    • henderson,telles,bailly,pogba,matic,van der beek and ighalo should all start tuesday night!

  • Find the "WalterCoinProof" channel on Telegram, read the proofs, and start profiting today

    • lingard deserves to be back in either premiership matches or fa cup

  • Find the "WalterCoinProof" channel on Telegram, read the proofs, and start profiting today

    • karl darlow was playing well before got hurt

  • Who like this match then complete my challenge

    • karl darlow was playing well before got hurt

    • does anybody else think think that united go after kalvin phillips?

  • Been saying it for a long time that Rashford should play striker and Martial on the left

  • I came just to see the Luke Shaw OG reaction 😂

  • Here for a day

  • 2:59:25 the way he says “fucking idiots.” hahahah

  • Whole time u was saying don’t blink mark

  • Goldbridge at the start: I won't get too angry: 1:14:25 1:32:10 2:29:29

  • Who watches just to see his reactions to goals

  • Ricky is having the time of his life today yes!

  • Guess no rival fans in the comment today

  • two trucks having sex 😯 two trucks having sex 😯 my muscles 💪🏿 my muscles 💪🏿 involuntarily flex 🤗

  • Mark said it from the getgo that we should play Maguire, sit down everybody!

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  • 2:57:12

  • plzzz like

  • 3:01:45 Mark Goldbridge say WOW!!!

  • A Posh Crystal Palace,just a counter attacking side,brilliant away from home.Get used to CRAP home form.

  • Bruno could’ve had a hatrick

  • Hey Mark

  • Mata man of match

  • Never Ever Disrrespect Mata like you always keep doing. Even in this watch along you did for that disallowed goal. We are lucky that he wasted his prime at United. The guy is a baller and one of the most intelligent players we've ever had. Show some respect. And stop mentioning him in the same sentence as Lingard . Ole should try Martial with Van de Beek Mata and Bruno in behind and show just see the magic.

  • What a game last night 🔥 We are Man utd 💪

  • This match proved that pogba should be sold. Fred and vdb are both great player. Juan mata is a still quality player.

  • Well done flex..You are refreshing in all the negativity. Mark had no answer to it. But yeah, good debate :)

  • as usual you create a problem that clearly is not are telling everyone that the team that is supposedly leaked is a disgrace then you pick holes in the team that is much for your personal opinion...which I will not comment on.....all your not understanding proves the point that Ole knows more about teams and tactics that you ever will.....all you stupid fans arguing among yourselves about who should play.....

  • Think AWB would be the best RB if he just could come forward a bit more

  • Mark when Maguire scored “ I said we should of picked him” you definitely said all week “id drop Maguire”


  • 1:28:35 Newcastle pyjama bottoms 😂

  • Bruno decided to miss so that all the haters laugh and then score

    • @Yello_Mello yeah😂

    • Gotta love penandez

    • Hey most of you won't see this but i hope you are doing amazing so close to 3/k stay safe and be happy and you are a true legend :)

  • Who needs wingers when we can play VDB on one side and Bruno on the other, with Mata possibly playing the 10 and those three rotating and being intricate among themselves?

  • how the hell is he slagging mata off your having a laugh mate 😂

    • @Bertrand Lo did you see how he slagged him for the offside? he mentions him constantly with pereira and lingard, clear agenda against him. I agree he’s past peak, but still a better player than most in our squad. He plays CAM, u literally don’t need pace for cam all you need is a brain and the ability. Putting on the RW limits him and he still was motm today...

    • @Mr. Fister nah he hasn’t he gave him his credit I believe he’s got a valid point mata cannot perform like this eveygame cause he’s getting old and he’s lacking pace against a team that seats back mata would perform against a Liverpool or a city mata would be out pace and out strengthen and it’s not his fault same goes for matic

    • he’s got an agenda against mata, if anything this match proves we need mata on the field with the better players.

    • The offside was meant to be slagged but everything else mata was class

  • Hope we can play like this at old Trafford now

  • no beef.... mark would be/is a terrible father...

  • Bruno disallowed goal anyone

  • 13:20 (Starting line up confirmed) 1:14:25 (1-0) 1:31:38(Goal disallowed for bruno) 1:35:14 (1-1) 2:22:05(Extreme save by De Gea) 2:29:29(bruno missed penalty) 2:57:10(1-2) 3:01:43(1-3) 3:07:28(1-4) 😎😏

  • Darlow's left foot was on the line, so it is a legitimate save

    • It was behind the line. He more than followed the rules lol

  • VDB makes his teammates better teammates. That's a top class footballer. Pogs has been surpassed. Ole must switch starter sub roles with Pogba + Donny.. ASAP!!!

    • Agreed. I want United to use Pogba more because you're a rival club, VDB is the obvious starter over Progba. If I was United if sell Pogba and give the wages to VDB.

  • nice comeback. and nice wine-teeths mr gold

  • You were wrong... Ole is who showed the real balls ⚽️ ⚽️ by playing Maguire... You need the jolt mate... stop hating so much!

  • Mark wanted Maguire to be rested but I always think if your main defender or any position is under pressure make him play his way out of trouble and support him. Ole I'm proud of you today for not benching Harry because yes he's not a great defender but he's a quality player and players need backing like you showed ❤️

  • I was happily wrong as I suspected we’d be defeated! But 1-4 was deserved in every sense!

  • all you plastic fans put some fucking respect on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer name. RESPECT!!!

  • pogba and ddg must go, man utd might still have a chance

  • Relieved with the result but Newcastle didn't even try win the game. Nice confidence boost, but let's see how good this team really is the next few games

  • Bruno "Magnífico" Fernandes

    • @Paddy Muldoon fair enough then

    • @Ole Gunnar Solskjær considering Steve Bruce would have been sacked if he was a pe teacher. Yes

    • @Paddy Muldoon would a pe teacher win against Newcastle 4-1 (probably tbh)

    • @Ole Gunnar Solskjær your a pe teacher nobody asked

    • We’re friends now as well (promise)

  • Mark Goldbridge got Slabheaded by all his fake stands😂

  • Loving the new visuals! Keep up the great content!!

  • Ole what a quality manager and a top lad!! man united need to stick with ole he will bring back the glory days for united

  • mata deserves more first team football

  • Dave save reaction time stamp anyone

  • are we gonna deep the fact that someone said 4-1 united and got it right?

  • Bruno different class still best after missing a pen

    • @United Matters Then United go and confuse us all by beating PSG haha

    • @Friendly Homie fairplay. There are times UTD play like a joke.

    • @Toori Baba No, we're near the top, which doesn't even matter at this stage.

    • @Anurag Vishwakarma I doubt he's crying, we're all laughing at United, still. But he is wrong, Bruno is a class player and he does create more chances.

    • @Bruno Fernandes lol

  • so no one is gonna appreciate DDG for his save?

    • Not only the shot-stop itself, but having enough strength to scoop it away. What a save.

    • It goes against their agenda to appreciate the class and importance of it.

  • Ole out prucks

  • Rashford should’ve been passing the ball in the final third for players to score..he was being very selfish before which I don’t mind but not over & over again sigh he needs to step up, fed up of him not passing...pogba & VDB change the game, which is great to be able to change your midfield completely..Shaw best player of with his own goal.. mata needs rest but he is still gea still one of the best if not the best..

    • @Kurmir Defreitas anyways respect is appreciated. Now if you’d excuse me I’ve got to negotiate a deal with the Newcastle over 75s manger about phill jones

    • @Kurmir Defreitas yea defo got the job for until the next week at least

    • @Ole Gunnar Solskjær hahaha I’m dying lol well Ole you stuck with Maguire which was a surprise from his recent performances & he scored to props to hats off to you sir, you drppped pogba which was smart cause he wasn’t up to speed his last matches,keep this up & you might keep your job..

    • @Kurmir Defreitas I see. I didn't notice

    • @Kurmir Defreitas anything about the manager?

  • Some people will say it’s only Newcastle which i get to a certain extent, but don’t forget this Newcastle side that we dominated today had their best premier league start in years, and we absolutely oblitirated them, i think you Ole outers should give Ole a bit of credit imo and the players deserve credit as well, but you lot do what you want, each to their own👍

  • To man u u had proved themselves

  • slaggin mata off in the first half when he was motm have some respect!

    • He played well but not motm Rashford was motm

  • If United had played any other team than a piss poor Newcastle it would have been another loss.

    • @Asare Isaac makes no difference. Newcastle are the perfect team to play after you've just been arseholed 6-1 by Spurs. They dont even compete against the so called 'bigger' clubs under a clueless and tactically inept Steve Bruce.

    • I don't think you watched the game but sure

  • If only we could play like we did in those last 5 90 minutes a week

  • My prediction is 4 - 1 to united

  • I don want to see James or Fred in a United kit ever again.

    • @Jamie McCabe imagine how I feel :(

    • @OlivertheMusicMan Fred couldn’t pass a year 6 spelling test Nevermind a football

    • @show245 he did more work than any of the defenders and closed down Newcastle players a lot to stop them getting forwards. He’s the only one in midfield that actually gave a crap tonight

    • @OlivertheMusicMan how was fred great? It's true that he works hard but his on the ball play is poor, his passing accuracy is just poor....

    • Nah Fred is my fav boy in training and Dan james is a very young prospect. Pls forgive them

  • Dat person who said 4-1 great prediction

  • GOALS 1:14:20 1-0 1:35:14. 1-1 2:57:10 2-1 3:01:35 3-1 3:07:28 4-1

  • PE teacher.

  • James needs to play

  • C'mon utd Game won

  • I told you me and Bruno are on good terms. I ain’t getting sacked till next week😃😜

  • Why is VDK not starting ?

  • This is the best performance we’ve done keep it up we can possibly beat PSG with this play

    • @LightningBlade420 but they didn’t 😏 (that’s my credit)

    • @Buckblacket wouldn’t say that if they won mate

    • @Buckblacket lol but would you be saying that if they won though? 😝

    • Are you kidding? You will get hammered by PSG. Newcastle are dogshit! lol

    • No we can’t🤣🤣

  • My head hurts.....Harry Maguire and wan bissaka score in the same game

  • This match was evident that Bruno and Donny need much more game time together

    • U lot really underrating Mata

    • And get rid of Pogba

    • @Omer Meshulam shush

    • bruno was crap

    • @show245 but he’s a great lad and he tried his socks of in training last week; he even scored (I won’t say whether it was a normal goal or own goal coz that’s not important), in fact he scored a fair few so give some respect to his name

  • I never doubted manu r d coach if the players give it their best then we will win

    • You should doubt the coach and the glazers. Old doesn't seem to care, neither do the glazers, but for once the players do.

  • 1:14:25 1-0 1:35:14 1-1 2:57:10 1-2 3:01:35 1-3 3:07:28 1-4 What we all came here for 😁😁😅

  • 1:14:30 1:35:20 2:57:10 3:01:48 3:07:25


  • Ggmu 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • Flex was the only one talking sense before this match on United Stand.....make sure you keep Flex on this channel.....he is top bin

    • Exactly. Goldbridge is entertaining but his opinions on football are sometimes plain stupid and laughable. Flex knows his thing. Goldbridge is just an entertainer. His football knowledge is mediocre.

    • @kenopz makes a lot of sense, Flex is a top man

    • @kenopz oh I never knew he was a teacher.

    • @I WILL BE A MILLIONAIRE at least he used to be mate

    • @kenopz is he a teacher?

  • Bruno Fernándes is the best CAM Kevin de bruyneShit is nowhere near as good as GoatNandes

  • This is the Manchester United we want back ❤️🔥

  • Shout out to Flex