Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well, it's Complicated.

Birt 29 sep 2020
A special thanks to the team at Our World for helping us out with data and research!
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This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy - a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is working to expand clean-energy investment and support the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero carbon emissions.

Climate Change is just too much. There is never any good news. Only graphs that get more and more red and angry. Almost every year breaks some horrible record, from the harshest heat waves to the most rapid Glacier melt. It’s endless and relentless.
We have known for decades that rapid Climate Change is being caused by the release of Greenhouse Gases. But instead of reducing them, in 2019 the world was emitting 50% more CO2 than in the year 2000. And emissions are still rising. Why is that? Why is it so hard to just stop emitting these gases?
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  • We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why! You can get it here: Appstore: Google Playstore:

    • @Fernando Queiroz Popovic here are some excellent resources: The book “false alarm“ by Björn Lomberg. Dr. William Happer, preeminent scientist in climatology and other advanced disciplines.

    • @Cap You would have to be anencephalic to believe this garbage. So, possibly.

    • Hey kurz can you make a game about evolution

    • Yeah i bought it

    • Ehmm, it costs money

  • 日本語字幕お願いだよ😭Could you add Japanese subtitles to your videos?

  • I'm gonna use some of your animations for a project on a course on Sustainable Development I am currently following. Other than being incredibly satisfying (the colors, the smoothness, the sound) they're astonishingly clear and effective. I cannot express how much I admire you.

  • Say it SAY IT !!!!! We are all dead

  • Climate change is total bullshit

  • Can I and if so, how can I submit subtitles in my native language to these videos?

  • Spending more on renewable energy is great for the short term but people forget that renewable sources like solar and wind take years to cancel their own manufacturing carbon footprint print, also they have a shelf life too. Solar panels last something between 5-15 years depending on quality, when they are eventually scrapped the components and chemicals inside are highly toxic and harmful to the environment, these will either be dumped in third world countries or will have a large carbon footprint to disassemble and reuse materials. The best energy producer available is nuclear hands down, low carbon footprint per energy unit produced, the safest and all the harmful byproducts are contained in a neat and relatively small package that can be safely locked away and properly disposed of hundreds or thousands of years from now. Switch to nuclear

  • First it says education and contraception in developing countries may help. The it says a programmer has a footprint of 50 farmers in Uganda. So the way would be to go full green.

  • We are all in this together. We need to act fast to reduce CO2 emissions. Govts need to do more. Shut pollution causing industries and vehicles without any favourism and promote renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tidal. Scientists need to explore new technology to capture the energy from lightning bolts. As individuals what we can do? 1) Try to reduce electricity bills by as much as 10 to 50 %. 2) Try to reduce the usage of vehicles. 3) Avoid unnecessary overspending, don't be extravagant. Try to live simple life. 4) Avoid plastic that is another devil on our earth. Its all about our future generations Think about them, they should have livable conditions on this earth. We need to answer to God about all the pollution and corruption that we are causing on this earth. Holy Quran Surah 30:41 says: “Corruption has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of the people have earned, He thus let them taste the consequences of their works that they may return.

  • Idea for a video: To combat the fact innovation takes a while, scientists could use the tech USAF engineers are now using to make a 6th gen fighter jet. In short, they built a very accurate program they can insert things into, and then make alterations to without wasting money. For example, they can realize they need a more aerodynamic tail much more quickly and cheaply. Edit: sorry for grammar, was too lazy to fix it.

  • Good news! I have shared this video with some important people. They seemed exceedingly interested in your ideas. Just curious as to what kind of person thinks it’s a good idea to present virtually genocidal ideas to children? You actually suggested that people in third World countries and should use contraception more often and more effectively, that sounds racist at best, genocidal at worst.What’s next? You’re going to suddenly push abortion in Third World countries? Every black and brown person on this planet should be absolutely outraged and I will make sure they know about this video. Buckle up, buttercup!

  • This video is full of racist hate against all people in Third World countries. They emphasize the need for greater use of contraceptives in Third World countries. Aren’t Third World countries mostly brown and black? If they’re pushing more contraception in those countries, how long before they start pushing for more or abortions? How long before they start letting the elderly and the sick just die because it’s cheaper?

  • Parents, is this garbage being taught in your schools? Do you know for sure if it is or not? Have you watched it? It’s horrifying worth their formatting as acceptable under the guise of harmless cartoons. Parents, This is not the only garbage they are teaching our children.

  • I have to wonder why you are presenting this information to innocent children instead of mature adults. If what you say is true and so good, why isn’t it being presented to America on primetime TV? Why not present it to the government? Why are you focusing on children? Why are you presenting horrifying objectives in a cartoon format? Why are you presenting ideas to children that would give adults nightmares? Why are you focusing on children? Why? Why ? Why the cartoon format? Why are you trying to convince children that depopulation is good? Did you realize that adults would see the nightmare for what it is, so your only chance was to present it to children who wouldn’t really understand because they would be distracted by the cartoon images?

  • Does anyone remember that huge winter storm in Texas recently? PEOPLE DIED because we depended on “renewable energy“. PEOPLE DIED because Texas depended on solar energy and wind energy to support the electrical grid. Solar energy doesn’t work in the winter. Wind energy doesn’t work at night or when the wind is calm. It was a recipe for disaster and people in Texas died because of it. Green energy is the big lie. The green new deal is the big lie. It takes more fossil fuels and CO2 to produce a single solar powered it off then that panel will ever produce in its usable lifetime. Tens of thousands of acres of trees Have to be cut down to make room for solar panel farms that only last a few years. Wind farms kill more birds than airplanes do every year. Wind farms never produce enough energy to contribute to the electrical grid. Wind farms are always subsidized by the federal government, which means you the taxpayer. So you’re paying to buy electricity that you never get. Do you still think that’s a good deal? Solar only produces electricity while the sun is out, and only for 8 to 10 hours of daylight is usable to produce electricity. And when it’s cloudy, forget it. When you buy your electricity from our utility that uses “Green NRG“, you sign a contract that has fine print that will drain your bank account. When the power goes out, they have the legal right to skyrocket your electrical rates and take the money out of your bank account because that’s the document you signed when electricity was cheap. This is the truth they don’t want you to hear. There’s a lot more, but it only gets worse.

  • (all the following is only opinion and perception, but I think it is very important) It just keeps going up and we never learn if actions we take actually worked, and even if we did, and we saw it wasn't working, we can't do anything as an individual, and even in groups, it doesn't work. The thing is that others don't listen, imaging you do everything to decrease your carbon footprint, which is what everyone should do, the person next door right be decreasing it too, but what about everyone else? They all seem to keep going, and except if we were in a topic father knows best dictatorship, you won't be able to do anything. My problem is that I can see the result of what we have done for now to decrease it, even if at this point it is supposed to have had at least SOME effect. I really want a bar, like a donation bar in streams, where we see it advancing each time we go forward against climate change, and things are getting better. I think that that bar would have a tremendous effect, and it would fix things. But where is that bar? Why aren't we getting it? Please I want to see it so we can explode it, there should be largely enough for us to make it.

  • I know that kurzgesagt animators are working really hard and getting better and better at a very fast rate, but is it possible to have a series of kurzgesagt tutorials

  • Hello i am looking for french subtitles, it seems there are rarer and rarer...

  • Ask me again why I didn't have kids...and the answer is money.

  • Really great video as always, but could this BE anymore depressing

  • Hello, I'm currently working on programming an app which helps to stop the climate change. It would be great If you'll give me some ideas on what i should programm in the app too, so that you can help the earth with your ideas

    • Finds ways to improve and then increase there points

  • bruh just stop using money and use robot slaves to build buildings and stuff

  • Oj oj jktgk OK Google Ja oglądam bajki z filmików a

  • People in general are thicks as s**t. Just take a look at what is going on just now. Goons are everywhere. The planet heating up and cooling down over many years is a natural process. Just look back in history. Yes people have poluted waters etc but the planet heating and cooling over thousands of years is a natural process. Globalists look to use it to control and manipulate all. Wake the f**k up people. Vast majority of the human race are a bunch of brainwashed clowns who believe anything media or their TV tells them.

    • @Kevin Fraser Yes i am well aware that you are to young to have an adult conversation.

    • @Bluesbr0ther 🙈💩🙈💩🙈💩🙈💩🙈💩🙈💩🙈💩🙈💩🙈💩

    • @Kevin Fraser I thought you were done replying :-) And i don't ignore any facts , i know quite a lot about climate change actually.

    • @Bluesbr0ther good ridance✌

    • @Bluesbr0ther facts that you ignore clown.

  • we need thanos

  • Dinosaurs lived 150 million years without causing their own death. And we are starting to cause our own death at 200 000 years, I guess we are not so intelligent after all

    • Well, i see a new Speedrun record.

  • The problem isn't that there aren't any solutions, the problem is that humans are a bunch of greedy little shits...

  • I would want to see more climate change videos

  • daily reminder that nuclear power plants are less or equally contaminating than solar and wind energy, and produce a lot more of energy the answer is to use nuclear energy and the new generation of nuclear reactors is coming very quickly, with 99,7% of the uranium being reused and not generating nuclear waste for years

    • @Raiden It's all good , i am not here to fight with anyone. I just like to discuss the topic.

    • @Bluesbr0ther yeah it was my mistake, sorry about that

    • @Raiden Which is fine, now it looks more realistic. But there is a big difference between 8.500 GWh and 8,5 GWh. Like i said , solar panels would take up around 75 times as much space so i am well aware that nuclear is the more stable option. Some offshore wind turbines like ''Hywind Scotland'' do have a capacity factor of 57% now though.

    • @Bluesbr0ther A 2015 report, “Land Requirements for Carbon-Free Technologies,” compared the land area that various types of electricity generation facilities would require to produce the same amount of electricity as a 1,000-megawatt nuclear power plant in a year. The results highlight the exemplary performance reliability of nuclear energy facilities as well as the very high energy density of nuclear fuel. A nuclear energy facility has a small area footprint, requiring about 3 square kilometers per 1,000 megawatts of installed capacity. This figure is based on the median land area of the 59 nuclear plant sites in the United States. In addition, nuclear energy facilities have an average capacity factor of 90 percent, much higher than intermittent sources like wind and solar. By contrast, wind farm capacity factors range from 32 to 47 percent, depending on differences in wind resources in a given area and improvements in turbine technology. Solar PV capacity factors also vary based on location and technology, from 17 to 28 percent. Taking these factors into account, a wind farm (wich has a larger capacity factor than solar) would need an installed capacity between 1,900 megawatts and 2,800 MW to generate the same amount of electricity in a year as a 1,000-MW nuclear energy facility. Such a facility would require 932 square kilometers of land, now imagine solar farms. There can be larger nuclear facilities, and my numbers are 8,5 GW a year, my mistake for not putting a comma

    • @Bluesbr0ther And why dont they make sense? I looked up the info and came up with this numbers

  • Honestly kursgesagt you’re helping the planet.

  • Sometimes I wonder if I’ll make it to 80 with how things are looking now

  • Monke hold fluorescent bulb

  • our planets dying and that makes me really sad

    • @Entropic Pedro I think that's what he means

    • The planet isn't dying, Earth will be fine, it's ecosystems tho, won't be

  • I wanna learn how you animate long animations so goodly

  • Is it possible for Kurzgesagt to manage the government?

  • Yet people still think climate change is political like wtf?

  • 7:22 Duolingo Bird: You missed your Ukranian lessons. You know what happens now!

  • 日本語字幕お願いします🙇‍♂️Could you add Japanese subtitles to your videos?

    • @Icyr0bin - 今まで最高でも3ヶ月以内には日本語字幕出てたんですがね、今回もう4ヶ月経ってます😢自分が英語できるならチャンネルでもなんでもやりたいところです

    • 日本語のチャンネルを作るべきです...

  • I like the cat doormat (🖕😼🖕)

  • i went and turned down my thermostat after watching this video

  • No. The only thing that is changing the climate to change is that there are too many chinese and indians in asia and they are weighing the earth down. See I can come up with crackpot ideas too😀

    • Holy shit what’s your drug dealer’s number, he’s got the good stuff

    • ?

  • Nothing wrong with climate Lies lies lies Only fools belief crimminals like Bill Gates Its all about making money

    • @Khang Nguyen I’m literally on your side...

    • @Hi i’m Peyton! it's called weather. Climate change means more erratic weather,not just hotter summers and winters.

    • Then explain what happened in Texas

    • are you delutional

    • You are ignorant and blind.

  • In germany this year 3 nuclear power plants will be shut down for ever. I my opinion this is a big mistake

    • @Icyr0bin - in Germany the burreaucrazy is a huge problem and also the people are ageinst anything

    • people fear nuclear power but are okay with huge oil spills? so disappointing.

  • 7:39 So the answer is taxes, huh? Taxes that will go to imperfect pepole in goverments that are happy to send troops and aircrafts to countries that produce carbon fuel ( Btw Emitting much bigger amounts of co2 in the process than anyone watching this video right now ever could).

  • makes me cry to think that our earth will once die whether it's because of us or because of nature, (like the sun expanding) :'(

    • We go down in nukes that’s for sure

    • Earth won't die, people will. Earth will be fine, at least for the next 4 billion years.

    • @Bluesbr0ther just a matter of how it ends

    • Everything has a beginning and an end , that is the natural order of things.

  • You get Mornos like Bill Nye and the like theorizing over climate change but you can clearly see that the climate has always changed, it has to change, that's the nature of the climate, it changes to suit the seasons and many other factors. I think a lot of money has been spent on the wrong things, but still good to stop the plastics and lower emissions regardless. Science these days invent theories and then, later on, apply them as fact, but they are still just a theory until proven to be a fact. A bit like evolution with not 1 shred of evidence to prove the theory a fact, no fossils and they are too pig-headed to conclude that the fossils they claim to have are just extinct, separate species of apes, not humans. I believe the storms are getting bigger and more frequent due to the weakening magnetic fields allowing solar radiation and other particles in making the storms bigger and upsetting the climate. I wouldn't want to bet the future of the world to these 'pretty bowtie' scientists who really don't see past there fantasies of climate change and direct there 'Brillant minds' into something that has more explanation than this political far left climate change politic.

    • @Bluesbr0ther I'm sorry you feel that way. Cheers ay

    • @John Mech And nothing you say can convince me that your imaginary friend is responsible for the life on this planet. Placing everything in God's hands is just another way of denying responsibility for your own doings. ''It was God's will'' But was it really his will? Was it his will that children should be able to get cancer? Or that a meteor hit Earth 60 million years ago and wiped out 75% of all life on the planet? Is he that sadistic? Or does he just not care? Saying that ''all things happen for a reason'' or that ''God works in mysterious ways'' are just catchphrases to try and explain away all the many many illogical things about faith.

    • @Bluesbr0ther The creator cannot be created. If he could then he wouldn't be the creator, God is the beginning and the end. You speak of material things, like the universe itself. Faith is believing even though you can't see what you believe in. And from what we know about God he is not material, he's spirit, but telling an atheist these things is pointless as it's also written you are blind to these things. I don't like the idea of teaching children that evolution is fact, because it's not and all schools teach it as fact when it should be at the very closest a probability and a theory. Darwin had mental issues as well as coming up with this theory. It's a blunt, stubborn act from the scientists to refuse to believe that God created everything, but makes much more sense and even scientific fact with DNA etc that evolution simply can't be the way we all got here. It's impossible. That's my truth according to me and nothing you can say will shake my faith.

    • @John Mech All things must have a beginning and an end. Where did God come from?

    • @Bluesbr0ther so DNA happened by chance? Even todays top science agrees that DNA could not have possibly happened by chance, that the complexed codes of DNA was actually put there. It's a program that is so complexed that it must have been there before any life could be formed, its impossible for life to form without DNA SO it must have been in place before any living thing was created or evolved. Science can't answer this. And where's the proof of your theory to keep people in check?' Before security cameras? What a load of rubbish!

  • lol its already too late, the rich are going to mars in a few decades from now and build cities and plant life (once they warm up the temperature there). People like us will be stuck on earth and will suffer the consequences form these rich fucks.

  • I thought This video was fantastic but it honestly just reinforced to me how hopeless I believe the situation we are in is because in the United States money runs the country and as long as there is money in fossil fuels then the wealthy elite will put there temporary wealth ahead of the health of the planet and the future of society I truly hope I’m wrong but I don’t know if I am

  • *Laughs in blizzards in Austin TX and Snow Days in Tennesse*

  • In 2016, Portugal had 5 days only renewable.

  • When will these mortals learn

  • in short, to stop or at least to slow down climate change, we need people to be decent, thoughtful and educated. which means: WE ARE DOOMED.

  • -4 807 000 views

  • this channel is smart and amaze but god darn it you say kabob like ka-bob not ka-BAB

  • People need to stop farting do much

  • Can you stop brain washing kids

    • Your brain washed the carbon is brainwashed you

  • Reforestation is the answer.

  • awesome! someone will finally do the thing instead of saying they'll do it and dont do it

  • yet, there more idiots than intellectuals


  • I swear if this video is sponsored by Bill Gates I’m going to lose my mind

  • 7:23 can someone explain me this point?

    • There are nuclear power plants that produce much less co2 than coal plants, but people oppose them for other reasons and cause them to shut down.

  • If only there were animals that could breathe co2 and methane

  • Climate change is happening and has happened over billions of years, we ought to build quality items that last instead of the shite everyone consumes also rich contribute to climate change far more than poor they tend to travel in jets all over have huge houses loads of cars then drive an ev to say how green they are politicians just as bad

  • I think the mindset of people have to change for this change to be possible - we don't have to have every piece of latest technology, buy always new clothes when the old ones are still good etc... otherwise there is still a demand and someone will use it to get return by satisfying it... and will produce CO2 in the process.

    • I hate that phone batteries are sealed and couldn't be replaced easily with a new one, i know that there's no back panel anymore for "water proofing" but come on...

  • I like how kurzgesagt underestimate human's foolness. Seeing those dumb leaders and politicans made me nihilistic....but kurz never give up hope.

  • We need to start doing something, and NOW!!!

    • Bruh, just don't have kids, it's too late

  • I love the birds 🐦

  • bill gates heated driveway is destroying our planet he also burns 400 gallons of jet fuel AN HOUR on his private jet

    • @Ooh Lala There are no articles linked in any of these posts. As for the overpopulation , the reason it is a problem is because we cut down forests everywhere to make room for cities and farmland. And since trees absorb CO2 , the more forests we cut down ,the more CO2 ends in the atmosphere instead.

    • @Bluesbr0ther You responded to a post with them linked? Just seems like youre trying to defend these people while also then blaming others for having children. Guessing you have none, or 1-2 like most westerners. So you're just trying to pretend we all have no responsibility other than random ideas like "overpopulation" DUN DUN DUN! Weirdly, even if you cut the population of the poor in HALF we still wouldnt put a dent in the contributions from the richer of us: emissions would effectively still be the same bc its the poor having all the kids. Just google it if you cant find the articles: "worlds richest 10% produce HALF of global carbon emissions"

    • @Ooh Lala I have no idea what articles you refer to. As for you trying to mock me , give it your best shot. I never get offended anyways.

    • @Bluesbr0ther Yeah I would give those things up if I truly thought the world was going to burn into lava because of it. Then again, I don't really use much, maybe people like you do need to cut shit down as well. But now now, don't you worry your pretty little head about it, bill gates toesy woesies will be perfectly warm every time he steps out of his porsche when he gets home to his 66k sq ft mansion. He will offset ANY emissions you try to cut down on by just doing double the damage tomorrow for you. Itll be okay :D Also, your an idiot if you think the people having 8 babies account for ANYTHING comparatively It's almost like you didn't even look at the articles where they pointed out how STUPID that argument is.. If ANYONE needs depopulated its them. God you're dense.

    • @Ooh Lala Bill Gates has most likely produced your PC. Another rich guy owns the company that made your phone. Another rich guy owns the company that pumps up the oil for your car and home. Another rich guy owns the coalmines that you also get heat from. Without those rich guys you would be sitting in the dark , have no internet and no phone ,your apartment/house would be unheated and you would have to eat your dinner raw. . Bill Gates manage a climate fund that has donated Billions for green energy experiments to try and solve the crisis that the massive overpopulation has created.

  • I hate when glass ears melt

  • Global warming doesn't exist

    • @Jed U just don't get it do u. u have no proof. U listen to what u want to hear.

    • @TopLock Yet most people belive it.

    • @TopLock They paid scientists to fake global warming

    • @TopLock What you said was false.

    • @TopLock Get real information

  • It is my opinion that as long as humanity continues to divide itself between borders, cities, nations, cultures and resources, it will continue to degrade. Humanity will not survive unless they work together as a whole for the betterment of HUMANITY and not nationality.

  • 2:21 there are really 50 birds. I counted.

  • phbbbb my for you page is so screwed up i have him and lazarbeam on my fyp with clumsy too XD

  • 4:20.... iron man??

  • yeah climate change is cool but have you ever lost a 1x1 lego and found it again

  • Global warming is a progressive hoax. Real scientists are checking the receipts and the data don't add up. Greenhouse Effect is a progressive invention, it doesn't happen. It was invented for money. Cap & Trade scam will funnel trillions to Davos globalists.

  • The dinosaurs got taken out by a meteor. We got taken out by the fossils of dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs want their land back. The Indians are mad too.

  • Thank you kurzgesagt for providing information for my science presentation :3

  • Meaning government need to make new policies to shift the investments in the renewable energy and nuclear energy, and less in fossil fuels. And people need to be less greedy, eat less, travel less

    • So in other words we're doomed

    • There's millions millions of people that didn't travel at all in their lifetime

    • Exactly Nuclear power will need to be the main power source while we expanded wind, solar while we find the next technology that will save humanity because what we got is not the 100 year answer.

  • Dream: Minecraft Speedrun Humanity : Earth climate Change Speedrun. 😓

    • nice comment but yet true sadly

  • Not a single mention of animal agriculture SMH.🙄

    • true and manufacturing. he does not seem to know the real struggles of climate change.

  • Those corrupt leaders have to watch these videos

    • They do, and then they smoke their cigars in the end and receive kickbacks from fossil fuel companies

  • At the end the ducks had voices from duck game

  • too many climate deniers out there. It's embarrassing

  • So when is the earth expected to be uninhabitable due to climate change

    • 2030 we will feel affects like covid but 2050 we should all be gone

    • Never.

  • I wish the Christian fundamentalists would switch teams and instead of rapture, focused on climate Change lol

  • From all the things you mentioned there is only one that we can do right now: change our behaviour. The western world should do it first, since we are mostly to blame and since we should give the rest of the world an example. Now try to tell a westerner he/she should go vegan. Hahaha. Thats why we wont save the climate probem. They dont call it the wicked problem for no reason. ;)

  • Climate change is a natural cycle of the earth, why is everyone so bothered about it? We are currently in a mini ice age, hence the polar ice caps.

    • It's a natural cycle of the Earth, yes. However, not at the rate we're seeing at the moment which is the problem. Naturally, the climate changes over the course of thousands of years, even millions, but we've seen rapid changes since the industrial revolution. That's the issue. We're already feeling the affects of it and we will see more unless something drastically changes.

    • Yes, the earth does naturally heat and cool over time. However human co2 emissions are causing rapid heating. There are different isotopes of carbon in the atmosphere. Carbon-14 is the isotope of carbon that is released from natural sources like plants, volcanos, etc. Carbon-13 is the isotope released from ancient carbon sources like coal. We have data showing the ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-13 in the atmosphere, and carbon-13 is rapidly increasing. This is evidence that human activity is causing the extra co2 in the atmosphere and therefore the current climate change. (The Suess Effect).

    • you guys actually don't know the problem the earth take millions of years to heat up and we are only doing in a hundred. Ur asking what will we do when the oceans rise. guess what will be dead by then. We need to think solutions such as solar,wind, nucueler and make little sacrifices instead of big ones in ten years.

    • @Ultra Obama The question is , how do we feed everyone when the globe warms up. Yes yes , i get it ,it will not be in our lifetime but still , Earth will have problems feeding everyone when all the ice melts and the sea level rises 75 meters(230 feet).

    • @Bluesbr0ther the end result's still the same so it doesn't matter the cause. The earth will warm up and also cool down again many more times before the sun swallows it. Life has evolved and adapted before and will do again. No point worrying about it.

  • Look at all these awesome things we could do to preserve our climate, which will never happen under a capitalist economic system. The businesses producing the most CO2 are only focused on maximizing profits, they could care less about the climate. The real answer here is communism.

    • @g China isnt communist, and also their emmissions will be higher because 1) more people living their by a lot, and 2) they produce a 3rd of the manufactured goods since we export our labor to china and sadly their uyghur labor camps.

    • @Bluesbr0ther also he failed to take into account that a lot of US companies export their labor to china meaning that the US would have higher greenhouse gas emissions if china wasnt producing our goods. Also he forgot china is socialist only in name :)

    • @TopLock Of course, but do you really think that any of the regulations listed in this video to prevent climate doom will happen under capitalism? we at least need socialism soon to have a chance at survival.

    • the real problem is congress and its some peoples denial.

    • @g But they are also 4 times as many people. Which would put their per capita emissions at around half as much as the U.S.

  • Can we so this still?

  • live a frugal life. I’ve done my part.

  • To be honest with You We should stop or they’re ruining peoples futures also takes a couple here humans ca save the world

  • In Kansas the average temp durring feb should be around 30F. It's 70... No one cares.....

  • お願いします🙇‍♂️ I'm always looking for your film translated in Japanese. However the last film with only English , I have been waiting for it in Japanese for four months . Can I expect it ?

  • in my country we get 47% of our power fully green and thats why im proud of it thanks denmark

    • @eggs benny yeah i am kinda pruod of it

    • Nordic countries have been amazing in terms of reducing co2 emissions!

    • @TopLock yeah i kow and i am doing everything i can do

    • nice but still need to get to 100%

  • It’s not complicated, we burn more and more fossil fuels each year. The Earth will heat up more and more. We’re heading in the wrong direction. Windmills and solar panels are totally inadequate toy solutions to a multi Giga scale problem

  • The earth has been cooling since its formation and the earth is moving away from the sun at 1.5cm per year. We will soon have to artificially ADD carbon dioxide and other chemicals to the atmosphere to keep from freezing. This is why Global Warming is called Climate change now. The earth which has had remarkably mild weather for the past 100 years is cooling not getting warmer. There will be periods of warmer climate but it will always trend cooler. These periods are thousands and hundreds of thousands of years. The hottest temp on earth was recorded in 1913. The coldest was in 1983.

    • First of all , those 1.5 cm per year is completely irrelevant. In 1000 years it will be 15 meters. The distance from Earth to the sun is 150 million km which is 150 billion meters. So instead of meters it will be meters in a thousand years. . Secondly , while it is true that the highest temperature was in death valley in 1913 we don't really know how accurate the measurements was 100 years ago. Furthermore , we broke the record for the highest yearly global average temperature in 2014. Only to break it again in 2015. And break it yet again in 2016. So you can say that it is getting colder but there is absolutely nothing that supports your claim.

    • And most rapid polar caps melting process in the last 20 years and most severe summers in the last 2 years

  • yet people are scared on nuclear sure nothing is perfect but it's still wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than coal i told about nuclear is safe as a speech in my class last week and everyone was like *I didnt get what you said*

    • EXACTLY. nuecler is the answer until we find a better one. and it is much safer than fossil fuels.

  • I think the biggest offender to the climate is China because their industrial chimneys emit tons of pollutants daily into the atmosphere and jet stream.

    • China are leading the world in terms of cutting their emissions... transnational problems require transnational solutions. Aka everyone needs to do their part. no point in pointing fingers as an excuse of not doing anything yourself

    • Yes but all we can fix is the u.s