AMONG US | Short Film

Birt 2 nóv 2020
What if Among Us was real? We hope you enjoy our latest short film.
Short Film feat. KEVIN HART & ICE CUBE ►
Credit Song: Papillon Rising - Electro ►
The Imperial Lasertag Academy ► imperial_lasertag_academy
Arya Lee Instagram - aryalee (@aryalee)
Jay Samuelz Instagram - jaysamuelz (@JaySamuelz)
Produced by Jay Samuelz & Arya Lee
Based on the online multiplayer game "Among Us"
Directed and Edited by Marcel Becker Neu
Written by Marcel Becker-Neu, Jay Samuelz, Arya Lee
WHITE ► Jay Samuelz jaysamuelz
BLUE ► Arya Lee aryalee
GREEN ► Paul Cless paulcless
BLACK ► Leslie Malso lucidleslie
ORANGE ► Marios Gavrilis marios_gavrilis_official
PURPLE ► Franciska Friede franciskafriede
YELLOW ► Marcel Becker-Neu marcel_becker_neu
Director of Photography ► Daniel Ernst daniel.ernst
On Set Sound ► Fatih Aydin fatih.aydin20
Set Assistent ► Camillo Redecker milopilo4
Costumes ► Sarah Frede sarah__frede
Make-Up/ SFX ► Ayla curlyaylaa
Music & Sound Design ► Marcel Becker-Neu
Additional Sound Design ► Andre Abshagen, Arya Lee, Jay Samuelz
Colorist ► Daniel Ernst
VFX ► Yannik Heß (Outside the Club)
Compositing ► Chon-Dat, Max Schlick chondat_nguyen px.limbo
Credit design ► Jonas Doc Ahlrichhs doc.jonas
The Imperial Lasertag Academy (TILTA)
Kim/Kilo from TILTA
Bremer Shakespeare Company
Jeans Center & Army Shop Bremen
Hochschule für Künste Bremen
Paul Cless
Sarah Frede
Leonie Heise
Sabine Becker-Neu
Khoi Chau
Cam Giang Duong
Andre Abshagen
The game "Among Us" is owned by InnerSloth and this fan film is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or associated with said company in any way.


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    • Sequel please!!! This is good!!

  • 3:34 노랑만 확시미션이 있었네

  • 햐.. 알고리즘이 뜬금없이 인도한 이곳은 어몽어스 어몽어스영화역입니다 캬

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  • 검정일줄 알았는데 진짜네. 그리고 다비드 루이스는 너무 아닌티가 났음.

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  • Incredible!! 덕 중의 덕은 양덕이라더니!!

  • Wow, this is incredible!! Amazing work by everyone, and such a great concept that came to life in a super serious way. Great Job!!

  • 한국인들 제댓글좀 봐주세요...

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  • If I were better at English, I would have enjoyed this video more. But this video was really funny!! from Japan

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  • C'est trop bien!!

  • Wow black was so slick in this, you made me think that someone else is a imposter :O

  • Just a small flaw, it is not clear that they didn't consider to detain the suspect first rather killing them. I know the game, so it gotta be emitting them to space, but how would you give a reason for it? Like virus has some sort of effect of super contagious that normal prevention procedure can't prevent. Anyway, great work. I truly enjoyed it.

  • 비상출구만 한국어로 써있네..

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  • Franchement classe super job 😁😍

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  • That was incredible!

  • Pretty girl is always right.

  • No body wanted to blame Black just bc she looks like Barbie

  • why did get into it and got pop corns and i really felt that?? I mean- i never knew this would be dramatic bc in among us it is just like.. SKIP

  • 2:48 비상출구 한글로 적혀있네

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  • I knew it was black!

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  • I already knew it was BLACK bc,he talk so suspicious...Like if you voted for BLACK!

  • I already knew it was BLACK bc,he talk so suspicious...Like if you voted for BLACK!

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  • big dai za vu energy

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  • You search for a short movie, there, another damn virus! Fuck that.

  • What if Among Us wasn't a trend and overrated?!

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  • 日本語字幕無くて残念(>_


  • This is great, the acting, lighting, cgi, everything. I do have a small rankle with the fact of how did green know about the knife being in the head, because that's a sherlock level play and it's discarded for the sake of shock value, but otherwise everything about this is great.

  • coś czułem że to ta czarna

  • ''traitors never speak '' Among us Player

  • Great video! I also love how you included different accents!


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  • Wats name this move

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  • Blue dropped the water, and it fell to the ground with the water falling out of the cup. But if they are in space, wouldn't the glass have just floated around?

    • The ship probably had gravity, since real space stations can like set to 0 gravity and normal gravity (i think that's the only way to describe it lol)

  • 한국어 지렸다,

  • 2:32 비상출구

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