HOW THE RICH DO HORSE RACING | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

Birt 8 ágú 2020
The super rich do everything differently - especially when it comes to horse racing. The Breeders’ Cup is “the richest two days in sports,” with $27 million in prize money up for grabs!
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HOW THE RICH DO HORSE RACING | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich


  • Magnificencia

  • They have money, but they don't ride even a cow...

  • why did it switch from the horse race to a totally irrelevant ski club... I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO BRUJO

    • Louie is owed money by a stable-owner and sends Slip and the boys over to collect the debt. They return with a horse, My Girl, as payment. Local gangsters want the horse and switch their horse, Tarzana, for the gang's horse. They boys discover the ruse and the horses are switched several more times. In the end, Sach rides the real My Girl in a horse race, beating Tarzana and the gangsters.

  • 13:17 that ugly old cougar uses that stupid line every time she shows a house.

  • Nothing towards a English or Irish horse