Hexagons are the Bestagons

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    • @MythologyFreak Mythology Freak I know a spell... it involves atonal jazz and a serpinski's pyramid made of Toblerones... and writing George Hart a politely worded letter, again. Honestly though, I'd rather squash the beef with Grey before it gets started. Shape politics always gets so personal... Anyway, you don't bring your queen out early in the game. "Mongo is but pawn in game of life." - Mongo

    • @Random Ambles Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart!


    • @Herr Rossi &/

    • v

  • the queens and kings are on the wrong color tiles

  • well now i know the bestagon. the square

  • This guy should be a professor at a college

  • Say it with me now, *HEXAGONS ARE THE BESTAGONS*

  • ‼️ Hexagons are the best shape, what is the worst shape?

  • At first I thought this was a video game and that's why I clicked this...

  • This is _true_ plot. He puts two humans with eyes on a spaceship with a square board and a pencil. You don't know it yet, but that all comes in handy at the end.

  • This is why 3d rendering programs use vary tiny hexagons. 😎


  • In fourth dimensional physics, its the prime numbered polygons that dominate.

  • This video inspired me to so a science project on triangle lattices vs. hexagonal lattices (I’m rooting for the hexagons)

  • 0:01 Hexagons are the bestagons. 2:15 The hexagon, nobly indivisible, is the bestagon. 4:30 Hexagon is the Bestagon. 5:26 Hexagons are the bestagons. 5:57 Hexagon is a strong-a-gon. 8:39 Hexagons are the bestagons. 8:50 Hexagons are the bestagons. Bonus: 6:23 That happiness

  • CGP Grey sounds like he has joined an autistic space cult that worships Hexagons for their pursuit of efficiency, optimization, stability, anti-entropy, etc. over all else.

  • wandavision comment

  • octagon

  • i saw this video and immediately went to play civilization 5

  • Mmm, I like that Ice 9 reference.

  • when are you going to make the ICE-9 and ICE-IC, @CGP Grey

  • I think quadagons are best

  • Bees build tubes not hexagons. The heat of bees working around the hive melts the circles into hexagons. Bees don't care about your bestagon. They just wanna chew holes they can fit in.

  • Hexagons to make the most honey 🍯 make sure you stake your HEX longer pays better. Find more at HEX com

  • I have been quoting this video endlessly

  • Diamondsaregons (Minecraft lava) is the worstagons

  • Welp, I'm converted. I'm now a hexagon acolyte...

  • minecraft isnt the best game after all :c

  • I just realized that hexagon is a cube that is showing three sides...

  • Grey, I have watched your videos for quite some time, and they're quite entertaining. But this video has consumed me. I NEED MORE HEXAGON CONTENT!


  • I like to imagine that grey started talking about hexagons not for the sake of a great video, but because he wanted to change the subject away from him getting absolutely creamed in that game of chess.

  • This script could be a Dr. Seuss book

  • Two days after watching this video I had the question on a science test "What element makes up a compound that is made of long chains in living things?" and I was like hexagons are the bestagons, I got the question right.

  • "Hexagon Force"

  • why do I feel like I was just inducted into a cult

  • So there it is, the ultimate truth, you can have only 6 dimensions in the multiverse ! Because hexagons are B*S*A*O*S

  • someone can tell me how many times he said "hexagons is the bestagons"

    • or how many times he said hexagons

  • Started the video cause I was interested and ended up joining a cult... Thanks CGP Grey 😒

  • i feel a bit brainwashedagon

  • All hale the hexagon, the bestagon

  • Naaa I like pentagons (my opinion)

  • *Best bygones

  • what

  • If the universe isnt made out of hexagons i will commit breathn't

  • I believe in triangle supremacy

  • 0:05 that bee has trancended from their two dimensional plane of existence with the power of funny looking shape

  • Wait, I just realized in 3:41 he referenes "Banana for Scale"

  • 0:18 welcome to my new pfp

  • Im converting my discord server to this religion

  • well, time to join the bestagon cult

  • We can make a religion out of this.

  • Hahahaha hexagons are not the most stable shape it's drumrole the triangle

  • Why don't they use hexagons in interlocking paving ?

  • 3:10 hexagon eye

  • I have a character thats a hexagon heh

  • They build them in circles and they form their shape from ….. watch the video to find out!

  • NERV agrees.

  • Wait was that a Cat's Cradle reference

  • O hexagon, which art the bestagon, Hallowed be thy shape, Six sides that sit, In tilings fit, No self divisions to debase. Maximize this day our surface to border ratio, And forgive us our wasted space, as we strive to eliminate it. For thine is truth and the structure for ever. Amen

  • actually the hexagoon can be devided in seven pieces

  • No


  • But here's the thing with octagons. There's a bit more space between them, so therefore more honey

  • Hexagons are the Bestagones❤️

  • My clash of clans game be on point now.

  • such a hypocrite, you acknowledge the supremacy of the order of the Bestagon but your glasses show where your true allegiance lies

  • Convinced

  • Why is the wire I work with circular, not hexagonical? Also the conduit?

  • What did i just watch

  • So... Are you playing hexagon minecraft rn?

  • Damn, you convinced me.

  • 3:10 Grey violates social distancing.

  • You are so funny!

  • Is it bad that I *just* noticed the damn “banana for scale” joke

  • Didn't know Pythagoras had a (great)^30 grandchild.

  • I believe hexagons are the bestagons

  • Who would dislike-agon this video-agon? 🧐

  • I got yelled at at school for yelling hexagon is the besagon

  • He says hexagon 47 times this video and says bestagon 10 times. No need to thank me.

  • I thought bees made their honeycombs in the shape of circles, and the wax just shifts as it dries to form the hexagons we are all familiar with.

  • Another argument for this, is that when bees construct their hives, they actually start making circles, and then they upgrade it by making them hexagonal, again, hexagons are the bestagons.

  • 0:15 You missed SO MUCH the oportunity to say "Hex-cellent point"

  • 0:02 hisqueenagon

  • I love the rhyming!!!!!

  • amazing video

  • You’re bias aren’t you?

  • I like how at the end you think oh he’s a cultist for hexagons

  • this vid made me cry

  • Finally I have an explanation for why I see grids sometimes! Especially when I wake up from sleeping or if I close my eyes really shut - I see a blue-purple hexagonal pattern (clear as day, a grid of these dots perfectly forming a hexagonal latice). I've seen this phenomenon on the internet before but nobody really knows why it happens or even that it happens.

  • Why don't we use hexagons for everything then? It would be more efficient

  • Idk I like square boards there nicer to look at also a cluster of hexagons as a board will aways have some parts that aren't hexagons thus a true hexagonal board is impossible as a flat surface

  • Hexagons are the Bestagons

  • no.

  • Bs

  • Did anyone notice the glitches bee at the start?


  • Now I know why Heroes of might and magic 3 is the best game!

  • What is a "communicator coffee"? More specifically, what is the meaning of the phrase nearing the end of the video - "Thanks for stopping by for communicator coffee". Could someone please tell me? I desperately need to know. Thanks.

  • „Sir, this is a Chick-Fil-A“

  • i have to disagree with the distance thing in square boards. if you define the distance to be one yo each of the eight nearby squares (as most times it’s done) it is still a valid metric space. still, even if i don’t agree on that, hexagons are the bestagon.

  • Everyone talking about hexagons... But nobody talks about my boy *Kite* , so underrated :'(

    • @Aprender 1952 *Gasp* My life is a lie

    • kites together *make hexagons*