Neutron Stars - The Most Extreme Things that are not Black Holes

Birt 10 nóv 2019
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Neutron stars are one of the most extreme and violent things in the universe. Giant atomic nuclei, only a few kilometers in diameter but as massive as stars. And they owe their existence to the death of something majestic.

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  • Question, if mass warps spacetime does time move slower on the surface of a neutron star? If so does time move slower inside a individual atom --maybe if you shrunk down smaller then an atom would the space time in that tiny region move slower but as you move just outside the atom spacetime is "straighter"

  • In space, why does everything have to be so unstable? Why does nothing last? Thinking about it makes me uncomfortable and anxious 😖

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  • I love outer space. I don't have the intelligence to fully understand it, but it fascinates me.

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  • So wait, why were we speculating so much about what goes on inside a black hole? It’s just a stronger neutron star, i mean, light will still get away from it but no regular matter will have any fucking chance, you get sucked in and crushed into a mesh of neutrons... black hole is the same, only powerful enough to do that shit to all light around it

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  • las estrellas de neutrones explotan de nuevo al fusionarse entre ellas mismas o con agujeros negros para formar la kilonova y asi nacio el sistema solar hace 5000000000 años pero para eso se necesitaron dos estrellas de neutrones que tal vez hayan existido hace 7000000000 años

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  • What are the Pulsor Stars and their sound? can someone explain, please? I am fascinated by this Quranic Sura 86-Verses (1-3) {{{ 1) "I swear by the sky and the Night knocker (Attariq in Arabic means someone who comes knocking at your door at night) 2) And what may let you know what the night-knocker is ? 3) The Star of piercing Brightness }}}

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  • Science stupid Science doesn't know. The universe the stars have A Gravity equivalent to repulsion. Positrons + and electrons - rotate very rapidly after 46 billion years of creating the Hercules - Corona borealis Greatwall . So the core of the Hercules - Corona borealis Greatwall spins very quickly like A super large electric turbine that produces super large electrical energy Every second Hercules - Corona pushes 2400 billion billion tons of photons move circle at light speed return to its original position after 93 billion years, so it pushed the entire universe to spin

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  • THE MOST DEADLY AND DANGEROUS OBSERVABLE THING IN THE UNIVERSE • Gravitation Neutron stars are city-size stellar objects with a mass about 1.4 times that of the sun and 10 km in diameter. Gravity presses the material in on itself so tightly that protons and electrons combine to make neutrons, yielding the name "neutron star". They are so dense that a sugar cube sized lump of material from a neutron star would have a weight of approximately 1 billion metric tons (equivalent to the weight of Everest mountain). If a sugar cubed sized matter could be scooped out from a neutron star, it would explode immediately due to the lack of gravitaion. Because the only thing which can hold the nuclei of atoms so close together is the gravitaional force of a neutron star. So neutron star matter wouldn't be able survive out of a neutron star. Inside a neutron star, there's a delicate balance between the tremendous gravity of the star, and the degeneracy pressure of the neutrons. The neutron star's density also gives it very high surface gravity, more than 200 billion times that of Earth. Neutron stars have an escape velocity of 150,000 km/s which is half the speed of light. The neutron star's gravity accelerates infalling matter to tremendous speed. The force of the impact would destroy the object's atoms, rendering all the matter identical, to the rest of the neutron star. If an object were to fall from a height of one meter on a neutron star, it would reach the ground at 7.200.000 kilometers per hour. • Starquake and Gama Rays Burst The crust is composed of broken-up atoms of iron with a sea of electrons flowing through the gaps between them. This crust is extremely hard and very smooth (with maximum surface irregularities of ~5 mm), due to the extreme gravitational field. About a kilometer below the surface, neutrons and any surviving protons are squeezed together so close that they organize themselves into some really odd structures such as sheets, cylinders and others. This inner crust of neutron star, which was called nuclear pasta because of the resemblance to spaghetti and lasagna, could be 10 billion times stronger than steel and possibly the strongest material in the universe. Due to either its ultra-strong interior magnetic fields or spindown, an unimaginably massive quake occurs by ripping the immensely strong crust only one centimeter in lenght in a tenth of a second. It realeses much more energy in a form of gama rays into the space through that one centimeter crack than the Sun emits in 150,000 years. But the inconceivably powerful gravitaional field of a neutron star reconstructs its surface and covers the crack in a blink of an eye. The largest recorded quake was equivalent to a magnitude 23. Had it occurred within a distance of 10 light years from Earth, the quake could have triggered a mass extinction on Earth. • Surface Heat Neutron stars are extremely hot and have surface temperature varying from 10.000.000 to 500.000 C degrees. Anything approaching a neutron star too close immidiately evaporates. • Electromagnetic Field Neutron stars are characterized by their extremely powerful magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are from hundred millions to quadrillions (magnetar) of times more powerful than the field surrounding Earth. The magnetic field of a magnetar would be lethal even at a distance of 1000 km. The strong magnetic forces would start to squeeze the electron orbits in all the atoms in your body. The molecules that make up your body are only able to hold together when they are made from normal shaped atoms. So once the atomic orbitals got sufficiently distorted, their chemistry would change dramatically and these molecules would start to fall apart. And your body would be instantly reduced to a dusty, incoherent mess. • Electromagnetic radiation Most of the light generated by a neutron star is in the form of gama and X rays due to its extreme surface heat, high electromagnetic field and matter acceretion from a near companion. The strong magnetic fields combined with rapid rotation create an awesome generator that can produce electric potential differences of quadrillions of volts. Such voltages, which are 30 million times greater than those of lightning bolts, create deadly blizzards of high energy particles. These high-energy particles (protons and electrons) produce beams of radiation from radio through gamma-ray energies emanating from the poles of the magnetic field. Like a rotating lighthouse beam, the radiation can be observed as a pulsing source of radiation. The pulsar in the Crab Nebula has been observed to pulse in almost every wavelength-radio, optical, X-ray, and gamma-ray. • Rotation Neutron stars are the fastest rotating objects in the universe. The fastest-spinning neutron star known, which is 15 kilometres in diameter, is rotating at a rate of 716 times a second or 43,000 revolutions per minute, giving nearly a quarter the speed of light (75.000 km/s) on the surface of equator. Even a neutron star wouldn't be able to hold itself together at such a high speed rotation if it weren't for its tremendous gravitational force.

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  • Wait a sec, so star + death = neutron star and neutron star + death = gas and gas + gravity = star. So this creates a cycle and universe heat death is where every star is dead but if that cycle keeps going without any mentioned way of it being broken so theoretically, heat death shouldn’t be possible, right?

    • Well.. the universe is expanding and things are being separated, not only that, but all of these things release their energy as heat and gravitational waves, and so energy continues to slowly spread out, and the universe slowly cools down, the name of heat death is somewhat deceiving, as heat death is where all heat dies, and the universe goes dark and cold forever.

  • Sorry to be that guy, Kurzegsagt, but Iron (Fe) most certainly CAN be fused! That is, in fact, how ALL the heavier elements are formed, and you know this! It's just that fusing into Iron is the last energy-positive fusion process. Beyond Iron it TAKES energy to fuse it, and an awful lot of it, too - and that is why the heavy elements below Iron are rarer as you go down the periodic table, as more energy is required the deeper you go.

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  • What about Magnetars? When a neutron star collides with another it will create a black hole. But when scientists first saw two neutron stars collide the outcome was a magnetar. Magnetars are possibly more extreme than neutron stars.

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    • If two that have the same strength hit each other, you bet they can damage each other. In a way, he could've clarified this that it's unbreakable to the vast majority of things in the universe, excluding fellow neutron stars, black holes etc.

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