How to Move the Sun: Stellar Engines

Birt 22 des 2019
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Nothing in the Universe is static. In the milky way, billions of stars orbit the galactic center.
Some, like our sun, are pretty consistent, keeping a distance of around 30,000 light years from the galactic center, completing an orbit every 230 million years.
This dance is not an orderly ballet - more like a skating rink filled with drunk toddlers. This chaos makes the galaxy dangerous. Our solar neighbourhood is constantly changing, with stars moving hundreds of kilometers every second.
Only the vast distances between objects protect us from the dangers out there. But we might get unlucky in the future. At some point we could encounter a star going supernova. Or a massive object passing by and showering earth with asteroids.
If something like this were to happen we would likely know thousands, if not millions of years in advance. But we still couldn’t do much about it.
Unless… we move our whole solar system out of the way.

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  • This was our last video for the year 12019 of the Human Era. And what a year it was. So much stuff happened everywhere. To so many different people. Calendars and holidays are just imaginary but they help us to cut our lives into pieces that our brains can handle. We are leaving 12019 behind with a weird mixture of disillusion and hope. The world is screwed up. But we can fix it. In a few days this year will be over. And we all get to try again. Thank you for watching our videos and for sticking around for so many years. See you all in 12020.

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  • We take the solar system and PUSH it SOMEWHERE ELSE!


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  • Science stupid Science stupid Science doesn't know. Positrons × and electrons -- rotate very rapidly after 46 billion years of creating the Hercules - Corona borealis Greatwall. So the core of the Hercules - Corona borealis Greatwall very quickly like A super large electric turbine that produces super large electrical energy Every second Hercules - Corona borealis Greatwall emits 2400 billion billion tons photons, move circle at light speed return to its original position after 93 billion years, so it pushed the entire universe to spin

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  • These hypotheticals are a waste of time. We cannot build more materials than what is on Earth. We cannot build anything bigger than Earth. Now we talking about the Sun? No..

    • @Dee Nell "Theoretically, anything is possible" Are you even hearing what you are saying? This is like saying that a dog can be a cat if there is enough resources to do a thing. Any imagined theory is only plausible if there is ENOUGH research based data that can backup the points presented in the concept. 𝗔𝗻𝘆𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 less than that can be debunked by a 7 year old. Think before you write/speak.

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    • @Rin Bañares Something to understand.. Some things are possible but will never happen. Theoretically, anything is possible. Does man have the capabilities and the resources? Anything beyond Earth is a no. Millions of Earths fit into the Sun. The number of atoms required to move the Sun is more than the atoms on Earth. We cannot build something to move the sun. Now, if you wanna understand something that wont ever be done, go ahead smart guy..

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