Birt 29 nóv 2016
Using nothing but an empty stadium, the scientific method and a lab coat, I investigate the most effective way to cheer for your team.
Special thanks to:
USC for letting me use the Coliseum
Siemens for lending me the nice audio equipment
Drone shots- Chad Schollmeyer
My cheering fans- Whitney and Ethan Wright and Lincoln Hoppe (
Audio equipment support from j.ournal - you should go sub his video poem channel:

0:08- Hurricane (feat Andrew Applepie)- Joakim Karud
0:51- Dizzy- Joakim Karud
2:01- Berlin-
6:25- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe,

As a cheering fan in a large stadium I was wondering what the most effective way to make noise was. For example, does clapping even matter? Can you hear a clap from down on the field? So I attended an actual football game to get some baseline loudness measurements and then went back to USC's Coliseum when it was empty and had 3 friends cycle through 11 different cheering styles in 12 different locations. Then I compared and ranked the best ways to cheer to make you a superfan for your next sporting event.

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  • You can't just extrapolate 3 people results to thousands people because of interference -- phase-dependent amplitude interchange.

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  • That's what i dont get as an european Fan, it is much more intimidating when there is a whole wall of people chanting or cheering together. In the NFL (and college too i think) you just want to "make noise" or be really loud to disrupt the away team. But a lot of the atmosphere and the feeling of beeing part of a team comes (for me) from chanting together.

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