The Problem with Cheetahs

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  • Marsupial tier list! Please. I love your Australia video.

  • Russia Tier list

  • Ok I'm going to sound stupid by asking this but is this an actual game I can buy?

  • Devs need to release an update for balance changes , change color to black too, tho might get shot for resisting arrest.

  • 0:32 I feel for that bird

  • 10000st comment hahha

  • Bro can I play apex with you

  • Is it just me or has it been some terreble server lag recently? Usally happends when my build smokes, maybe thats the cause? Would love to hear from you guys! Am i the only one??

    • I think its a debuff that drugs give

  • could you maybe do a tier list on different classes of animals such as best tanks or best attackers just a thought

  • Dear tier zoo, please talk about the south Texas meta. I play on south Texas server’s a lot but I don’t know what the best strategies and match ups are! Brush country makes it hard to survive so I need to git Gud!

  • Are snails OP?

  • wait a minute, if we are in a game, who's playing us?

  • Why are you talking like it is a game

  • The mammal tier list gonna be like: the human is in SS+ tier as in any situation, it can simply use G L O C K

  • what's the ending soundtrack?

  • Make vid Top tier of freshwater fish

  • love your videos, background music is too loud in this video tho! I can hardly understand what you are talking about!

  • do one on the spinosuares or komodo dragon

  • Make a video about the human class's signature ranged weapon: The gun

  • Bro Queen Elizibith is a freaking no life she probs has the most amount of hours in the game.

  • episode on rhinos please

  • Now for my genius to go to work. I have seen you cover many creatures upon your many teir lists but one. And this animal iiiissssssss...the Tardigrade (Specifically the water bear)! Many players actually don’t know how to unlock this class due to it being unlocked via an Easter egg in the Canadian servers. Now since it is so small it has many advantages, including but not limited to, Heat and cold resistance, invisibility due to its size, dominance over its eco system, damage resistance also due to its small size. While these players are small, they dominate over all of the bacteria player base. Players who choose bacteria are relatively safe until the water bear arrives! Stats listed below: MELEE. STAMINA. HEALTH. ARMOR. FOOD. WATER. STEALTH 4/100. N/A. 89/100. 100/100. 10/10. 10/10. 100/100 As you can see these stars are absolutely insane, which is why the tardigrade is the most underrated and overpowered class *ever* .

    • I must have missed it. now suki will never date me again :(

    • He has done a video on them specifically and I think he talks about why they’re not as good as many people think

  • I love cheetahs

  • Deer tier list when?

  • This channel isnt very informative, Its a compilation of random clips from various documentaries with some sarcastic dialogue trying to appeal to "gamers". Its fun for young minds to start getting into learning about nature but if you want real knowledge id suggest watching actual documentaries.

  • Would cheetahs be better if they were in a different server like in Europe servers

  • Hey tierzoo could you do a video on how good modern humans would fair against the dinosaur ages?

  • OMG do how the game nerfed the most beautiful character build in the game SNAKES 🐍💛

  • u should make a video about servals

  • You should really do a palm tree tier list, would be cool

  • If he made an actual game of outside i would pay good money for it

  • Tier zoo can u do mythical animals for the next episode?

  • Wait a minute is that black ops 2 soundtrack I love it 🔥♥️♥️♥️

  • Do the flightless bird tier list

  • Hey do more videos or i will have to send out the op bats to find you and fix you....

  • This is my favorite video so far on animals, so funny, but i love cheetah.

  • WAIT A MINUTE is that the music of pokemon sword/shield gym leader fight theme

  • imagine if someone actually makes this game

  • My mother always told me cheetahs never prosper.

  • Found out about you through the OSPod! Love your content! Subscribed and can’t wait for more!

  • @6:25 that antelope crash has me dying

  • where do i get this game?

    • Boy it’s not a real game in any country/Continent

    • It’s called outside depending on your lvl and region it may be a bit different

    • I also triet

    • @Emil Vogelius would have been nice to know before i spent an hour looking

    • It’s not a real game

  • Collab with dapper dino please

  • can you make a video "what would happen if the nuclear update hit live servers" :D

  • I would like to request a tier list for sea slugs. There are so many different, unique species I think it would make for a really interesting video. Also it's an excuse to look at the Leaf Sheep

  • Lol apex refrences. love it

  • "Yo, can you give me the download link?"

  • Yo when did you start playing outside and what was your first playthrough creature

  • cheetahs will die out due to human activity. i watch lots of african hunting videos. one thing i noticed is that tourist trucks/buses are all over the place. whenever a kill takes place all the truck talk to each other and they all come to watch bloodshed. i noticed that off in the distance hyennas were watching the trucks. when the truck stopped and accumulated the hyennas knew something was up and came to see. they then stole the cheetah's food. the hyennas have learned to follow the trucks because they are so easy to see as compared to a cheetah.

  • Video idea animal rivalry

  • Being a chicken main I now how it feels to be low teir we need a buff

  • Ee

  • Ee

  • cool

  • When are you gonna do an ant tier list?!

  • what the hell is this channel

  • I wonder if anyone has asked Tierzoo to make a video on the Australian outback tier list. Well if not, I am now.

  • Hey tierzoo where would you put avatars in the tier list? The blue dudes

  • Jellyfish tier list?

  • The way everyone talks about animals as if it’s really a game is what make the comments so funny🤣 and the fact that it makes sense and just fits so well with everything Is amazing, from different servers, to different builds, to different stats it all makes sense which is insane🤣

  • What game is this?

    • He tries to teach zoology to gamers who don't seem interested in a scientific subject, he teaches it in a fun and engaging way. This isn't actually a game :/

  • Do a siren head tier list please

  • Thank you for giving me an idea to play Old School Runescape

  • As a cheetah player,check out our discord so we can grow.

  • Mr Tier zoo could you make a video, TAlking about all the apex predators that have existed of Land Cea and sky

  • You should do a carnivorous plant tier list

  • It is so incredibly jarring watching this video while playing a game of Apex and hearing all of the sound cues at the start


  • Hey so I kind of somewhat recently had a run in with a bed bug (luckily it was only one) and I wanted to know how dangerous they really are, like their stats, abilities, how scary are they in the meta

  • start of the video: there is a cheetah ... there is no longer a cheetah

  • Cheetah has some disadvantages but they won’t be this endangered without human efforts. I wish we won’t see the end of this species but I am not optimistic about it at all😢

  • You should make an insect tier list as well as Amazon jungle tier list or at least talk about the op jaguars. Love the channel

  • I hope TierZoo makes a video on the Mythology mod one day

  • Io iissaa the most years of experience work with the same time and energy to the future and past weekends and holidays to you

  • Can You Make A Video About The "Puasa" Challenge In The Muslims Meta

  • Use axolotls in one of your videos one day!!!

  • Tier zoo has yet to rank the stages in "Outside" hmmm

  • Hey does anyone have any suggestions to get rid of my depression debuff Also all of my stats ( probably idk ) Buffs: Creativity: how does this even help? Gamer: comes in handy if wanting to be youtuber but nothing else Debuffs: Depression:may not participate in group projects Mercy: when trying to punch hard. The attack will be soft due to mercy/ empathy Glasses:looks cool, but if thrown off. Can make it hard to see further

  • Cheetah works well with the human player base but struggles respawning in human party builds. If they can unlock a better respawn rate, they could improve in the meta.

  • Can we get a tier list for the Scorpions, please?

  • Video on how a buff for whale players who choose carbone dioxide reduciton passive could prevent the upcoming climte rise patch as tree players seem to struggle?

  • This mans channel is addictive

  • Video suggestion: The plant tier list

  • yo is this available on ios ? what game is this?

  • Man, this is my favorite game

  • "if they don't change their strategies" why dont you put the controller down kid

  • Tierzoo needs to get a team of devs and make this a real game

    • Yes. I would totally get this. Like being able to make your own animal and testing it against others. I already have the ultimate tank

    • Make this happen

  • Let’s play: T. rex please

  • ahem i have a question why snakes got nerfed (TITANOBOA)

  • Maybe we should opt out all cheetahs.

  • VIDEO IDEA- can you go over the different species mini games? like how penguins play fetch, elephants water play, and humans play table tennis?

  • I, in fact, am a Cheetah player; ¡If, agility were considered a part of Defense stat in place of it, most likely, being placed with Mobility stat.

  • How about increasing the power and defense of cheetahs? It would make them more powerful without reducing their top speed

    • @Louis Devlin But is there a way to increase power and defense without increasing the bodyweight too much?

    • It'd take a lot more stamina to move at that speed with a bulkier build.

  • We rarely talk about the players from the plant, fungi, bacteria kingdoms. I'd love a video on the plant or the bacteria meta

    • If I ever need a laugh I read comments 🤣 we really talking as if it’s an actual game talking about “meta” and “servers “ it’s just hilarious 🤣

  • I love your work

  • I might be able to make the game the out side however I am still learning how to code and I whoud not be able to start until the summer but nonetheless tier zoo if you are interested we can try to make this hap

  • You should also make a tier video on a little ISchats series called alien biospheres which is about making and evolving alien organisms and a planet

  • I have a question can you make a crocodile tier list including crocodiles alligators and caimans

  • That dark souls "You died" at the start had me laughing 🤣

  • Are mantis op?