Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood

Birt 9 ágú 2020
I personally got in the water and tested if Sharks had a preference of human blood vs. fish blood. Get your first month of KiwiCo for FREE!!!
Point of clarification: A few people have pointed out the dates on the negative and positive Covid tests are the same. You'll also notice my doctor was Bob Newby from Stranger Things. Turns out there is a lot of personal info on a Covid result test and the part that says negative and positive wasn't easily readable so I photoshopped up something that solved both of those issues and didn't bother changing the date. No conspiracy here. I promise I actually got Covid and would have much preferred to actually filmed on the original schedule and not had to deal with it even with the private jet silver lining.
Also, thanks to Discovery for putting my life in danger. #SharkWeek begins August 9th.
Catch ME in ShaqAttack Monday, August 10th at 9p ET only on Discovery.
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Here is a link to that tiny exercise machine I was using the the jet. Luke (my shark expert buddy) invented it and it's really clever. He's launching a Kickstarter really soon-
***Music info coming soon***
Here is a talented up and coming artist named Kenyi. Check him out!
Here is some of the music I used from independent artists:
0:01 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
0:57 - Toys - Ponder -
2:05 - The Ocean - Andrew Applepie -
2:21 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
6:06 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
8:44 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
17:31 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak -


  • Sorry this took awhile. I've got 8 absolute banger videos I'm currently working on through April 2021 but it turns out the Rona slows things down a bit. They will be worth the wait! For updates, follow me on social stuff @MarkRober.

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  • See if a shark is starving then it will eat people if its hungry then it'll eat fish so sharks are more likely to eat fish. -me

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  • me and my family was in quarantine for two months corona was not that bad for my family.

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