Car Wash In A Tesla Convertible!

Birt 27 okt 2020
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • ngl tanners kinda attractive… but so is danny, but like, hi tanner

  • i see you dog 🐶

  • That's how you know when a cop has had their daily donut, but when they dont...

  • Dude these guys are living the life I'm jealous

  • Can you give me free merch

  • Dude their just toads

  • 8:16 sounds like woody

  • Ah yes, papa Jim’s victims

  • That scream tho

  • Has he spent it all

  • I literally went to zumiez today and bought a virginity rocks shirt

  • Eso vendes huercos ya te llevaron a la chingada

  • Tesla stocks are going to be at 3.500$ in 2021! ;)

  • Tesla to the moon!

  • A Tesla is an electric car and it has a big battery on the bottom.So that’s kinda risky 😬...

  • Hit a dab to this goat

  • 5:11 Dude just took out the trash 😂

  • Papa Jim is having unlimited victims from now on😏

  • he needs a shirt that says no cop no stop

  • Fan beats Up Rapper Rich the Kid At Walmart🤦🏽‍♂️🤣..

  • Papa Jim will always be a boomer we respect. He is a legend

  • “Well I haven’t got any victims”😂

  • same hair but he's tan er

  • Who is this dude, *PAPA JOHN?*

  • Bruh why do I laugh like you when that kid said dude and you said dude dude dude I started laughing

  • Man straight up screamed like a girl over a frog...

  • I love you guys

  • “Well I haven’t got any victims”😂

  • If he said he doesnt have a window that durable then there company sucks here in florida you can pay lots of money for nice ass windows that you can launch shit 80 mph into and it wont shatter but each windows like 15k but my dad does windows so it was cheaper

  • All my exes live in Texas . Danny says “Drake hyfr “ I’m dead 😆

  • yo danny's grandfather is the funniest person ever

  • Keep making awesome videos Danny Duncan love them and love you man

  • Imagine he gets sponsored by coke

  • danny straight up adopted tanner lmao

  • Whats the guys name who made the windows pun??

  • No body... Papa Jim "Beats the piss out of me."

  • Papa Jim It beats the piss out of me I don't know i haven't driven in 2 years

  • 9:43 that should last you(rest of your life)😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Who deals in pesos

  • Who else wants him to do a video of him just throwing Xbox Siri X versus PS5 at windows

  • that frog clip has me crying💀💀

  • Danny can I have 8 bucks for lunch

  • Lil

  • Danny: Has Papa Jim ever had an STD? Woman: Nooo Danny: Never?? Woman: Never. Danny: That’s good...*dies inside*

    • that’s his grandma it’s not some woman

  • Who deals in pesos? 🤣🤣🤣

  • you should adopt tanner

  • 1:25 no ones gonna talk about how there is two danny’s

  • You should get a mullet no balls

  • Danny's videos never fail to make me laugh 😂😂😂

  • Papa Jim is my favorite!!! Reminds me of my grandpa, miss the hell outta him. I'd love to meet him.

  • That girl almost lost an eye :)

  • Moral of the story, never buy anything used from Danny Duncan.

  • Danny the type of guy to wait for the light to turn red

  • every time poppa jim’s in a video it makes my day 😂 i love that guy

  • my mans got 43 and 34 of those 2 liters bruh you should have gotten 34 and 35 of them you gotta represent the 69 at all times brotha

  • What part of destroying expensive things is funny?

  • Wtf is wrong with this guy lmao

  • Cop woman was nice

  • I was crying literally crying about the frogs 😂😂😂😂

  • What happened to the hitchhiking across the US thing

  • How old is papa Jim

  • That's should last you the rest of your life lmao

  • Papa jim and papa john 😂😂

  • 6:27 Hi! 👴🏼

  • that's a hot cop

  • Ruined car for what

  • I wish I had 10k for my dads med he has cancer bills are piling up 😞

  • The frogs lmao

  • Gramps said he Haven't gotten him any victims .... I'm dying

  • 1:59 The grandpa IM 😆


  • Are we going to forget that roscoe doesn’t like frogs?😂

  • Imma miss when Grammy Duncan dies

  • Best intro in the game

  • Shittttt that blonde cop can arrest me for free

  • ima hate the day he passes away man

  • Someone how you're like Jake Paul .. but more of a douchebag

  • Smh I love this dude 😂

  • Bro when he plugged his Xbox in and it worked it is funny because his nickname and he plays the exact same games I do!!!

  • Papa Jim friend comes over: Danny: “who are you? Papa John?”

  • This one made me smile the most 😆

  • tanners parents like

  • did papa jim die?

  • 4:54 every dads dream

  • Is papa Jim Danny’s grandpa

  • I Hate you

  • Veterans Day for papa Jim

  • What's the song by nle choppa

  • Had to come back to this video my friends didnt believe me xbox is built different & the “if it still works i’ll buy microsoft stocks”

  • Bruh papa jims's not dead tf😐

  • Idk why but at 6:51 i got majin boo vibes from papa jims pose

  • they are just frogs.

  • Danny lives the fucking dream life no cap 🧢

  • POV: Danny buys a new tesla, breaks it. “I needed a new one anyways.” lol

  • Lol me being from Utah be like /:

  • Danny can you start putting the names of the songs you use in the beginnings in the description or sum I like those songs and I wanna know what there called❤️

  • Man I wanna meet you one day, I’m you’re biggest fan..!!🖤

  • Why the f*** would you cut a roof off a Tesla

  • why do they hate the windows

  • Hahaha... new sub to you now.. much love from Sweden