Go Kart Paintball Battle

Birt 9 nóv 2020
Who knew combining sports could be so fun!
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  • Tyler is the high school athlete that never grew up but he has somehow turned it into a living

  • After watching what ty did to coby,Garrett is happy that he got eliminated as the 2nd runner up😂

  • I love TY!!!!!

  • Why Tyler is winning all the time? 😆

  • I legit confused when I saw a different title and thumbnail. Lost my mind thinking I didn't watch a new video.

  • Tyler just the Goat

  • I loved the commentating, second best part of the vid

  • UFC Golfing is FAR more entertaining than regular Golf!

  • "Dude Perfect" is the best channel in the world

  • wow

  • 🥇Team Ty 🏆

  • tiy not tired at all coby tired like he ran a marathon 😆😆

  • Whos doris burke

  • This is the funniest battle ever

  • Ty punches 😂😂 tho

  • Dude perfect fans 👍 like here👇

  • dude perfect vs pewdiepie

  • Yo fun vid

  • Tyler was so funny

  • Why is nobody talking about when she says just got to tap it in at 11:44 like happy Gilmore

  • Best thing I ever heard from a commentator "I need oxygen"

  • I want to be Doris Burke when I grow up...

  • I think it’s fake look at Cory In 4:58 . He didn’t do anything to defend :0

  • definitely the most violent dude perfect episode

  • Dudes realy you all are perfect

  • Dude perfect always have the best intros

  • Team coby for life man

  • NOOOO ! Go Team Coby !!

  • dude perfect and zach king???

  • Tyler is always champion

  • You guys should have done chess boxing. It’s a real sport that looks like a ton of fun. Try it out in a vid maybe?

  • After 2 WEEKS I am going to know that This video was also uploaded after HALLOWEEn Yt never GAVE NOTIFICATIONS??

  • I love dudeperfet❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Why did you change the name to go cart battle when it was ufc golf

  • What happened with cody

  • Indians watching dp plzz like

  • “Labrador Vs Chihuahua type of match..” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Coby is the best he rules he may not win battles but man can he take the show to another level........ LOVE YOU COBES stay strong and healthy and maybe let's win some battles.

  • Oh yay Xbox and EA, two of the worst products/services released for gaming in the last decade

  • Ty is a f cheater

  • “Go kart Paintball Battle” Should have been “tackle battle”. Was just basketball + golf tackle Still no panda after 50m

  • who changed the name ufc golf

  • UFC golf battle to paintball battle

  • I thought it was UFC golf battle

  • Doris Burke is a wayyyyyyyyy better commentator and host than sparky.

  • Wow

  • would anyone explain to me what happened at 3:10?

  • This is how me and my siblings play but without the pads

  • Tyler is so competitive

  • The girl talker person LOVED tye

  • Supwr

  • Tik Tok stereotypes anyone?

  • can you do a thanksgiving stereotype please

  • Did anyone else hear the a word???

  • why did you changed the name?, i was so confused

  • If paintball wasn’t even hard enough

  • This was Ty's (Love you, Ty, you're my favorite!) game

  • this video was epic and ty killed it

  • 11:16 am i the only one that noticed that sparky has cream in his hand? lol.

  • I need oxygen

  • Brilliant

  • yeah

  • is that a rip-off stonehenge?

  • 3:09 in football if your elbow or knees go hit the turf that play is over

  • See... It would be cool if it was actually about paintball

  • Tremenda putiza le metieron al pana

  • 😱🤟

  • Why is Cody always injuring himself?🤣

  • Doris Burke ❤️

  • Labrador versus Chihuahua 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Legend has it, they changed the title from UFC Golf Battle to Go Kart Paintball Battle

  • Who remembers when this used to be called: "UFC golf battle"?

  • Me and my friends used to play a mix of foot ball basketball just like this

  • Hey Tyler I just wanted to say I have the same bday as you march 24.

  • Hey Tyler I just wanted to say I have the same bday as you march 24.

  • That was insanely violent. Loved it!

  • Did anyone else realize that they changed the title?

  • "This is a labrador vs Chihuahua takedown"

  • *american football

  • I don't speak english, but i like your videos :)

  • How come ty always wins it’s kinda annoying

  • I never thought that the legendary Doris Burke would do a commentary at dp

  • Great videos! Check out Noah Sparks Games

  • Bruh what haven’t Dude Perfect thought of. This is a great video.

  • I thought this was a new vid because of the new thumbnail and title

  • Hi

  • When You realize DP likes Xbox Me: ........

  • do a thanksgiving stereotypes

  • “ A Derick Henry “ 😂

  • Lol

  • Gotta tell you, it feels terrible when you're taken down by your little brother

  • Baseball and football pls do this

  • the woman reporter looks like miss shapen fom henry danger

  • The way tt just absolutly tossed coby around like a wet paper towel against a wall.... watching that brough me great joy🤣🤣🤣

  • Is it just me or did Ty just grow a full Mohawk in a few months?

  • What happened to his leg ??

  • So apparently they changed the thumbnail. Soo cool?

  • Who remembers when this used to be called: "UFC golf battle"?

  • Has anyone seen that this WAS UFC golf battle not go cart paintball battle

    • Yes I thought they uploaded a new video until I watched it again.

  • why is it called go kart paintball battle now