James Charles LIED in Apology Video ( PROOF ) #DramaAlert RiceGum vs Behzinga - Bhad Bhabie & Bryce!

Birt 2 apr 2021
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  • Lying in an apology video is literally the 1 thing your not supposed to do, smh. Thanks for the info Keem!

  • anyone else freak out at 9:52 when that weird buzzing happened LMAO

  • Ah I live in London but I’m not 18 yet. I’ll try my best to get my parents to vote for him though xD

  • 1:51 sorry but HE PUT MARKIPLIER AS BOOMER!? i mean hes 31 but he literally RAISED ME. what did he ever do??

  • Ethan WILL fold ricedum

  • Has he seen ethan?

    • Yh he deffo has ethans like 5 foot 8


  • Imagine if DramaAlert responded to this.

  • as someone who lives in the 518 (upstate ny) i can confirm i've heard that rumor 100+ times

  • Gnome star.

  • Is it just me or does James not understand any TRUE man will NOT date another grown human who messes with children??? He complains he cant find an of age man? You're not looking! Orrrrr he may be but, any true ADULT wont touch him because hes showing pedo actions! "Accident" or not I am 26 and I have NEVER had an issue finding an of age person.. Man or woman, I have never had his type of luck??? Is it just me?

  • FR tho can you make it a trend for youtubers start buying dinosaur bones so I can get my hands on some damn yugioh cards again?

  • Literally the first Kstar video I watched and I feel like my brain is busted. PS. Ricegum aint gonna do shit. Like fake-fight that one dude? The wind will blow him away in one strong gust. Stop embarrassing us asians man.

  • Yo Bryce, can you say that for my camera too? lol smh

  • James Charles is gonna git James CHARGES!hehhehheh that’s not funny

  • shane and jeffree weren’t wrong...💀

  • Anyone else remember the last time ricegum said he would slap someone and then didn't in person. Anthony and chance 😂 case closed

  • I like ur beard

  • Obviously ricegum wont reply. Bruh have tou seen the size of behz..

  • i always listen to his videos like a podcast when i do homework its really entertaining

  • Ricegum isn’t gonna respond. He was scared of Harry so his scrawny ass definitely won’t confront Ethan.

  • 69k likes nice

  • Rice can be quite the clown, but he is right about Nelk they should’ve been top tier.

  • You can tell I'm acting

  • So here a question. Why isn't he in fucking jail?

  • Bro I remember following drama alert like 8 years ago, my man covered competitive call of duty now he’s exposing ISchats’s let’s goo🤣🤣🤣

  • Come talk to me like a man he says after turning up in a Clown costume and throwing whipped cream at their drone 😂

  • Noice jacket KEEM

  • Hi keem


  • why dont they change it to only girls

  • Ethan would kick the 💩 out of rice gum😂😂

  • This just proves how many nonces there are in the world just too wait for bhad bhabie turn 18

  • Dawson or with this situation James Charles-

  • Like 18 and 19 year old to James Charles is not a big deal so like with that part he ain’t wrong 😑 but for like kids under 17 for James age shouldn’t be txting him

  • He’s using his new fame to target the “straight” boys that wouldn’t talk to him in high school. Tale as old as time.

  • Caught lackin in 4K

  • ricegum what about vikstar

  • CRIMINAL MINDS predicted james charles liking minors kind off. Season 2 episode 6 was about an unsub named james charles' kid that liked killing kids.

  • James Charles and the football team lol

  • I feel for rain. The guy was in a sleep state when doing drugs. Doesn't remember 3 MONTHS of his life. Damnn

  • love bez

  • RiceBITCH isn’t gonna do nothing, that chopstick does nothing but talk, remember chance? Rice said the same thing but bitched out when he had the opportunity to slap him like he said he would.

  • What's up keem

  • Keem posts so much fake shit its cringe, people watch his vids and believe it right away, the dude is a old man sitting on here reporting teens on yt, clown.

  • Does Keem drink like 7 energy drinks before he does these recordings

  • The power of Keemstar

  • This dude has kids?

  • rain prob smoked weed and called it a problem yk

  • Keemstar the type to vote for Kanye

  • 5:04 im dead

  • Must be fun to be gay and put makeup, you can do anything without any repercussions

  • I live to hear Keem laugh. His laugh makes me laugh.

  • I find it super annoying that they wanna cancel Shane Donson but they don’t want to cancel James Charles Park are you f***ing serious 🧐

  • Worst than mini ladd apology

    • “Yo Bryce can you say it for my camera too😁” bruh

  • Most ISchatsrs are just full of shit

  • If james was straight he would have already been locked up

  • James should be charged several times over for what he did.

  • He was 18 in that 2017 post, still freaking weird

  • The tidy quit substantially enjoy because bugle naturally level barring a rainy ambulance. cumbersome, plucky lake

  • How old is that popcorn ?

  • Bro that girl that was talkin about James Charles said she from the 518. Broooo that’s where I am 😂. He be gettin people here

  • The mayor of Whosville 🤣🤣

  • That's not proof at all cuz 6months ago i was into Hispanic chix and now I'm into Asian chix. Preferences change when it comes to dating and food, thats just life. People are allowed to change their mind & it happens a lot. Just saying. 8:04

  • .

  • Remember the stunt this man pulled with destiny

  • Nikita Ababiy

  • comment

  • Why is this shit considered news? It might as well be mainstream programming

  • “Yo Bryce can you say it for my camera too😁” bruh

  • ITS OVER 9000

  • boris jhonson do be sweatin after this

    • same shit that dom did were okay with bro I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT

  • ur rad dude

  • It’s funny how u have to get your content from H3H3 !! Garbage

  • God I hate your vids so much ! I came here to see one thing and of course it was 3/4 of the way in ugh just trash vids

  • Tf Ricegum saying only KSI has made a achievement in the sidemen. Ethan did a marathon which hit trending for days. Vikk literally is so big in his fps community. Harry has way more subs than ricegum and dosent even post much.

    • He fulls more twitch views than all the sidemen combined lmao. Hes always in the top 10 live views these days

  • Neeko

  • Lies no 4K HDR

  • really sad how carson got cancelled so hard that he doesnt even dear to make a apology video for dms with a 17 when he is 19 wich is pretty normal in my opinion but when james charles does the same but even worse nothing really happens

  • James Charles is the creepiest guy/girl or whatever he identify himself as

  • Ricecum never can grow the ballz to fight Behzinga 😂

  • *My thoughts are, who in the hell would catfish the ENTIRE team and 2, who creeps on children like that? If James Charles were to do that to me or somebody else I know, authorities would be contacted immediately. That’s absolutely disgusting but thank you for giving us the info Chief.*

  • He was just supposed to apologize and be honest nothing hard

  • you would think James Charles would be way more afraid of prison. He would literally be R***** so often. Dude needs to figure it out before it catches up to him.

  • James posted it on April 1st so its April fools

  • Not trying to defend him but he’s gotta snap him to at least ask his age: edit obviously there gonna lie but if he doesn’t ask than it makes it even worse for him

  • bro your telling me that Trisha paytus someone who did black face social media sided with her about Dobrik for something 2 years ago that his friend did but James who did the same shit that dom did were okay with bro I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT

    • @bssni touir me

    • Anyone laughing about James Charles posting an apology video on April Fool's Day? lmfaoo

  • 69k likes on this vid hahahaha funny number

  • James can date mini ladd

  • Mate behz would actually kill rice gum

  • 🧐 Imagine being a famous influencer and not being able to find a date your age.

  • This sick u tipster debunked this

  • sooo if the museums have fake dinosaur bones, did logan paul get one too?

  • Behzinga would smack tf out of rice

  • Dawson or with this situation James Charles-

  • I can’t this man is to funny love you keem xD

  • Where is cancel culture when we actually need it?

    • the sidemen video was fucking idiotic they put james charles in hella lit they shoudlve put half of the youtubers including ricegum in the lowest rank

  • Man catfishes the whole team

  • How has this guy nearly 6M subs? He is like the regular bully in school trashtalking about others who made a mistake.

  • I would like if keemstar can make timestamps. so i can travel topics faster :)