Acting Out Your Smosh Fan Fiction

Birt 26 mar 2020
We’re acting out YOUR Smosh fan fiction! You’re… welcome?
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  • Appreciate the JJBA time stop sound effect

  • the fact she said she wouldn't judge him just for his class was considered sweet. gross.

  • Dude Courtney looks like Steve jobs

  • Why was the Keith and Noah one so good?!?!?

  • This thing just doesnt have dislikes lol

  • a jojo reference within the first 10 seconds??? yes please

  • People who find shayne attractive because of his physical attributes: he so hot in that shirt. Shane: * helps Keith pronounce telepathy * Me: he knows big boi words and I love him for that.

  • Bro they were reading the shaymien story and I felt so called out😭 I've already read the whole thing!🤣🤣🤣

  • Everybody during everybody else's play: that was good Everybody during Noah and Kieth's play: That sh*t was good. *REAL GOOD*

  • Sam and Olivia are the freaking CUTEST thing ever! I...I've been watching Smosh for YEARS and I've watched the Goldbergs since it started but apparently I need to pay more attention cause the only part I put together was that Shayne was in it. Also, I just realized how ridiculously similar Sam and my ex look. Wow I typed a paragraph...oops

  • I loved these so much!!


  • 3:22 iS tHaT A jOjO reFeReNCe?

  • did i hear the za waruldo or ze hando

  • Really, noone cached the jojo reference?

  • “our budget has doubled to $20” when defy isn’t in charge anymore

  • .__.

  • I now ship Noah and Keith.

  • I cant believe Smosh's connection to The Goldbergs is stronger than I thought lol

  • 15:37 at least you know it's not me

  • Dude I ship fanfic Noah and Keith.

  • I dare Damien to dress up for Halloween next year as hamster mode umaru Chan 😂💖

  • The cat in a hat One day two people found a cat with a hat the two people where sisters and brothers there names are charlotte and Bob they took the cat and went back home charlotte: this cat is soo cute Bob:I know at home parents:where did you guys go!!? charlotte and Bob:we were at the park and we found a lost cat parents :ok I'll get the cat food you guys stay here charlotte and Bob:ok the cat went to the hat after that Bob:we should call our friends zach bryan adam alex and sierra charlotte: sure ring ring Bob: guys can you come over friends:sorry we cant go were working on a project for the school charlotte and Bob:ok bye friends:bye charlotte they're working on a project what are we gonna do Bob:I don- ring charlotte: look the door bell rang I think mom and dad are home Bob: opens the door hi mom and dad mom:we got the cat food dads phone ring ring ring Dad:yes boss boss: this is a emergency come to work bye Dad:bye mom: what was that? Dad: it was a emergency i have to go honey charlotte and Bob:ok ☹️ as Dad left the house the cat was in the hat the end

  • JOJO? JOJO? JOJO? ゴゴゴ

  • 3:23 Za Warudo

  • Oh my God Courtney said Hannah stocking and Shayne said Lele pons

  • The Keith x Noah fanfic was so much to process

  • someone tell my why i was seriously tearing up during Keith and Noah´s bit-

  • Smoshpit ships Courtney x Shayne Damien x Noah Keith x Olivia

  • "HI I'M SHAYNE" Idk why but i found it soooo funny

  • Matt Bradly?

  • my question is why is there classical playing? like it really doesn't fit but ok lol.

  • Lacrimosa

    • That was one song that was playing in the background

  • the wood behind shane is upside down

  • Shane: “telepathy” Keith: *TALAPIA* *Me when trynna say a full sentence for once* : 28:16 - 28:21

  • At 16:32 I couldn’t stop laughing

  • I love Noah's hair :)

  • Geez I have a huge crush on damien :)

  • Everyone has different colored pants on then shanes.dect out in black

  • Olivia's reactions are literally the best thing ever.

  • “Noah turns to face Keith” Isn’t he driving lol

  • When Damien stops time they used the part 3 second to last episode of Dio (from jojo's bizarre adventure's) sound affect. 😂

  • Are those bowling shoes

  • Is it just me or dose courtney look like the rock rn

  • I know there’s one high school students was on rieses watching this and was exited seeing their fab fiction

  • Pause’s plot actually sounds interesting ngl

  • Bro the Keith and Noah arc was so fuckin beautiful

  • damian: Shayne squats down infront of cortney Shayne; does as he's told shayne: Why you booing me im right

  • Did you all notice how Sam pulls the Churro away from Shane when it's in Olivia's mouth at 35:56? So funny 😂

    • Cuz he already had it so it's unhygenic

  • And that's how Olivia and Courtney became fujoshis for live

  • Courtney's knowing look in the first story made me do my ugly snort laugh 😂

  • This made me really happy. I needed that. Thank you.

  • please make one with Jackie

  • Why do they actually look a bit normal in this vid?

  • Why has nobody made a fanfic with Tim in it

  • This looks like a room full of Dwayne the Rock Johnson

  • My favorite moment was when Damian said shayne squats in front of Courtney and Shayne literally squats in front of her LOL

  • This was so good

  • 24:11 Damien looking at Olivia be like...

  • Holy fucking hell those fanfics are weird xD

  • How is this on less than 2m views


  • They could honestly make a spoof of harry potter no cap, I bet it would be a hit too. Nice acting!

  • Why did Damien sound like a Disney narrator😂

  • i lost it at 35:55 when he pulls away the churro 😂

  • 3:21 is that a JoJo reference

  • Dude. Damien playing Brian was the best fucking part of this whole video😂😂😂

  • Can we have more of this plzz

  • "awkward short asian girl" olivia in a nutshell just add horny and creepy as fuck and it will be on point

  • 31:39 "the girl I've been fu- i have been following"💀💀💀💀

  • Shayne reminds me of the one live action scooby doo scene where scooby and shaggy are drinking the potions and shaggy says “I’m buff”

  • The lack of Jojo comments makes me feel weird.

  • Oh shit wait. It all makes sense. Damien is using a british accent. AND HE STOPPED TIME??!!!. There's no way this isn't a jojo reference

  • I wish damien said ZA WARUDO. Imagine if he did

  • koah: exists Courtney and Olivia: awww Shayne and Damien: 😧wtf is happening

  • I'll Be Ok Admiring From Afar, scene 3 is probably the best thing in the world

  • 3:18 Olivia: get away with wearing this track suit’ Noah narrating: daimein MAKES TIME PAUSE Damien: ZA WAURDO TIME STOP Noah:everyone freezes but shayne and Damien shayne walks around and Damien pretends not to notice

  • they just had to put in a Jojo reference 3 seconds in


  • everyone is SO invested with the Keith and Noah fanfic I'm HERE for it

  • LMAO i like how shayne said lele pons XD

  • What are all the orchestral songs used???!>! I NEED THEM IN MY PLAYLIST RN

  • Shayne really did the Debbie Ryan 0-o

  • ‘Tis I the lesbian of the comment section

  • Shayne looks f*cking blitzed in this intro.. like three blunts deep blitzed 😂

  • i guess this just proves that there are some good writings out there regardless whether it is a fanfic

  • i feel like ive seen this video, but 1 year ago.. just saw a reccomended video from a year ago where they did this but with a different fanfic so guess i was right

  • Dwayne Johnson is that you?

  • Courtney's outfit is Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson couture

  • *Noah hits his head on the dashboard* Bah-

  • You need to do more of this!

  • Damian: ZA WARUDO!

  • Noah if he was Timothee Chalemet in a movie- OGM so deep he is such a good actor- Literally if he did the same script!!!

  • It was Noah being a savage at the end that made the video

  • I’d just like to admire the dio time stop sound they added

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  • hi

  • Noah and Keith’s fan fiction was my favorite

  • I’m scared. I just put creamed corn in the microwave, hit start, and all I hear from my phone is “ok wait a minute, I think I accidentally ate some creamed corn for lunch!”

  • So Damien is also *[THE WORLD]*