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  • most of this are fakes

  • I don't mind the murkesh tower, cause he is employing 600 people, full time apparently, in his home alone, that's fine with me.

  • Man: Some people just love gold JJ: Some people just love prostitutes

  • Miniminter hates Mukesh Ambani BREAKING NEWS!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Figs = Patek Phillipe

  • The guy with the personal skyscraper shouldn't be guilt tripped into helping his poor neighbours. It would be great if he wanted to, but he clearly doesn't want to. Tbh in my head he's no different than guys (like the sidemen etc) who live in London in expensive apartments not far away from much poorer households and the homeless.

  • Simon not only you the whole india hates that big douche (mukesh ambani) ...INCLUDING ME

  • Those dogs are massive bags to get

  • at the mueseum of Western Australia, they had a giant shark in formaldehyde on display, should still be there, but it got upgraded.

  • Your european

  • Well ksi bought a gold phone

  • The final one, it is art and it will or should increase in value. I would personally not buy it. But would love to see it, to experience it. The idea of capturing something like a tiger shark in that single moment of death is incredible and I rate that. It's a beautifully pure form of art.

  • Carry on

  • This video was funny af🤣🤣😂🤣

  • 6:27

  • Sultan's law about Homosexuality makes sense, because as its the islamic law

  • your roommate bought a $500k usd chain mate

  • 'There is no use but to look at it' The national art Museum is furious

  • tonic water makes me wanna heave 🤢

  • Bill gates was just sitting on a toilet outside thats when you know your rich

  • Me out here trying to think of something smart to comment because it says ‘no views’

  • the phone heavy tho

  • How does my man hate ryanair. Lad doesnt know what a good deal is cus he's too busy wasting his own money on a private jet lmao.

  • They do Swarovski Crystal toasters for a few bags 😩

  • i’m creased at the ratings lol

    • This my favorite video

  • the editing on the toilet paper on the thumbnail is top notch

  • No one: Not even MM7GAMES: Random 7 year olds:Fun fact:Miniminter was born on his birthday

  • Bruh I dont even pay for my hair cut cause the barber does not want cash from me because he is my uncle

  • Notice that he said billionare. Not millionare. He's easy a millionare

    • uuuummm simon i think the toilet paper is unusable in the thumbnail

  • Bill gates book could get more pricy, it could be 30 million today then in a week it could be 50 million

  • exactly its jjs bedroom

  • Simon can’t see properly 😂. Those teeth are not even close to being the middle or looking like the middle teeth

  • bru the bit where a billionare bought an island and carved his name into the insland is fake i just checked

  • N. 11 : Your mum

  • Him: She’s just a friend Her: 6:56

  • Why did Simon not see the price of Antilia (Mukesh Ambani's Building) it costs 1.2B Dollars and is the most expensive private residence in the world.

  • Is jj pipping you

  • This my favorite video

  • These ratings Made this video 100x funnier

    • Bro i added this to watch later last night bcos i was watching the split or steal vid i forgot about this lol omds here we r thoo

  • That rich Indian man with the sky scraper why did he by that isn’t he gonna die anyways who is gonna look after the it ?

  • Simon: I hate people Talai: ready for the break up

  • “Tonic water is the devil” Famous words from miniminter

  • Should have done this on sidemen tracts

  • uuuummm simon i think the toilet paper is unusable in the thumbnail

  • U can only wear that gold shirt once

  • 0:16 “let me react to videos in my bedroom” This isn’t even my bedroom Ye cause he shares a bed with jj 😏

    • I did not get what he was given them😂

  • 1:02 its babatunde. His name even sounds familiar.

  • Dis mans buying a 15 million dollar phone yet he cant even afford the iphone 11!! He a broke boi if I've ever seen one

  • In this vid, Simon sounds like a teacher in my school

  • Simon: Mukesh Ambani,i hate that guy India:brotha we been there

  • But a thousand pound PS5 is needed

  • Bill gates actually bought DaVincis so he can get it translated and share it to the world.

  • Bro i added this to watch later last night bcos i was watching the split or steal vid i forgot about this lol omds here we r thoo

  • Shouldn't this be on sidemen react

    • 15 million dollars for an Iphone 5? People have gone too far

  • Wait but in 2018 Ambani helped over 1.2 million people to recover from poverty.

  • No one gonna talk about how neat Simon's handwriting is

  • Donald Trump spends 70k on his hair cut (look it up)

  • give the man a break. its not like he spent a million for his gold ps5. plus of u had the ps5 would you not buy it

  • “Tonic water is the devil” Famous words from miniminter

  • I did not get what he was given them😂

  • Screaming “hhhhhoooooooaaaaa. Hhhhhoooooaaaa” isn’t funny

  • Is no one going to talk about the TRASH thumbnail

  • ISchats notifications are so delayed it gave me the notifications and said 2 hours ago, I press on it and it says 5 days ago 💀

    • WhY aRe YoU pReTeNdInG tHaT YoU'rE NoT rIcH???

  • the gold shirt costs half of what the beerus chain did also 3.2 million on a dog collar is nothing to someone with like 2 billion

  • i know ambani's spedning is excessive and build a skyscraper near the slums is questionable to some degree, but 600 staff in the building, he literally created jobs for 600 people in a poor area. Sounds kinda ok to me

  • Y u acting like ur not a billionaire tho

  • Think Logan’s bad spending 200k+ on Pokemon 😂

  • 15 million dollars for an Iphone 5? People have gone too far

  • Simon literally bought a gold ps5

  • That iPhone cost 6x more than that whole mansion with a solid gold bathroom

  • U can’t make a vid without saying ksi can u 😀😂 ksimon

  • Jeff bezos borrows money from u Simon dont act like ur not rich

  • Guy buys shirt for 250k and Simon get schoked. Ksi buys necklace for 500k no reaction

  • This looks so fun?

  • Good🥰

  • "I hate Mukesh Ambani" And at that moment, Simon was eligible for indian citizenship

  • WhY aRe YoU pReTeNdInG tHaT YoU'rE NoT rIcH???

  • Can we just appreciate his ratings, it's the funniest thing in this whole video

    • If I had the wealth of some of these people 😳😳

  • The most expensive haircut need to be changed, after Donald's 70k USD!!!!!

  • Lol 15 million for a iphone 5

  • that chain is costs less than jjs burez chain

  • SIMON: I am not a billionaire !!! ME: That's sus

  • When a billionaire reacts luke those purchases are made hut we all know he could afford it all

  • What with the horrible photoshopped toilet paper in the thumbnail? Lol

  • That’s how you know he’s rich when he has a room just for filming

  • The thumbnail mistake though

  • More

  • Snob

  • 3:58 Simon turned into joe weller real quick

  • The house in Surrey, England cost less than Vik's apartment. That's an L

  • 3:10 your friend has a gold iPhone x

    • well im getting a 3.2 million pound bucket hat for winter

  • If I had the wealth of some of these people 😳😳

  • The toilet paper in the thumbnail is some nice editing.

  • Says bruno mars aint all that but hes worth 175 M 😂😂

  • These people are too rich

  • The guy with the personal skyscraper also has a floor dedicated to weddings

  • Simon: "why would you want this" Looking at gold iPhone... Then I remember JJ has a gold iPhone lol how you forget Simon? How you mentioned it in a video and he pulled it out I believe it was the Simon buy everyone gift 10,000 challenge

    • Oh yeah let's buy a 15 million dollar iPhone when there's over a billion people in the world living in poverty.

  • Ok

    • “What am i on about, this ain’t even my room” Yh, we know, you sleep with JJ, innit 😂

  • 24k for a haircut? Mine's just 5 euros man

  • As a billionare these people just retarded it doesn’t matter how much money you own always stay humble and everyone is equal