WATCH ON DEMAND: The Most Hated Man In America? - Martin Shkreli

Birt 23 des 2020
Martin Shkreli, the notorious "Pharma bro," jacked up the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000% and is in prison for defrauding investors. Now authorities say he's violating prison rules to allegedly run his company from behind bars and requesting that he be freed because he might be able to cure deadly COVID-19. Catch new updates, new facts, and new reporting on "American Greed: Biggest Cons" on demand now.
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About American Greed: Discover multi-million dollar scams that build unimaginable wealth. Go to places where devious frauds feed deviant desires. And witness the fatal flaws that bring criminals to justice.
American Greed takes you deep inside shocking true stories of brazen con artists who thrive on stealing fortunes, ruining and even taking lives. In-depth reporting exposes the devastating effects greed has on victims-, bringing you up -close to heartless villains living large on other people’s life savings. How do these crooked masterminds defraud the wealthy, rip off their own families, and scam their friends?
On American Greed crime pays well, until the crooks get caught.
Some people will do ANYTHING for MONEY….with evil like this, no one is safe.
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WATCH ON DEMAND: The Most Hated Man In America? - Martin Shkreli


  • *Absolute Mad Lads: Martin Shkreli*

  • can people overseas access those drugs too? about martin parents family? do they get to access his wealth and money? did he pay back his parents and family? is he that greedy too and he just keeps it to himself? what would he do with that money? he has car house retirement ? what is the money for? just his greed? can ex girlfriends come out to blackmail him?

  • Well Mitch McConnell took the title

  • what about your reporter who is still in love with him?

  • Mini Trump ppl

    • False. Trump fought to reduce drug prices. Shkreli raised it by 5000%

  • Don't use corporal punishment on your kids, folks. Shkreli was physically abused by both his mom and dad, according to news articles. He had a history of disciplinary problems at school, and now he's in prison. Research has shown that people who were physically abused as children are more likely to become criminals.

    • When a kid cannot behave then they need a good beating.

  • Doctor Wolfula brought me here when he made a joke calling him a serial killer that deserves a proper burial.

  • he looks like he only eats Mac & Cheese

    • Why do you think that? Are you saying he's fat? He doesn't look overweight to me. Are you saying he's pallid? I've read that alcoholism can make a man's skin pale. He said to Judge Kiyo that he had been drinking 7-8 alcoholic beverages per day ever since he was indicted, and that it was "toxic behavior".

  • Check out my book on my channel

  • There is no conscience behind those cold dark eyes of his.

    • Actually there is; in my amateur opinion, he has borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder - compensatory/vulnerable type, avoidant personality disorder/social anxiety disorder - generalized type, generalized anxiety disorder, alcohol use disorder, and he may have major depression but maybe he's gotten over it by now. A few other people have speculated that he has BPD/borderline personality disorder - go ahead and Duck Duck Go it or use some other search engine. The emo record lable guy who talked to him said he can't see how anyone could see Shkreli as anything other than an awkward shy guy. He said he was looking down, not making eye contact with him. His ex-girlfriend "Katie" said the same thing about him at age 19. She said he was a super-sensitive, timid, shy, emo/screamo guy who had two cats. Read Judge Kiyo's judgement in the newspaper. Read the news articles about his psych evaluation by a psychologist. Emos and screamos have a reputation for having BPD. Also, he fits in a number of profiles in the book "Red Flags! How to Know When You're Dating a Loser" by Gary Aumiller and Daniel Goldfarb, PhDs.

  • Hes smartest man in America

    • prison.

    • I don't know of any smart people that are currently in prison.

  • You want me to be upset that insurance companies had to pay him?

  • 🎄Happy holidays everyone🎅

  • 1:43 my guy started rapping

    • more flow than blueface

    • Planned😂

    • hahaha! He wants a listen of that Wu Tang album

  • 5:00 What's the difference between him and all the tech CEOS? Especially Amazon?

    • The difference is huge.

    • He was the only with the BALLS to be himself in PUBLIC. *the rest of them stay hidden*

  • Free Shkreli ✊🏾

  • Martin Shkreli is a LEGEND

    • @David Bryant Shkreli pays them

    • What is wrong with you people?

    • nothing says legend like raising the price of a life saving drug by 5000%

  • Martin is the most loved man in usa, no matter how much you try to defame him you can't hide the truth.

    • And what is your version of this truth?

  • Trump is next on this list.

    • False. Trump fought to reduce drug prices. Shkreli raised it by 5000%

    • They need to get Hillary first. Trust me.

  • Here’s a guy that didn’t get that pony he wanted as a kid and vowed to corrupt the whole system because of it.

    • Well, he was subjected to physical abuse as a child by both his mom and dad. Both parents also verbally abused him. He was probably emotionally neglected by at least his dad too, because he is a shy (according to his ex-girlfriend "Katie" and the emo record label guy he talked to). I've read that AvPD/shyness is caused by a parent who is cold/unnurturing towards the kid (and it's usually the dad). He also said in a video that he knew of an employer who only hired orphans because he said that orphans work the hardest because they have something to prove, because they were unloved as children. I think Martin sees himself in those orphans. He resembles the profile of "The Showoff" in the book "Red Flags! How to Know When You're Dating a Loser" by psychologists Aumiller and Goldfarb. He also resembles "The Criticizer", because it said these men sometimes overcompensate because they didn't get enough praise and nurturing when they were children. This is my amateur opinion based on news articles I've read of him. I've never been a mental health professional.

    • Sounds like Trump

  • I like this guy even more now

    • @David Bryant who doesn't..when you watch batman, you don't like the joker character? How about the movie, " Heat", you didn't hope that Robert Dinero got away? Lol, I did..

    • Lololol For real for real

    • Why is that? You like criminals?

  • Role model

    • @David Bryant libretard? I hate those!

    • @Dan Dan not at all projection...SOP for you mindfucked uneducated libretards.

    • @David Bryant that sounds like projection my friend and I hope you find peace.

    • @Dan Dan only for mental midget, lazy, criminal minded, socialist, 15year olds...

    • @David Bryant mankind

  • American greed is must watch tv during the pandemic

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  • You only showed half the story. What about the other half? I would argue the other half is more important

    • With my cable provider, I can watch it for free.

    • You have to buy either by each episode or by season.

    • They won't post the whole video on here. You have to be a cable subscriber in order to watch it on their site.

  • This man is a disgrace

    • @Josh Beamer I was talking about Rhys Lights lol

    • @bos space the man raised prices on life saving medicen to me he should be ashamed and no one paid me to say that

    • @Rhys Lights How much you getting paid to write that

    • you're a disgrace

  • 2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

    • Just send us the virus link

  • Be freed!? That sounds like the most corrupt thing I've heard. Let him rot i jail!