The Profit In 10 Minutes: Fighting For Farrell’s | CNBC Prime

Birt 27 des 2019
The “Fighting for Farrell’s” episode of “The Profit” is now available to watch in only 10-minutes. Then, catch all new episodes of “The Profit” Tuesdays at 10P ET on CNBC. Hear the Full Episode with The Profit Podcast:
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The Profit In 10 Minutes: Fighting For Farrell’s | CNBC Prime


  • The Brea Park Farrells closed on June 8, 2019. I wonder if Marcus wants his $50k check back. I guess Travis' prediction on sales and profit was a bit off. He doesn't look too confident here to me... 9:18 I wish my bonus was based on my predictions and not what I actually did. Good gig if you can get it.

  • I love the show and have seen every episode but knew this wasn't going to work from day one. Growing up in SoCal and creating many memories at Farrell's, I could tell that Marcus just didn't get what made this place special, unique, and practically magical. He even seemed offended by these things. Turning Farrell's into some cookie cutter formula chain was pointless and the results showed just that. Marcus was simply the final mail in the coffin of this legend.

  • Way to go Marcus

  • Marcus has a good heart. Not many people can give credit where it's due.

  • Stick to camping and stay away from ice cream, he ran Farrell’s it into the ground.

  • Marcus is a top notch man. He sees hard worker and rewards them. That’s how you should move with your wealth. Share it and help others grows and you grow.

  • Marcus is a great guy,he has many ideas and very creative thinker, congratulations marcus and he does things very professional

  • Marcus was happy those old owners left. They didn't really own any equity and screwed him with his investment. Smartbusiness man and the fact he gave the guy 50 grand as a bonus shows some rich people to know why business are susccesful

  • Didn’t this spot go bankrupt?

  • I love this series

  • Combining two great brands-pure genius. Marcus, please move to California and run for Governor!! 😀

  • All these people getting into these businesses and when a real business man walks in the door they like oh umm I’m out 😂

    • It closed,I think he should’ve kept working there I don’t think a ice cream Parler will make money a lot of money and he invested a lot of money so it didn’t work out for him in the long run


  • It makes me feel great to see sweet petes doing so well i like this episode

  • Bad people leave good leaders and good people leave bad leaders.

  • such a great show

  • That was absolutely one of the best ones I've seen so far.

  • Marcus is a Rockstar ...

  • That old Man Took all the Money

  • I would never say yes he always says 51% so he can Own it

    • You only call him when ur businesses is failing or needs a financial stimulus. So yeah he needs to be the boss to change things around, otherwise he is injecting money on a broken business model

  • Travis is a boss

  • awesome

  • Marcus thanks n Travis is a wonderful guy!

  • Good Episode. Ego is the #1 enemy and killer of just about everything (I ME MY)....Businesses are like infants they are #1 and their needs are #1 and the owners are the parents not getting sleep. If you raise the infant to be a productive member of society they will then take care of their parent ie the owner. Success is directly related to what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve success.

  • I have a feeling that what happened off Camera is a nasty FU by Marcus, he basically took over all the good locations and put Sweet Pete's.. He owns all the operations in a new company, and some of the 2 brands, and probably negotiated a licencing agreement with NDA, that's why she "would leave at that".. Marcus is a true capitalist and knows how to flip a nasty situation into his advantage.

  • 3-4 million dollars with only 10% net profit? That's not good.

  • Absolutely amazing gesture by Marcus to Travis. That $50,000 will be paid back ten fold with loyalty, passion and commitment. Love how humble Travis is.

  • Sell your losers as they say in the stock market.

  • The place folded. Yeah, big rock star.

  • Huge mistake to put the Sweet Pete's inside the restaurant. He really likes to invest in losers.

    • Marcus believed in the concept. It was the people that worked there that were the problem

  • Travis the GOAT

  • I heard it closed. I hope Marcus found a job for Travis in one of his other businesses. Travis is truly dedicated and a hard worker. Any business would be lucky to have him.

  • We need longer episodes or where can I watch the full episode? Love these!

  • Travis for CEO

  • To bad this place is closed again I live near the buena park location

    • I wonder why it’s closed

    • WHAT?! After all that revamp! you have got to be kidding me. Geez! It was not meant to be then.

  • What a legend

  • Wow I’m in tears when Marcus handed the check over to Travis..AMAZING!!

  • Marcus I am your biggest fan wish I had your Midas touch ! Much love & respect -

  • Fantastic guy

  • Dope!!!

  • Mike is a coward for using “prayer” as an escape goat. ‘ Man up Marcus!!

    • @watchdealer11 Me: Everyone look, a goat! Everyone: looks Me: Escapes

    • He's got issues. But he is not anywhere close to a good example of how religion or prayer positively grounds countless people. If you are triggered by hearing someone say "after a lot of prayer" or something like that, well, that just shows that you have unresolved issues too. Maybe if you were not so defensive when hearing those words, you would have focused on the more salient issues that needed to be addressed then. Lemonis was upset about being left holding the bag. I doubt he was anywhere near contemplating ranting against religion. This is where you say that you weren't criticizing religion; you were criticizing Mike. That is simply not true, if your default response to prayer is that it is some kind of "cop out." Looking at the world now and all of the anger in it. It is clear more people need religion, prayer, or fellowship. But sadly, it is too much of a health risk for many people to go to places like church now.

    • scapegoat*

  • Marcus is such an amazing person. I don't understand how he is so successful. I bet he couldn't fix my business which failed last year because of cheaper Chinese imports that Trump should have put a large tariff on that one mega monopoly millionaire in Washington is flooding my market nationwide, along with the millions of illegal immigrants that took over my trade.

    • @Dante Monte Exactly, it's just easier to blame others.

  • We all need Travis to be in our life. We all must be Travis

  • Sieving the wheat from the chaff...

  • Diabetes clinic

  • wow I loved that ending

  • Some people are dying to get opportunities while others people are walking away their own opportunities that is a lot of different but Marcus I’m learning from you thanks for doing this

  • I remember Farrells growing up in Miami. It was in the 70’s. I remember the stripes the theme was and the music along with the ice cream and food. That was amazing and thinking of it was ever another here would bring back and add new customers for sure. Great show

  • If every boss was like or thought like Marcus we would be in great shape. Not that everybody deserves 50 grand but when marcus gave credit when credit was 100% due he gave his own money to show appreciation. Thank you is nice but that doesn't help someone pay the Bill's. His partner has no excuse to do anything but make that business keep being successful.

  • 1,940 = 1million940?

    • Hard numbers without all the zeros.....duh!!!!!

  • I love Travis he’s a real one

  • The Profit is a true master ♥️

  • Anyone else feel, the others just wanted to pay off their debts and wipe their hands clean of the business? The disloyalty in business disgusts me sometimes

    • @Taylor Sixfootnine 🤣🤣

    • That's exactly right lol

    • Don’t get married then it’s just as bad

    • Thats why trust is so highly valued

  • Oh God this brings tears from my soul. When he said he spent six years trying and to be pushed backed and to be made to feel like nothing..,, man I lived that thing. 😭😭

  • ...I did lot of praying..?? Do you ever made some MATH or acctualy WORKED?? Tip: TRY!!!

  • Shauna is fake. Good riddance!

    • Didn't want to reveal the truth

  • Travis is a unicorn Jesus.

    • Unicorn Jesus is the best kind of unicorn

  • You gotta love marcus

  • That made my day. Loyalty and hard work coupled with business sense and know how is truly a proven recipe for success.

  • It took getting rid of some dead weight to give this place a lift. Now unburdened, that man will fly. Good people work for the good of the business.

    • Unfortunately the Farrell's in Buena Park Cali closed Dec. 30, 2018.

  • Hopefully Travis has equity in the business....

    • @FORGOTTEN ROBOT Z That's sad

    • This is old bro. All stores closed down

  • the dude has the personality of a rock... who is he blackmailing to say on the air??

  • That restaurant has gone out of business since airing. Building is vacant.

    • @Dante MonteObese = Rude Lazy = Not lazy

    • For real wow

  • They went out of business after this

  • I am amazed how Marcus keeps his cool. A true professional. I'd work for him anytime.

    • After all the past knocks of entrepreneurship, you become almost numb to most negative surprises...where employees or partners are involved.

    • Pat Kelly yep!

  • Finally a happy ending with a true business leader.

  • Travis is awesome

  • Travis is the man

    • @Dante Monte RIP. Well he at least knew some numbers.