SEND IT or SMASH IT - ft. Lauren Alexis

Birt 10 jan 2021
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  • imagine he dropped the phone, she might not be there

  • Ethan is burning right now

  • Why does lauren always sweep her hair

  • “25-30 times” for the streeeeetzzzzz

  • OH BOI

  • I dig the pixel 4 cal

  • I think Lauren Alexis was in Digga D's toxic video secretly

  • Oh boii

  • For someone who always shes wet she is sooooo dry, does fuck all in these types of videos never does any dares even when they're weak

  • OH BOI

  • OH BOI

  • The kindof video where you can smell the comments before you look

  • I watched you and Ksi, and I enjoyed your way of doing things so iv subscribed ❤

  • She earns enough to smash an iPhone whenever she likes

  • Sadest part was that I just watched Lauren's video on elzs channel and she chose to avoid calux :(

  • Very smart. This whole video is an advertisement 😂

  • rip the brother

  • Fakeeeee

  • How much do you make? Enough to buy a new phone.

  • 13:02 "all of laurens links will be down below" me: well not all of them

  • they definitely smashed after this 😭😭😭😭

  • So the max is two

  • This was mint definitely do it again

  • Oh boi

  • OH BOI

  • shameless from cal there actually attached

  • Do one with W2s

  • Lauren be like I am sexual person Her brother be like I know you f me Everyone bear trigger

  • i remember your black ops music videos mans

  • You said all her links will be in the discription, where is the onlyfans mate?

  • Callum goes what does she do and she goes I do very sexual things callux pulls a sex worker out

  • I met you at Copenhagen, at distortion. You small irl my G. Keep up the good work

  • You lot would make a good couple tbf

  • i guess money does make you more attractive

  • This is sad

  • Is it just me or is she not even peng like that

  • What a Sop

  • think lauren might be a sexual person lads

    • @Vulperized bro I'm not a female You still want it? What's your Twitter @

    • @Old KSI Videos you could still send me sum pics 😏

    • @Jayden_29 it’s funny that guys always find a way to criticise women whenever they can ... the sex industry would not exist if it wasn’t for horny men, and i bet u all watch porn so stop the hypocrisy that shit is crazy, also who are you to determine whether a girl respects herself or not lmao give me a break

    • @Old KSI Videos except in this case it’s people pay to see a file get railed

    • @JustKevon how's it sad If there is a market for it, it makes good sense If I were a hot women and I needed money , id consider it

  • lauren: i’m up for everything me: apart from going to nobu with cal

    • I was thinking that too haha

  • she looks like ur daughter

  • She’s such a proud j bag😂😂😂

  • Mous are much more protective

  • 12:40 Indestructible huh???

  • OH BOI

  • every time you don't send it you should go up a floor

  • OH BOI

  • This girl is so Meedy

  • everyone is so desperate to find out what she earns, you know annual accounts are public documents on companies house guys....

  • OH BOI

  • Ethan crying in bed right now

  • She was acc considering the porn 👀😩

  • The curious bra modestly clean because teeth finally license through a honorable hammer. tangible, snotty raincoat

  • OH BOI

  • OH BOI

  • OH BOI

  • Her body is nuts

  • ethan just waiting outside where Lauren lives to ask her to marry him

  • I’d wanna meet her brother some day really wanna know what he feels about his sisters great service to humanity

    • Fam, relax 😅🤣🤣

  • She tries too hard to be attractive

  • OH BOI

  • She's hot

  • Good promo😂

  • Bro you already know she's fuckin all these sidemen affiliates

  • So did callus smash lauren

  • she is so fit its unreal my knob is throbbing just watching this

  • "All of Lauren's link will be down below" Me: I think you missed one ;)

  • OH BOI

  • Omg what a classic 🤫

  • Who tf is that on your thumbnail

  • Oh BOI

  • “Oh Boi”

  • well obviously she makes enough to buy another iphone

  • this is the greatest commercial I've ever seen! like I actually trust those cases!

  • 6:35 we know what you did....

  • This is a horrible advertisement for RhinoShield lol.

  • OH BOI

  • oh boi

  • love seing an android get dropped

  • I wonder what her body count is to be real

    • Around 67

  • OH BOI

  • OH BOI

  • how do you not watch a video with smash and lauren alexis in title

  • they both have 2 phones lol

  • You could have used her real phone to break cal

  • He’s rlly getting old

  • This is what harry’s sister would look if she took harry’s drugs

  • what a shit ad for rhino shield, the thing got destroyed

  • mate callux is the biggest simp but i would play lauren too you see her bunda fam jeeeeez

  • please part 2 with lauren again please

  • That's rich people for you

  • Cal your 0.10mill ahead of freezy.

  • Callux looking more homeless each video

  • She is so beautiful

  • I want lux to be in the sdmn

  • We all know what happened as soon as they finished

    • Lux finished twice 😂🥴

  • Lux sent the video idea to Lauren and then smashed it 😂😈

  • I saw his video calling Jake out and I was like “is he trying to get murderd worse then Nate” this makes a lot of sence

  • GOWAN callum