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0:17DeMarcus Cousins didn't agree with Scott Foster🤭
DeMarcus Cousins didn't agree with Scott Foster🤭Áhorf 183 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
0:59Facundo Campazzo's high IQ play👀 Nuggets vs Grizzlies
0:32Seth Curry hits the three over Steph Curry🔥
Seth Curry hits the three over Steph Curry🔥Áhorf 576 þ.Degi Síðan síðan


  • I swear to god, these refs have something against the Clippers.

  • Noooo, but the numbers suggest that everything is normal... 🤦🏾‍♂️


  • Uncle Jeffy a bad man those who know know

  • I don't like the guy but it feels so unfair.

  • Damn haha

  • United states

  • Holy fuck, that really could’ve been a one hell of a winning shot. It felt like that MJ shot against the Pacers in 98’ during game 4 of the ECF.

  • Kinda reminds me of Gordon Hayward’s missed half court attempt in 2010 NCAA championship game

  • he is so used to foul baiting always lunging himself towards the defender.. not saying he deserved it, but he had it coming..

  • That’s obviously incidental contact. No call. Keep the game going. Anyone who disagrees doesn’t know how to ref.

  • modern refering!

  • Thumbnail looks like Trae is rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL)

  • Ref techin up everyone this season for no reason but fouls in front of them they miss

  • That would actually hurt.

  • Knicks play dirty, always low bridges. Watch that team

  • Did he play again after?..or I'm gonna wait till they meet again this season..

  • Murray and this dude got injured next to curry..

  • Watch him get ejected for diving

  • if cousins are the one who did that he would be suspended for 5 games

  • This is the state of today's NBA. Stuff like that goes uncalled yet other times, lightly brushing against a player is immediately called a foul. It's so inconsistent and really affects how the game is played.

  • u hate to see it

  • Vice versa and it would've been a suspension and a big ass fine.. these refs need to be held accountable

  • Can expect 5 more players with injury before playoff It'll be Luka and Curry as the only allstar in the entire playoff

  • That guy should be ejected he purposely did it to Cousins

  • Damn you could hear it snap! Hope he makes a full recovery!

  • If you've been follow Wiggins closely and you know he missed a lot of easy shots. He really needs to find a trainer to teach him how to stay focus. Wiggins made one good play (he deflected the pass) but couldn't finish the job

  • Hope it’s not an Achilles

  • Are these refs are getting paid to miss fouls

  • Reggie just shiyted on the "culture" of todays NBA..Then he went back to his one bedroom twin bed at Wendy's to eat some 80's 90's food.

  • He’s trash

  • If he works on body control in the offszn we gonna see a lotta these turn into highlights 💯

  • Lmao what was referee number 54 thinking like he just gonna act like he didn't see that

  • Steph Curry, Klay, Warriors practicing their shooting -

  • Yeah no call because it was absolutely incidental contact. Stupid stupid thumbnails all over ISchats.

  • Will still definitely choose over Harden

  • Yea the refs reading what people saying about them now they really in their feelings T'ing up everybody.. I might get a tech for this comment. 😂

  • Steph Curry, Klay, Warriors practicing their shooting -

  • He’s on the clippers now?? This guy is always ring chasing smh

  • Surprised cousins didn't get up and star throwing punches

  • first

  • Bruh... The way Westbrook switches from 0 to 5455678889954433 is just crazy

    • He goes from zero to full speed faster than anyone I've ever seen.

  • refs really hate cousins

  • Luka Doncic’s best pregame magic!🎯

  • give him a tech anyways

  • im surprised the refs didnt throw cousins out for injuring JJJ elbow

  • nice, the most overrated player is trae

  • holy fuck that had to hurt

  • Cp3 is causing all of this to happen Your a fuck*ng president of the basketball operations for a reason do something dummy, but instead he allowed an all star game because he knows darn well the sun wasn't fighting for the championship in the bubble

  • They ALL falling and LUKA DONCIC is still creating Highlight Reels. He got longevity too. What he don’t have? He got it all.

  • Donald Sterling is somewhere playing with a bunch of Voodoo dolls.

  • Don’t do it, don’t give me hope

  • Curry needed to rest his back after the last few weeks of hard carry.

  • I can believe he missed it, in fact I believe he did it on purpose. 0.8sec on the clock, I'd try to bounce it off the rim to run the clock too. Plus he's Chris Paul

  • People wonder why fights happen in the NBA. It is because of inconsistent calls or in this case... No call

  • This just proves the refs hates Cousins LMAO

  • any player: *breaths* refs: i'm about to end this mans whole career

  • Steve Kerr has to be out

  • that was not hard Rick Mahorn, Charles Oakley, and Bill Laimbeer are laughing Out Loud at you.

  • he taste his own medicine..

  • I've said it before an I'll say it again he'll never cheat you in terms of his effort. He gives it 10000% every time he's on the floor, An for that I respect the hell outta Westbrook. No he'll never win a Championship as the best player but I believe he can help a team like Milwaukee get over that hump in the Playoffs.

  • The crazy part is it’s been the star players only

  • The greatest miss in nba history

  • NBA 2K22 Injury pandemic Brooklyn Nets Big 3 the cover.

  • Magnets not working for embiid

  • I swear if I see one more injury imma injure myself

  • I’m sorry what did he do exactly?

  • Westbrook 20 rebounds!! That's a big man haha, almost ruined it at the end but glad they pulled through

  • Cp3 is a puppet master for allowing this to happen as the president of the players organization you suppose to know what's good for the players but then again choose to sell his soul for money.

  • Another One -DJ Khaled

  • I lost in 2k back in 2008 like that up by 2 and 1 handed throw full court at the buzzer I broke my game after that

  • Nobody: Joel hits the deck..

  • Tech on cousins

  • Wiggins didn't deserve maximum contract.

  • Story of Embiid's career is that last shot. #spectacularshortcomings

  • Player: Hey ref, happy birthday 🎂 Ref: *blows whistle* Technical Foul, my birthday was yesterday

  • Nba having more injury than the nfl... NBA got soft ... Player got soft... Next year there won't be any defense.

  • Nice. Satisfying indeed.

  • i dislike for a lot of arrogant shit he did back in Golden States but he's a real homie for this one

  • *If Cousins had done that he would have got suspended for 5 games!*