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8:33Among Us But Its A Reality Show 3
Among Us But Its A Reality Show 3Áhorf 3,3 m.4 dögum síðan
9:47Among Us But Its A Reality Show 2
Among Us But Its A Reality Show 2Áhorf 6 m.18 dögum síðan
8:52Among Us But Its A Reality Show
Among Us But Its A Reality ShowÁhorf 18 m.Mánuði síðan
6:08Fortnite vs Warzone
Fortnite vs WarzoneÁhorf 1,8 m.Mánuði síðan
4:28Pokemon Professor Hits on Ash's Mom
Pokemon Professor Hits on Ash's MomÁhorf 558 þ.11 mánuðum síðan
2:03Mario Horror Party Trailer
Mario Horror Party TrailerÁhorf 307 þ.Ári síðan
5:25Fortnite vs Minecraft
Fortnite vs MinecraftÁhorf 4,2 m.Ári síðan
7:08Fast and Furious: Mario Kart
Fast and Furious: Mario KartÁhorf 1,8 m.Ári síðan
1:44Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer... but better
5:10Fortnite vs PUBG vs Apex Legends
Fortnite vs PUBG vs Apex LegendsÁhorf 4,8 m.Ári síðan
5:38Fortnite vs Apex Legends 2
Fortnite vs Apex Legends 2Áhorf 3,3 m.Ári síðan
4:11Fortnite vs Apex Legends
Fortnite vs Apex LegendsÁhorf 6 m.Ári síðan
BEST WEAPON IN FORTNITE!Áhorf 71 þ.Ári síðan
2:58If Video Game Heroes Were Real
If Video Game Heroes Were RealÁhorf 695 þ.Ári síðan
12:18Super Smash Bros: Battle Royale
Super Smash Bros: Battle RoyaleÁhorf 5 m.Ári síðan
1:27Grappling Shook
Grappling ShookÁhorf 364 þ.2 árum síðan
3:08Fortnite Short Film: New Season Challenges
Fortnite Short Film: New Season ChallengesÁhorf 1,4 m.2 árum síðan
14:53Fortnite vs PUBG 6 (Series Finale)
Fortnite vs PUBG 6 (Series Finale)Áhorf 2 m.2 árum síðan
0:51Air Support
Air SupportÁhorf 68 þ.2 árum síðan
11:51Fortnite vs PUBG 5
Fortnite vs PUBG 5Áhorf 3,3 m.2 árum síðan
6:44Fortnite vs PUBG 4
Fortnite vs PUBG 4Áhorf 2,6 m.2 árum síðan
3:07Fortnite Short Film: Raptor's Luck
Fortnite Short Film: Raptor's LuckÁhorf 16 m.2 árum síðan
10:41Fortnite vs PUBG 3
Fortnite vs PUBG 3Áhorf 13 m.2 árum síðan
2:51Fortnite Fan Film: Sharpshooter
Fortnite Fan Film: SharpshooterÁhorf 5 m.2 árum síðan
5:32Fortnite vs PUBG 2
Fortnite vs PUBG 2Áhorf 11 m.2 árum síðan
6:45Fortnite vs PUBG
Fortnite vs PUBGÁhorf 11 m.2 árum síðan
2:31Call of Duty Trickshots In Real Life
Call of Duty Trickshots In Real LifeÁhorf 208 þ.2 árum síðan
3:17How to survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE
How to survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSEÁhorf 1,3 m.2 árum síðan
1:19If Super Mario Odyssey Hat was Real
If Super Mario Odyssey Hat was RealÁhorf 539 þ.3 árum síðan
LITERAL TV SHOW TITLESÁhorf 349 þ.3 árum síðan
Vlog APOCALYPSEÁhorf 97 þ.3 árum síðan
1:43Call of Duty ZOMBIES In REAL LIFE
Call of Duty ZOMBIES In REAL LIFEÁhorf 282 þ.3 árum síðan
MINECRAFT VS. WILDÁhorf 304 þ.3 árum síðan
JEDI COPSÁhorf 297 þ.3 árum síðan
3:09LEGO Warfare
LEGO WarfareÁhorf 228 þ.3 árum síðan
2:09Birthday AF
Birthday AFÁhorf 189 þ.3 árum síðan
3:10Kingsman and the Chamber of Secrets
Kingsman and the Chamber of SecretsÁhorf 171 þ.3 árum síðan
2:39IT CLOWN vs. Paranormal Activity
IT CLOWN vs. Paranormal ActivityÁhorf 281 þ.3 árum síðan
2:31Reality of Destiny 2 Raids
Reality of Destiny 2 RaidsÁhorf 443 þ.3 árum síðan
MINEFIELD DISASTERÁhorf 181 þ.3 árum síðan
WORLDS CRAZIEST SNAPCHAT STORY 2Áhorf 117 þ.3 árum síðan
1:28Advanced Sniping
Advanced SnipingÁhorf 159 þ.3 árum síðan
1:26HOW TO STOP A ROBBERY (ft. TheCrazyGorilla)
HOW TO STOP A ROBBERY (ft. TheCrazyGorilla)Áhorf 125 þ.3 árum síðan
BIGGER BETTER WEAPONSÁhorf 147 þ.3 árum síðan
HOW TO BE A SUPERHERO VLOGGERÁhorf 95 þ.3 árum síðan
EXPLOSIVE WATER FIGHTÁhorf 104 þ.3 árum síðan
Real BABY DRIVERÁhorf 104 þ.3 árum síðan
1:05Call of Duty Stereotypes
Call of Duty StereotypesÁhorf 208 þ.3 árum síðan
1:10Cars Live Action - Official Trailer (2017)
Cars Live Action - Official Trailer (2017)Áhorf 122 þ.3 árum síðan
3:11Piraters of the Caribbean
Piraters of the CaribbeanÁhorf 78 þ.3 árum síðan
4:13The Fast And The Furious Mario Kart
The Fast And The Furious Mario KartÁhorf 1,4 m.3 árum síðan
BAD VIDEOGAME CHECKPOINTÁhorf 222 þ.3 árum síðan
1:54Sexy Bop It!
Sexy Bop It!Áhorf 149 þ.3 árum síðan
2:49Star Wars in the Hood
Star Wars in the HoodÁhorf 166 þ.3 árum síðan
2:58Fantastic Magicians and Where to Find Them
Fantastic Magicians and Where to Find ThemÁhorf 80 þ.3 árum síðan
3:57Battlefield 1 vs. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
3:05The Scary Future of Smartphones
The Scary Future of SmartphonesÁhorf 259 þ.4 árum síðan
1:25Crazy Clown Spotted IN MY HOUSE
Crazy Clown Spotted IN MY HOUSEÁhorf 84 þ.4 árum síðan
5:00Superhero Vlog
Superhero VlogÁhorf 91 þ.4 árum síðan
1:22Visions From The Future
Visions From The FutureÁhorf 98 þ.4 árum síðan
1:08Craziest Snapchat Story Ever
Craziest Snapchat Story EverÁhorf 63 þ.4 árum síðan
HOT DOG GUY ATTACK!!Áhorf 73 þ.4 árum síðan
2:19Back To School Morning Routine Gone Wrong
Back To School Morning Routine Gone WrongÁhorf 61 þ.4 árum síðan
1:35How To Impress Your Friends With MAGIC
How To Impress Your Friends With MAGICÁhorf 44 þ.4 árum síðan
WE FOUND MEWTWO (POKEMON GO)Áhorf 162 þ.4 árum síðan
1:57Pokemon Go Gone Wrong!!
Pokemon Go Gone Wrong!!Áhorf 62 þ.4 árum síðan
2:41Day The Internet Died
Day The Internet DiedÁhorf 237 þ.4 árum síðan
1:37Official Paranormal Snaptivity Trailer #1
Official Paranormal Snaptivity Trailer #1Áhorf 89 þ.4 árum síðan
2:26Reverse Scary Movie
Reverse Scary MovieÁhorf 162 þ.4 árum síðan
1:38Lag Switch Prank! (Gone Wrong)
Lag Switch Prank! (Gone Wrong)Áhorf 11 þ.4 árum síðan
2:39Controller Warfare (ft. Primo Trev)
Controller Warfare (ft. Primo Trev)Áhorf 138 þ.4 árum síðan
7:36Keeping up with the Jedi
Keeping up with the JediÁhorf 99 þ.4 árum síðan
BackpackÁhorf 14 þ.5 árum síðan
1:07Time Traveler
Time TravelerÁhorf 15 þ.5 árum síðan
3:09Just Another Fallout Quest
Just Another Fallout QuestÁhorf 98 þ.5 árum síðan
3:06Call of Duty Zombies In Real Life
Call of Duty Zombies In Real LifeÁhorf 159 þ.5 árum síðan
WaterÁhorf 25 þ.5 árum síðan
5:16Bad Magician Prank
Bad Magician PrankÁhorf 6 þ.5 árum síðan
2:53Selfie Stick Prank
Selfie Stick PrankÁhorf 5 þ.5 árum síðan
2:07Papaya Prank At Vidcon
Papaya Prank At VidconÁhorf 6 þ.5 árum síðan


  • Corpse ?

  • APEX>Fortnite

  • Great but can u make it were theres 3 impostas and the crewmates have more than one round and allways vote oit blue then red thwn yellow then just thwm selfs

  • i just want a link to where they got the costumes

  • blue be like: *blue noises*

  • Why does green sound like pewdiepie like if you agree

  • Jelly

  • my body took a screenshot when yellow spoke

  • I bet yellow is third imp

  • So they made black the dumb one okay

  • I hate blue

  • I've had a blue and red situation before. It wasn't cool ngl

  • Waiting for it Baby!

  • why does red look like harry styles

  • Why is brown missing:(

  • Pewds voice was used for green


  • killed very cleverly

  • purple killed someone at behind of blue

  • Is it just me or should this movie actually come out


  • Is so funny to and red killed green and so cool!!!!!!

  • I will give you 900000000000000 sub

  • How stuped si blue bruh but funny too ok

  • What pewds voiced cyan?

  • WTF why blue always win!!!!!!!

  • I feel so bad for the female astronaut lmao 😢😂


  • Pink was sus. oh wait it’s not her

  • Leaked foot reveal:

  • Blue is still my favorite

  • White cried like a baby

  • 2:36 that voice crack lmfaooo

  • I hate blue one

  • Was that Pewdiepie being Green ?

  • why is red a chad

  • do one with confirm ejects off, or beta mode

  • Its quite funny how blue and red stole the show...

  • is that Corpse? hhahahaha

  • where did you get the jumpsuits + helmets?

  • blue ttho wowww so funny

  • I hope you guys make a part 4. Me and my brother love this series

  • Lmao how did they get Pewd's and Corpse on here.


  • no one: blue: *niAaa wHaa uuuAhh uuueery heruE*

  • Yap Yellow is my new favorite crewmate.

  • Niceeee heard the comments

  • Yellow isn’t they imposter Black- so it was blue Blue-Also has been Pink- You f*****g idiots

  • 0:16 was expecting him to finish with "my name is peeeewwwwwdiepie!"

  • Black is every 7 yr old player on among us.

  • Why does blue always win

  • Can you do a part 4

  • Please tell me that there's going to be a part 4 and if there is can you add CORPSE and delirious

  • I love these kind of video

  • I play like white in among us and ppl always vote me out. smh

  • Thout i was first

  • Blue is so dumb

  • Honestly now this is getting annoying this is so hard to watch without cringing. Good vid tho lol

  • White mad sus

  • i love this its so funny plz do more!

  • Yes I love this

  • We need yellow in more versions of this

  • Green never talks lol

  • Bro red and blue are like 90 day fiancé

  • 6:10 They finally pull off the quote we were all waiting for

  • "HA! yuh. there he is!"

  • White was acting crazy when everyone vote hime off

  • Whenever Purple said, this is going to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard, I thought that somebody said your stupid

  • I just wanna know where you would buy the helmet they used so i can use it for holloween?

  • I was waiting that blue was the imposter

  • Light blues not even a color..

  • Purple sounds like Christian bale

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  • What’s the name of the song that played at the end?

  • “ I didn’t want to kill in front of them “ Ppl watching him kill

  • I just noticed green is always first to die

  • Yellow: Well at least if i lose i take black down with me Good point lol

  • o nooooo

  • you killed orange e red

  • tankyou me killed back e red e blue no among us